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The half a million who switched to streaming services are the ones who are actually dissatisfied.* The ones who keep paying a monthly bill for cable TV are satisfied enough.

They'll whine to survey callers, but push comes to shove, the cable companies don't really care if the bills are paid and these people acknowledge sufficient value to continue.

Economists don't give surveys very much credence.

* excepting the very small minority who can get cable TV but not cable Internet

Comment Re:Intelligence agencies have lost credibility (Score 1) 301

Let's be honest though: there has never been a time in history when the CIA or FBI were particularly competent.

So, repeal the Espionage Act of 1917 and be done with this colossal waste of money, both directly and in terms of blowback.

The US survived without it for 128 years, it can survive without it again. But it probably can't be Team America without it.

Comment Re:Good (Score 4, Insightful) 301

However this is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

We need good intelligence, and some of it needs to be kept secret. However the trend is to classify stuff that shouldn't need to be classified, just because it is easier to classify then have it public.

With the leaks, what bothers me more isn't the stuff that got leaked out, most of it is fairly common knowledge, it just confirms what we already know. The real problem is why is such mundane stuff classified?

Comment Re:Regulatory capture (Score 2) 342

You're absolutely right, of course. The best way to manage this problem is to internalize the externalities; make energy producers pay the full cost of their operations. This would mean either a heavy carbon tax or -- even better -- strict regulation on carbon emissions that require fossil fuel burners to capture and sequester all of their emissions. Burning dirty coal for power is just fine if you don't put anything into the atmosphere.

In practice, subsidizing clean energy is more politically feasible, though. Giving money to build new businesses costs taxpayers, but the cost is spread widely so no one gets really upset... and the people involved in the new businesses are enthusiastically supportive. People in competing old businesses will grumble a bit, but if the subsidy doesn't instantly make them uncompetitive, opposition won't go much beyond grumbling.

In contrast, adding large new costs to existing businesses makes the people involved in those businesses really angry. They get very vocal and start throwing their influence and money around. If voters were purely rational and actually weighed all of the costs and benefits, that wouldn't matter, but that's not how it works.

Comment Re:But President Trump goes (Score 4, Interesting) 342

I would avoid jumping onto the conclusions that Conservatives are less educated than Liberals. The larger correlation is that liberals will live more in Urban Areas, while Conservatives live in Rural areas. In these different areas, their world view is different. In Urban areas, a strong government is an overall positive, as there are services that need to be provided, and with a lot of people working closely together, a strong rule of law and regulations is needed for that area to function. In rural areas they are more left to fend for themselves, there tax money is going to places where they will see no benefit, and there is a culture if you have a problem you need to solve it yourself. So such regulations proposed by the government seem like an overall negative.
Now both areas have highly educated people, and less educated who will vote for whatever party. In urban areas the Poor are often under educated and vote liberal because government is trying to prevent them from dying, as the city environment can prevent them from living off the land and being able to fend for themselves. In rural areas, the poor who have resources to fend for themselves, doesn't need rules and regulations trying to stop them from doing what they need to do to live.
Conservatives seem to rule corporate higher management, and even modern farmers you need to be just as technical savvy as a Silicon Valley tech worker. These people have those degrees, but because they are working commercial they tend not to flaunt them as much. While in urban areas, there are more colleges and universities, and government agencies, where people will need the education status to help push their agendas.
Now in terms of Science. Liberal groups have seemed to reject science that says "This product is safe" (GMO, Vaccines...) because they expect government to make sure what we do is safe. While Conservative groups reject science that says "This product is dangerous" (Global Warming, Fracking...) because they are afraid that government will take away necessary tools for them.

Comment Re:But President Trump goes (Score 1, Insightful) 342

Survey questions are misleading.
Thinking global warming will not pose a serious threat in their lifetime. is different from being a climate denier.

Science is solid on that Global warming is real and man made and that it proposes a risk. However the science is less solid on the scope and rate. Also depending on the age of person asked a Lifetime would be a decade - 4 generations.

The pooling will need to combine many questions asked differently to really get a good view of the persons viewpoint.
So most people have a hard time separating climate from weather. So a 4 degree change in their weather doesn't seem like big deal. When winter is -6c vs -10c no big deal it is still cold. when the summer gets 34c vs 30c it is still very hot.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 270

While I am against censoring any points of views, as the act of censoring it, will often just give the conspiracy nuts fodder to show that they are on the right track. We do need some methods to keep, false, untrue, misinformed, and faked information from propagating. If a lie is said enough times, people will begin to believe it. Social media is a perfect method of being able to repeat false hoods. so misinformed data gets equal weight as informed information. Generally confusing the masses.
While there is freedom of speech, it doesn't mean all speech needs equal weight.

Comment Re: The community college scene... (Score 1) 118

That is why I stated for a High School Graduate, you would be expected to get Work, but not a Job.
Work: Is doing whatever it takes to make a living. (I will move and plug in these computers for a few hundred bucks)
Job: Is a steady living, however you are not necessary doing what you like. (You tell me what needs to be program and I will do what you say, as long as I can do it)
Career: Is making a living as something you are willing to identify yourself as. (I am a currently Software Developer, If there is something new, Ill research it to see if I know how to fix it)
Profession: Is working in something that you find fulfilling. (I am a Systems Architect, my designs have saved the lives of thousands of people)
Calling: Is being able to work in something that you find enjoyable and can skip things that you find dull. (I am a specialist in Technology interaction with people, I don't need to do any of the coding work, but I get to layout how things should look like in the future)

Comment Re:Good (Score 5, Interesting) 270

There's not a country in the world that doesn't practice some kinds of censorship, if only related to state secrets, promoting crime, terror, even lying or promoting information known to be false, etc. Slippery slopes are, well, slippery, but that doesn't mean you never clean the slopes.

Nazism (and fascism in general) is a particularly extreme ideology that's inherently violent, both on a microlevel originating (and still existing) as gang level politics whose leaders openly advocate violence against opponents, and macro level where it's caused wars. Advocating for it is doing more than simply advocating a different point of view, it has direct real life consequences for those victimized by fascist groups.

I think there's a strong case for Nazi advocacy to be heavily restricted, and in many cases banned outright, and I think the opposing case is particularly weak in this instance.

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