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Comment Stop accepting SJW idiotic submissions. (Score 1) 688

That's not what this site is about and the moderation of the posts and comments about such topics, continues to show, we don't care about that shit. If anything you're making us backlash against it by bringing idiot politics into our simple, oldschool tech forum.

We don't need fancy code of conducts or any of that shit here. News for nerds, stuff that matters, not bullshit.

Thank you.

Comment I can explain some of it too, with some graphs. (Score 4, Informative) 154

Here's some data which essentially completely confirms a lot of it is money laundering.

News from late Nov 2016

Reaction to said news (click 1 year on the chart)


Now, see this news also, Feb 2017

See the reaction in other digital currrency markets (again, click the 1Y chart)
https://www.worldcoinindex.com... -- *(!!)

Now, finally look at your local property prices, especially if you live in Vancouver, Toronto, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland.
Any way money can be gotten out of China, it will be by the wealthy / ultra wealthy. The change to my city in the past 5 years, is .nothing. short of utterly astounding. I repeat, *utterly astounding*, to the complete and utter detriment of the locals under 40 / 50 who don't own a place, they're boned. no chance now.

Regarding litecoin, this one is .particularly. telling, that coin was the "b tier" coin to bitcoin, the silver to gold if you will. Like bitcoin, it had a big run several years ago and then, it died off to a stagnant level, logically so too, why should there even be more than 1 digital currency?
So here's a coin which has settled to a flat, sensible price, then due to talk of China making some moves against BTC exchanges in Feb 2017, is suddenly .booming.insanely. in Mar 2017.
Most of the world buy their goods from there, we're sending our money to China en-masse, immense amounts of it, the wealthy there, are in turn getting out of the country and picking up the premium property around the world. Can't blame them to be honest, devastating for some of the locals though (myself included)

Comment Re:Liquidity (Score 1) 154

I'm not sure if I'm reading this many digits correctly, but I'm seeing a market cap of 68 billion dollars for it right now.

That may not define the ability to pull money out quickly but my understanding is, it can be pulled out quicker than it used to.

Also some may be opting to pull it out into gold or other things, there are now gold for bitcoin places, I know someone who buys his bitcoin mining stuff with, you guessed it, bitcoins.

Agree entirely however that the simple act of pulling it out, does reduce the value. Anyone who thinks they have 5 million US$ in bitcoin, I'd be surprised if they could pull out more than 3 million over the course of 6 months. (note: totally wild guess)

Comment I made a horrible joke about this previously (Score 2) 25

But maybe it's worth it...

If I recall, it was along the lines of, the head of messaging applications should be brought out into the street and executed in front of his family or something like that.

Either way, I'm not normally one for firing people for mistakes, but after this many? Seriously? MANY MANY , staff, need to be fired, seriously.

How can they be THIS BAD at messaging on their platforms? It's incredible.
They STILL haven't copied iMessage, which is what most of us want. Utterly atrocious, like most of their changes in the past 5 years. Stop "fixing" things that aren't broken or canceling things which are good.

Comment It's all a horrific mess for nerds. (Score 4, Interesting) 240

We are in a bad bad timeline for hardcore and even regular PC enthusiasts, the technological leaps have stagnated significantly, where people with 7 year old PCs need only double their memory and add an SSD (if they didn't already have one) and almost all tasks are fast enough.

The delay in shift from 14nm to 10nm has been pretty bad across the industry, in fact considering the performance improvements for processors, GPUs over the past 7 years, it seems quite apparent that the manufacturing process still plays a very heavy part in the performance boost between generations, just as much as architectural design of the processor.

I have a fairly specific use case, similar but not quite the same to gamers (I want a ridiculously fast PC for general use, I'm an extreme browser, exceeding 100-400 tabs at a time, but I don't game anymore, so I like mid to small ITX, quiet, professional looking machines)
I almost always have open from 8 to 25 applications open of varying kinds. I really like a very responsive system at sub $5000 expense (a 64gb, quad channel, DDR4 4000 machine with 12 cores, liquid cooled, would be great, but the cost would be insane and honestly, a complete top of the line, but not HEDT machine would likely do what I need at easily 30 to 50% savings)

Unfortunately Intel is all over the place with product varieties, when you look around the Intel ARK site (the new one is awful, great job web developers, great job, another unecessary redesign) you can see just how many processors they make, from 6w to 150w across all kinds of segments.
Sadly the days of a "preemo desktop" CPU being their primary bread and butter is over and that's why we see ridiculous things like this article is stating, they are diversified everywhere and the complexity seems beneficial to their bottom dollar.

The rumor is the coffee lake 6 core desktop processor won't work in the existing z170/270 chipset, despite the fact it's basically the same family as the last 2 CPUs for those boards (i7-6700 / i7-7700 etc) just 2 more cores 'glued on'
We also don't know if this new processor was ever intended to come out at 14nm or it was originally 10nm.
There's talk that the new chipset, Z370 isn't even any more than a re-badge of the z270! Which makes forcing people to use it even more ridiculous.
There's a "z390" (?) is a cannonlake chipset or "PCH" - and it's coming out next year - but that chipset is only for cannonlake processors, except there are (apparently) none of those planned for desktop.

So, do you buy an i7-8700k now and put it on a z370, knowing that you might be missing out on some new features in 2018, like bluetooth 5 and wifi ac being built into the chipset itself?

The whole thing is messy and awkward to follow, it's only gotten worse the past few years.
Honestly, I think the best thing to do, if you're capable is to stop reading the news about this stuff and just buy what's best when you need a new machine. It's endlessly time consuming and confusing to be an educated consumer with PC stuff. (I should know, I've wasted possibly years of my life googling / reading this rubbish since I first started building my own machines 20 years ago)

But the long and short of it is, stuff just isn't improving at a fantastic rate anymore. Even if you're silly rich, you can't buy a machine that utterly decimates other machines easily. People can get 60 to 80% of your performance for 1/4 or less.

Comment Censorship, sjw witch hunts (Score 1) 310

Stopped using it due to these things. Reached a point where my opinion was likely going to cause people to start screeching if I was honest, so between Twitter censoring what I saw and self censoring myself to keep the peace, I'm very very glad I left.

It's just a total political whine great now and a circle jerk off let's feel good for whatever reason today stuff.

Shame, the breaking news was quite useful.

Comment Re:Get a cheap PC that 10 years old, add PFSense (Score 1) 320

I'm considering this but I want one with that new AES-NI support that the PFsense devs have said will needed going forward.

It sounds like version 3.0 will be a big change.

I think the Denverton (C3xxx / C3000) upcoming chips might be perfect. Powerful and low powered, probably just the dual core version.

Comment One word for this,... (Score 1) 210

That word would be bullshit.

I've been using it for over a decade, I've made easily over twenty posts on Slashdot about the performance maybe double that.

I used it exclusively including 64 bit nightly editions, up to I think version 54?

I reduced my plugins significantly to about 4 or so.
I'm an extreme browser (although I peek around 400 tabs around once or twice Year, not 1600) and I can assure you at least up until 2/3 months ago, it still ran like crap compared to chrome (and again, I don't even like chrome)

I simply do not believe this, period. It's bloated crap and needs a MASSIVE fundamental rewrite to fix the disaster it's become. Very unlikely they finally got this all magically fixed after many many years of me being patient.

Not coming back Mozilla, nope

(Check my post history, I'm convinced I was one of the last die hards for it )

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