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Comment Is this even a question? (Score 1) 380

I paid for all of my books, movies, TV shows. In the case of the latter I often paid a premium. I paid for a better medium that is more usable in the case of books. I should have all rights to those books that I have with paper books, not less. The streaming notion that we own nothing but pay owning prices anyway and our access even for ourselves can be removed at any time is not acceptable in the least.

Comment Hell No! (Score 4, Insightful) 81

It is precisely these sort of records that can do us the most mischief - those that government enforcers and some kinds of other interested parties would be most likely to use against us. We must demand to especially see these records and others like them and to be allowed to correct or at least file protest on any that we find inaccurate. In some cases we need to sue against misuse of information voluntarily given in one context in another context in ways never justified against our own interests.

Comment WTF (Score 1) 48

Why would a site dealing in illegal activities keep possibly real name identifying information and a history of all illegal transactions associated with each. If these be hackers they are damn stupid ones.

Comment very doubtful (Score 1) 655

It would result in far less cars on the road. Why? Because many more people would not care to own one but only that one would take them where they wished pretty much when they wished. The rest of the time the car would suffer the needs of other would be passengers instead of being parked idle at an office complex or such and then driven home. It would result in the most efficient use of cars to do desired traveling. IT is doubtful much more travel than today would be desired. It even more doubtful that more cars would be on the road.

Comment This is not law enforcement (Score 1) 224

This is a gross violation of the 4th Amendment right to be secure in our papers and effects. Worse our computational devices are more intimate and part of us that mere paper could ever be. As they become ever more extensions of our brain forcing access may fairly be compared to directly wiring your brain to testify against you. Enough with these petty tyrants!

Comment not surprising (Score 1) 1080

A great deal of effort has been put into destroying any real understanding of freedom and of capitalism it both their own education and the education of their parents. Our "leaders" certainly don't act in accordance with any kind of free markets or much freedom anywhere. They don't act in accordance with our supposed "western values" either. So it would be absolutely shocking if the majority had anything nice to say about capitalism in any form.

Comment They are breaking their own laws (Score 1) 103

By their own laws the people they seek to "help" them are not "hackers" but "crackers" who would normally pursued and locked up by that same FBI. Don't tehy have NSA assets to use? No, because even the NSA cannot blatantly circumvent what Congress has ruled over and over regarding mandatory back doors. No, they are looking for criminals because they are engaging in crime and in circumvention of he will of the people. They must be treated as law breakers.

Comment guess what broke it? (Score 1) 431

Government has succeeded in destroying so much of what was special about America. We used to often here "it's a free country" and people really meant it. We used to believe that the world was open to any who wished to apply themselves and they could expect equal treatment from a government designed to protect their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - a government whose sole function was to protect the freedom of the people, not to rule over us.

Yeah it wasn't perfect. Yeah it didn't cover some people well if at all for a long time. But it was based on something radically different than almost any government before. And that difference made a huge difference in the economic realm as well when freedom extended as free trade - voluntary marketplace interactions only.

Bit by bit the people have forgotten freedom. Bit by bit those with a very different vision whether the State rules the people and a person is subservient to the state has taken over. And it has hurt economically as well. There are over 400,000 regulations on the books. The amount of red tape on business is ridiculous. The amount of limiting of choice of what can be offered for sale or purchased is extreme and growing. The State eats 40% of wealth and more as it has us $19 trillion in debt and at least $100 trillion more in hock for unfunded liabilities.

So don't pretend that the rich did it or some unknown malady has befallen us. Look to government and to the people forgetting freedom and what this country is supposed to be about.

Comment Fools (Score 1) 729

The tech industry is the liveblood of the area. If they want substantial money to leave the city then they are asking for a lot of unintended consequences. Who do they think pays for most of the costs of various services and safety nets?

No one has a right to live in any particular place if they can't afford it. When there is high demand and limited housing the price i going to go up. This is not in the least unjust.

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