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Comment Re:Good grief (Score 1) 259

Also, just curious as to the quality of the audio whil my ass is sitting on it , or it's in my pants or jacket or any of the other common places a cell phone may find itself. I am totally on board with hating the fact that a cell phone is a 24x7 spyware device. What I'm not on board with is having a 24x7 spyware device that I have an option not to buy.

I will never purchase an echo, home or anything else that I cannot verify it doesn't phone home.

I recently started buying ZWave switches and Insteon switches and using OpenHab. Im sorry, but if you want a 100% spyware device that is mainly used to sell your personal information to advertisers, and occationanal LEO suponeas... GO FUCK YOURSELF

Comment Re:Stupid, or hoping to make a killing? (Score 4, Informative) 266

As a Owner of a couple of duplexes, a serious DIYer, a tech nerd and live in Denver, I agree, flippers are prime A-holes. Shitty workmanship, it's all about lowest cost to acquire, lowest cost to improve and highest price to buy. When shopping for a house, i've inspected many "flipped" homes and the quality of work is nearly always sub-par. If you are an inexperienced home-buyer, and don't know what to look for, you'll be swayed by the "oooohhh Shiney/New" facter. Often, these "improvements" will fail after a few years.


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