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Comment Re:203ms - With Fibre connection and not in space (Score 1) 558

Tunneling doesn't account for all hops as Sique mentions, but usually a tunnel interface indicative of the tunnel will show up. What is more common that you are referring too is optical transit layers. Things like DWDM, CWDM and other Wavelength-division multiplexing, as well as RPR Optical Rings (Resilient Packet Ring) won't display hops in that sense.

Carrier and Enterprise classes use these at Layer 2, so no Layer 3 (hop).

Comment Re:Er, what? (Score 1) 308

If the dealer does something outside of his "robotic rules", then you call the Pit Boss over, explain what happened and they review the hand via the eye in the sky. There is absolutely no chance the dealer can "be human", if he is by accident, everyone wins.

Comment Re:Compare to RK3066 (Score 1) 233

Woops, slashdot ate my "less than" sign, for anyone who cares. The home NAS setup with ZFS on Linux is killer for under 500 bucks, probably cheaper now since I've built it. ZFS on Linux is the way to go for sure, most cost is the Disks, I'm using 2 green cavalier 3Tb drives (bought an extra just in case but I'm not running any strenuous i/o). Hudson green processor, mini-atx, SSD head, 8 Gb ram all in a HTPC (with hdmi out and XBMC as well) case.....yum.

Comment Re:Compare to RK3066 (Score 2) 233

Well, interestingly enough, I have baked 6 pi's for myself and friends and family, mostly making them into XBMC media centers, and I saw an MK808 mini pc stick for a descent price before christmas so grabbed one to compare...

Just arrived in the mail today, I'm at my office now but intially I must say it is snappy.

I downloaded and installed XBMC in less then 2 minutes and was streaming cheesy college humor in 3.

That is to say after 2 random crashes of Jelly Bean (android 4.1) right off the bat... one blue screen that made me reminisce of how bad windows 95 was.

2 more crashes with XBMC Beta RC2 since demo'ing it for the guys here who aren't up on the latest lets see that's 4 crashes in less then 15 minutes, no heavy use and I can't imagine its over heated as its dangling in the air off one of our 60 inch plasmas....I guess the jury is still out though, I'm done playing with it for now as I'm working, but maybe after initial configuration (haven't set locales yet or anything) and see if an update is available, maybe it will be more stable. If not, it's going back. I can understand a crash or two on XBMCs beta, but the OS it shipped with itself!? I'm almost tempted to send back now.

For what its worth, it is very snappy and the streams I did watch were of good quality and wireless. I'll be headed to Thailand for 3 weeks and wanted to incorporate it into my travel pi setup for back-hauling photos too my home NAS (ZFS on Linux FTW, dual core green processor, 6 TB of Green Disks in a Zpools zfs raid for
Definitely was worth the money for me to see if its feasible.

Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score 1) 657

Dual Core E450 Hudson ASUS Mobo IGP... 2 3TB Cavalier Green Drives in a ZFS Raid Mirror, 60 Gb SSD 8 Gb Ram all in a micro ATX HTPC case $500 kickass low-power green redundant storage array with HDMI Out and Lightscrivbe DVD burner .... and did I mention 3 TB redundant mirrored storage?

Comment Re:end of slashdot (Score 1) 254

wait what!? lol, its Freedom of Speech he's talking about.... not Freedom of Punching People in the Face. What are you on about? While this is Australia we are talking about, regardless here in the US we have enough laws that cover this already but they should be treated under already relevant sections, stalking, libel etc. Big man punch hard, I bet. All religion is bullshit btw, and you are more then welcome to try to punch me in the face.

Comment Avaya VSP9k Woot... (Score 1) 351

We just started rolling out a bunch of these:

The chassis supports 240 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports[3] and is future-ready to support 40 Gigabit Ethernet and 100 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.[4][5] The system also supports Shortest Path Bridging,[6] for network-wide service abstraction and orchestration (which may involve tens or hundreds of nodes), and Switch Clustering which delivers multi-device virtualization and high availability (typically deployed as pairs). This product can also maintain over 4000 VLANs and IP interfaces with support for up to 10k Static IP Routes, and an IP Forwarding Table capacity for 500k entries. Some more technological performance measures stack up as follows:

wiki linky

Comment Re:Breathalyzer "mistake"? How about FRAUD? (Score 1) 498

Wow, I suspect that most wouldn't have gone to jail! See how easy suspecting shit pulled out of your ass is? Stay tuned, now I will suspect what will happen to these cops: Nothing except a paid leave as their blue buddies "investigate" the issue then laugh about it over beers at the local brothel.

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