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Comment Re:The original iPhone is actually 12 (Score 1) 278

Okay, how about the Treo, the Blackberry, the Nokia Symbian phones? They were fucking smartphones before iPhone.

And I don't think "iTunes syncing capbility" is worth the toilet paper I wipe my ass with as a feature. It certainly doesn't define what a smartphone is.

Comment Re:changed lives more? (Score 2) 278

THERE ALREADY WERE SMARTPHONES when the iPhone was introduced. You think Apple would have even GLANCED at the fucking smartphone market if it wasn't a proven market already?

Just like iPod -- there were already successful MP3 players for YEARS before the iPod.

Apple is like the Party in the book 1984. First they claim the smartphone. Next the helicopter. Someday they'll claim the fucking wheel.

Comment Fucking lies. (Score 0) 278

> 1. The iPhone put the internet in everyone's pocket.

Bullshit. It put the internet in the pocket of people who bought iPhones. It was already in the pocket of Palm Treo (from 2003), Nokia Symbian phones (from 2002), Blackberry (I can't be bothered to figure out the date) ....

The internet was on even earlier phones if you count WAP -- which you should, it was real and it was Internet.

The iPhone was a real improvement over other smartphones. It didn't invent the fucking smartphone.

Comment Re:This is a good idea (Score 3, Insightful) 389

It's an approachable idea that I would have no problem with individual parents implementing for their children.

I don't even mind if indviduals try to convince other individuals it's the right thing to do.

LEGISLATION should be based on fucking SCIENCE, not opinions. Get your fucking hands off the people's rights unless you can prove you're right.

Comment Re:And the other "valid" signal?? (Score 5, Informative) 42

RTFA. Or if you can't, I'll summarize.

The satellite generated entangled photon pairs, sending them down to two separated ground stations in the Himalayas.

One out of every 6 million pairs was received properly (how they could tell, I don't know. Time codes?). Polarization measured at each ground station and correlated (via normal phone or perhaps Internet). Correlation was nonrandom due to Bell's Inequality, demonstrating that entanglement survived the transmission from space.

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