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Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 301

You kids are so privileged these days, it makes me livid.

In all serious, now it is just ridiculous. My kids have cheap microcontrollers and SBCs that vastly outperform anything I had to work with. I look at this stuff and just imagine what I could have done with it in my youth. Alas....

Ok, now back to the subject at hand...
I read Levy's book Hackers at the time, and the fact that all I could do was BASIC drove me batty! We were so dirt poor that a $20 Z80 was just a pipe dream! Now, my wife wonders why I can't turn down the opportunity to pick up vintage machines to play with. I tried to explain that this is all psychological scars from my childhood, but she still doesn't understand....

Comment Re:Leave. (Score 1) 805

After living in Lawrence, Kansas

I spent 20 years in Kansas(and decades more growing up in the south). I can assure you that Lawrence is an oasis of decency compared to the majority of Kansas. Some of the most viscous, bigoted assholes I've ever had the misfortune to have met came from small towns in Kansas. I got my kids the hell out of there, and I have never felt for a moment that I didn't make the right decision.

Comment Re:Tough luck (Score 1) 805

You chose to live and work out there.

I have lived all through the south and the midwest. The minute I had a chance to have the corp I worked for pay for a move to the Bay area, I jumped on it. Sure, I gave up the perks of low cost living(a 5 bedroom with a huge yard for $40k, etc). But, on the other hand, I've somehow figured out how to live under my means here. I suspect a lot of people just can't realistically budget themselves no matter where they lived or how much they make. A family of 5 with one full time income, and I'm saving money every month(and paid off my school loans, car loans. Zero debt at this point). I can't be the only one who knows how to do this.

Comment Re:You don't need six figures in Silicon Valley... (Score 1) 805

Indeed. Yeah, it would be cool to jet set, but that's a lifestyle choice. When I moved here from the midwest(Kansas, to be precise), I moved directly to the East Bay. The commute sucked(until I got a gig closer), but you don't HAVE to burn 6 figures every year to live here.

Comment Re:I got 7 cats (Score 1) 249

Of course. Each cat has a heart name, a face name and a tail name. The heart name was given at birth by the mother. An example would be Fritti. A face name is given at the first Meeting they attend. An example would be Tailchaser. The tail name is more mysterious. Every cat is born with one, but it must be discovered. Not all cats discover their tail names.

Comment Re:Donnie Downer (Score 1) 917

cause she's trying to get a reaction from society at large and people shouldn't react to hearsay like a crime was committed.

React how? Did she out the person? No. Is there a lynch mob currently headed their way? No. Is there some pending litigation which is now based on hearsay? Again, no.
What is happening is that people are discussing HR policies and Uber policies in particular. They are talking about sexism and inappropriate conduct in the workplace. They are talking about hardening systems against vulnerabilities which can be used to enable that sexism. This would protect everyone involved. But apparently we are in the discovery phase of a trial and such discussion are verboten.

But hey I'm crazy

I don't think you are crazy. I think you feel threatened. You might spend some quality time asking yourself why this is so.

Comment Re:Donnie Downer (Score 2) 917

Saying you have evidence IS NOT EVIDENCE

She gave the evidence to HR. Why would you expect that it appear in her post?

The issue here is the obvious vulnerability in people's minds that causes them to believe and advocate for anything they feel like believing without any objectivity or rationality

Indeed. I would point to you and s.petry as fine examples of this. I hope she and others in her position read this and, in the future, just go ahead and post all of the pertinent details to social media. Forget bringing allegations privately to HR. That's what you are advocating for, right?

Comment Re:Donnie Downer (Score 5, Informative) 917

After Ellen Pao, UNLV, Duke LaCrosse, and countless false police reports (resulting in legal action) about discrimination I'm waiting for evidence. Chat logs, screen shots, and email logs should be enough to prove the case. TFA reports no such evidence.

So, you post this, but don't bother to read the actual account?
From the actual account:

It was clear that he was trying to get me to have sex with him, and it was so clearly out of line that I immediately took screenshots of these chat messages and reported him to HR.

I know, I know, they cleverly hid it behind the first link in the story.

Comment Re:Mickey Maus (Score 2) 363

a not insignificant number of the actual protestors are paid, too, about $25 via craigslist,

Care to show some actual examples of said ads with people answering them?
I marched in a local Women's March. No one I knew was being paid, or had been approached about being paid. I certainly wasn't. There were thousands of people there. There was ZERO indication of anyone paying for protests. Instead, you have a diverse group of people with individual concerns(ranging from pro-choice beliefs to local Native American tribes showing solidarity with the pipeline protesters, and pretty much everything in between). No one was confused about their message. No one was rioting, either. But I suppose people protesting against Republican policies doesn't fit the "Trump gets mandate from American People" meme.

Comment Re:What about electrical, plumbing etc? (Score 1) 315

I doubt very much you are allowed to do your or gas, electrical or plumbing.

When I bought my first house, it was a fixer upper($1000 house with a nice lot right out of high school == win). I redid the gas, electrical and plumbing. And the roof, the drywall, the windows, the doors, a new water heater, flooring, a new central heat & air system, etc.
I had to have it inspected(like the leak test for the gas lines), but I did it all myself. The only part that ever caused a problem was some old wiring that I didn't replace in the stand alone garage.
So, yeah, in most places, you can do all of that yourself.

Comment Re:Science and Christianity are NOT compatible (Score 4, Insightful) 260

They seek from the Bible inspiration, a cultural identity, etc., but not doctrine.

Well, I hate to tell you, but the vast majority of Christians would consider you to be a heretic at best. And the same would happen at any given point in the history of Christianity. Your version might be more intellectually palatable, but don't imagine for a moment that it represents a majority.

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