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Comment Re:Dumb idea from the start (Score 1) 294

Meanwhile, the city continues to force the hotels to build massive parking garages so nobody has trouble finding free parking, and then they wonder why nobody takes mass transit. It's nuts!

1) Most of the Strip is outside the Las Vegas city limits. Everything south of Sahara Avenue is in an unincorporated area of Clark County. City officials have nothing to do with the Strip.

2) Most of the Strip is now charging for parking. It started with MGM, then spread to Caesars, and now it's damn near universal. :-P

Comment Re:I miss Usenet (Score 1) 171

Maybe I shouldn't post this here where the snowflakes can see it, but you can get free accounts here. Point your newsreader to their servers and you're in business. No binaries, but if you want those, there are lots of paid services offering them.

I even have an ebuild for trn in my Portage overlay, if you're using Gentoo. Builds and runs like a champ on x86 and AMD64, at a minimum.

Comment Re:What is the Kodi? (Score 1) 80

Functionality? Buzzwords. VLC does all that for me, Media Player does too. What does Kodi actually do that makes vlc irrelevant?

It fits on a Raspberry Pi that you can tuck away behind the living-room TV where no one will see it, which can then be controlled with a Playstation 3 Blu-ray remote (which connects over Bluetooth, so line-of-sight isn't needed) that has familiar media controls on it like "play," "pause," and "fast-forward", and a directional pad for selecting things. It's much more like a piece of A/V gear and its remote than a desktop PC and its keyboard and mouse. Its WAF (wife acceptance factor) is correspondingly higher than a beige box under the TV.

That you can outfit a TV like this for under $100 doesn't hurt either. Not quite as cheap as a Chromecast or a Roku stick, but cheaper than an Apple TV, and more flexible than any of them.

Comment Re:Plex? (Score 1) 80

The transcode is more about the various embedded devices not having this or that codec available in hardware, and a puny cpu that can't use pure software codec..

Everything on my server is H.264, which is playable by everything, given enough bandwidth. Transcoding, OTOH, for me is all about watching my stuff over a random hotel's WiFi, which involves sending a stream out your home upstream connection and hoping that the connection on the hotel end isn't throttled into uselessness. At home, it all travels over Gigabit Ethernet and even the 1st-generation Raspberry Pi supports H.264.

Comment Re: Executive Order 12770—Metric Usage in Fe (Score 1) 440

Where the *hell* did you get that idea? Exit numbers are sequence numbers that don't indicate any distances.

On what planet? They very much are tied to distance. Compare exit-number signs to the nearest mile markers next time you're out and about. It's why you see letters used when there's more than one exit within a mile...consider this example along I-15 in Las Vegas, about 42 miles north of the state line.

Comment Re:Convert it to x86? (Score 1) 95

There are plenty of 68k emulators. On a modern computer, even an emulator would be way faster than the original hardware.

Even on not-so-modern hardware, an emulator could be faster than the original hardware. Palm OS jumped from 68K to ARM 15 years ago, and even on handheld CPUs running at 150-200 MHz, legacy code ran as fast as it ever did, if not more.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 123

Those tools were long available in w32/64 versions; I've been using them for at least 15 years when on Windows.

No, this isn't just adding UNIX tools to the CLI; it's doing what the other major OS players have been doing forever: having a common command line which can do a lot more cross-system work that PowerShell couldn't keep up with.

Who cares if it's Microsoft? You know you have to deal with their shit now and again; be glad it'll soon be iin a way you're more comfortable doing.

Comment Re:Will Firefox be a workaround for long? (Score 1) 49

Is Google not in a position to block the user agent string for Firefox for Fire TV? Net Neutrality has been repealed, any other rules in place to prevent this?

Net Neutrality would not have prevented Google from doing that anyway. It only prevented ISPs from doing it, not content providers from blocking access. If it did something like that, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and the other big providers would never have supported it.

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