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Comment the MSFT music model (Score 1) 319

You don't lose the music -- Microsoft knows full well their DRM is cracked. Their DRM is purely for show and to appease the music labels. And for that matter so is Itunes if you use a record through sound card sort of software. So the MSFT model is MUCH better because it is ACTUALLY as much music as I care to record for a monthly fee.

Comment Re:America, (Score 4, Interesting) 1656

Having set up the streaming watching at a university, I can tell you that had the best quality stream by a mile. Of course they probably had significantly better demand. I ended up having to use 3g cards on laptops because the internal network collapsed. And we have dark fiber...60000 users trying to stream at their desks is a bad thing.

Comment Re:Share your connections? (Score 1) 451

Don't forget to use this defense when the RIAA comes knocking. *kidding* I actually don't understand why condos aren't doing this or why there isn't a company selling something like this. In most cities, there are plenty of multi-family homes in which are begging for someone to run wifi and charge less than what teh cable company is charging.

Comment hidden benefit of 4 tens (Score 1) 1055

I've been working 4 10s for seven years, and I can pick which day of the week I'm off. Sometimes I'll put a friday and monday back to back for a 4 day weekend. As a result I get to save my vacation and sick days for when I want to use them, instead of when I have to. 3 years in a row I've ended up cashing in a week of vacation time every year.

Submission + - I am the bad boss!! what now?!?

Anonymous writes: I'm an IT manager since almost 2 years now and out of no-where (maybe arrogance), I decided to do a 360 feedback (using one of those websites). Employees were able to answer anonymously and, now I'm sure, didn't hold on anything on their mind. Turned out I'm not very good; pretty much very bad. As suggested, I'm one of those managers who got promoted due to "technical prowess" in my previous position. And in all honesty, although I like the job (well, before I did...), I didn't sign up for this (people who hates you and goes bad mouthing about you — not that they're not right, just that I don't want to be known like that). What should I do now? You guys saw anyone in that same position (maybe you?) and actually turned it over and became a good boss?

Submission + - How do you handle Spambot Attacks?

Amazing Quantum Man writes: "I'm a member of a site devoted to nitpicking tv shows and movies (Site link not posted as it is currently under spambot attack, and doesn't need a slashdotting to go along with it). It has always had an open posting policy — no registration required, you ould use any name you wanted, etc...

This policy (instituted way back in 1998) led to some quite fun, freewheeling threads on various boards.

Recently, we have come under spambot attack, with spambots posting links to gambling and porn sites on every single discussion board on the site. The admins have been trying to block IPs, but it's useless against a botnet.

As a defense, it looks like the site is going to require registration, and disable anonymous posting. Many regulars, while they understand the need, are concerned that the freewheeling character of the site will be lost.

Let me continue by saying that I'm not a site admin, merely a member there. Also, if it helps, the site in question is running Discus.

Has anyone here been in a similar situation? How did you handle it? What did it do to the "culture" of your site?"

Submission + - Chris Anderson Interview

endychavez writes: "This interview with Chris Anderson, Editor of Wired and author of The Long Tail, applies the economic transformation described in the book's title to a wide swath of industries, far beyond books and CDs. Everything from beer to automobiles are covered in this piece.

From Chris Anderson: "When Anheuser Busch created a division called Long Tail Libations to do microbrews, I realized that people were finding resonance in very traditional industries I had not anticipated. I've spoken to companies involved in heavy machinery, shoes, coffee, agricultural goods, consumer packaged goods. The long-tail concept makes perfect sense to them, so I've been on a serious learning curve about subjects like agricultural machinery, just so I can map the phenomenon to their businesses.""

Domain Resale Market Is Phisher Heaven 120

Krishna Dagli writes "Finish security firm F-Secure has discovered that alongside the sale of such innocuous domains as comes the resale of domains that obviously belong to banks or other financial institutions., for example, is reselling domains like, and 'Why would anybody want to buy these domains unless they are the bank themselves — or a phishing scammer?,' F-Secure asks."

Submission + - Handango reams a small developer - take 2

Stugots writes: "/. had the chance to lead on this story, but you muffed it. Maybe now you'll post something about it?

Because it's now being carried on The Register. See icks_omnisoft/.

Handango has ruthlessly (literally) terminated an independent vendor's account with them, and reneged on a marketing award. No reason given, except for some fatuous "we have private information we cannot divulge" reasons that sound a lot like George W. Bush is running Handango."

Bot Nets Behind Recent Spam Surge 389

gsslay writes "Everyone must have noticed a surge in spam recently, particularly for stock pump 'n' dump scams. The Register reports that anti-spam companies have seen a 30% increase in the last two months and, more worryingly, more of this spam is getting through to mailboxes due to the spammers' change in tactics. Rather than use unsecured mail relays spammers are using bot nets, making spam harder to identify and eliminate. Bounced spam is also on the up, and some experts reckon it's past time to start worrying. "

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