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Comment Re:Opt-In Cap Limits (Score 1) 213

I went through hell and back trying out a smaller ISP (Acanac); the disjoint between them and Ma Bell caused a 3-week delay between when I paid for service and when a telephone technician came to my house and properly wired the phone lines for DSL service. (There were 2 other visits, both of which resulted in no-service.) And forget about calling someone on the phone; sitting on hold for two hours only to be disconnected at the end isn't my idea of good service.

Going with a smaller ISP always bears the risk of dealing with the ineptitude of technicians who don't give a rat's ass about getting your service up and running (i.e. "that's not my department"). When I gave up on Acanac and made the call to Rogers, I had service up and running in two days.

I don't like Rogers' caps and expensive prices, but when there's a negligible delay between when I make a phone call and my service is up and running, the attraction of "trying out" smaller ISPs in the hopes of finding one which doesn't cause hair loss and premature graying wanes quickly in favor of being able to actually use a service.

Comment Re:Ignore them (Score 5, Insightful) 727

How many children do you know bear a racial hatred for Western culture that is bred and drilled into them, or are armed with nuclear warheads?

It's exactly that arrogance that they are standing up against, however misplaced their aggressions are.

There's no easy solution here; disarming them is impossible, making peace with them is impossible, talking sense into them is impossible, treading lightly and carrying a big stick seems to be the only safe alternative that doesn't cause us to descend into full military operation against them.

Comment Opt-In Cap Limits (Score 3, Insightful) 213

If they're implementing cap-excess fees, they should also enable the user to hard-limit his internet access when the cap is reached, with a manual bypass when the user wishes to "accept the charges".

My ISP (Rogers, up here in Canada) offers soft-cap notifications in your browser when the cap reaches 75% and 100%, but these notifications would never be seen if I, for example, were to Netflix my Gbs into oblivion.

Comment Public vs. inside information (Score 4, Insightful) 433

It strikes me as odd that "only" a year after Jobs' death, the smaller tablet was released. It seems to me that it would take significantly more time for an executive board to come to an agreement on a new product, then design it, build it, put it through testing, establish a supply chain, etc etc. Jobs knew it was on the design table well in advance of his demise. What the public sees is far different from what takes place inside a company like Apple.

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