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Comment Re:The real news is CNN and their fake Russia "new (Score 1) 426

Just so you are aware of optics, if you say "mainstream media" you look like an idiot. If you say "MSM" you look like a lunatic.

you probably don't realize it from your Breitbart/Reddit bubble, but the phrase sounds like: "I think eberybuddy is lyin to me, and I cain't trust what annyone who trusts anything but deluxe tinfoil for their hats!"

Comment Re:Not a good sign (Score 1) 160

some fan cuts 1,2,3 show Anakin's fall a lot more realistically, "Turn to the darkside" cut out all of the "anakin being good right before he was bad" parts and showed a gradual descent from mostly good to all bad.

If you want to watch a movie about Anakin turning into Darth Vader, you should watch "Chronicle" it is gimmicky and isn't star wars, but the story is a believable character progression from innocent kid, to accidental inhuman super being. It is 10 times better to pretend this is the prequel.

Comment Standard Acquisition process: (Score 3, Insightful) 109

This is standard process for any acquisition:

Step 1: Assure all employees of both the acquired and the parent company that their job is safe.
Step 2: Assure the public that it is business as usual.
Step 3: all your employees in potentially redundant areas fill out "Skill matrix" or other bullshit evaluations
Step 4: Make a shocking, totally unexpected, totally unpredictable move to lay off redundancies to the point where you can't properly function
Step 5: Bring in inexpensive contractors/scabs to bring the business back up to minimal function as you ring money out of the asset at peak efficiency.

Comment this cost me a weekend once (Score 5, Funny) 367

I don't know why they offer a 32 bit still, but it sure is annoying
my gaming machine threw a rod or something, I had to re-install, but bla bla bla the only license I could find in my big bin o' parts was for 32 bit windows 7, but they offered free win10 upgrade so what the hell I tried.

Anyway long story short, even though I had 64 bit selected it ended up installing 32 bit windows 10.

I ended up using my stupid 32 bit windows 10 to download 64 bit windows 10 installation media after extracting my CD-key from the registry I had to wipe the computer for like the 5th time in a row, and re-install 64 bit from scratch via a thumb drive.

Comment I wrote my first novel while working 60/week (Score 5, Funny) 227

I was working as a software developer on a very demanding project, pulling 60+ hours a week most weeks while I wrote my first novel.

It was a long process, and it was very hard, and yes I had no free time between my money job and my passionate speculative job.
As time went on I finally finished the book, and sold thousands of copies.

I am proud to say that today I make 6 figures a year... a software developer, because that's my real job and nearly every novelist who ever lived didn't make a living at it, and it is important to have realistic dreams.

Comment 4 year-expired epi-pens are almost as effective (Score 1) 459

This is the kind of article going around in my circle of people with anaphylaxis prone children. Seriously. Citizens of our once great nation are buying YEARS expired medication, second-hand, so their kids won't die.

One family I know personally had to budget for a YEAR in advance in order to replace an expired pen... and by the way, you need 2 in order to be sure to not die.

So yeah if you are lucky enough to have insurance that actually covers the epi-pen... when yours expires, you can sell it for $100 or more.

Comment Grumpy old man moment: (Score 4, Interesting) 125

Let it die. We are terrified of letting the archive filter itself out, but really it is ok to let a billion VHS tapes go.

I think one of the real dangers of the digital age is that we are so worried about losing memories, we are afraid to make them.

Painstakingly archiving every detail of life really makes for a shitty life.

I know I sound like a curmudgeon, but there it is.

Comment Privatized medicine is immoral and broken, duh (Score 0) 135

Investors require unreasonable short term profits.
Established medical research firms and patent owners are the only ones able to navigate arduous regulation
People's lives are in the balance

Result: The only way for-profit medical research and treatment can happen is to charge unreasonable and predatory amounts of money for already approved medications, in order to fuel future research AND pacify the insane greed of wall street.

Our system is not set up for innovation or disruption, it is set up for the time-tested approach of building wealth: Throw as much human death and suffering at it as you can get away with.

This government protected wealth-building kills human beings, tens of thousands per year by any measure. It is time to "provide for the common defense" regardless of campaign donation bribery.

Comment Re:Self driving car + network along the highway (Score 1) 142

And heck, I could see specialty companies rent out showers and such to people who have been riding in their car to their destination - their own "red-eye" version but on wheels - so they can get cleaned up and dressed for the day when they get there. Hourly motels might not be "just for sex" anymore. Or a national chain of gyms - or whatever.

Just FYI, truck stops have this already, and have for decades. Usually they are free if you purchase 50 gallons of fuel or more, but they are also pretty cheap if you just need a shower. I used them when I was mostly broke and driving WAY too far for job interviews in the summer time in a car without a/c.

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