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Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 216

Two of my most heavily used servers at home can't run 64-bit software. They have dual Xeon 2.8s, 8GB RAM, and run the latest CentOS just fine. They were previously running vmware esx fine. My personal workstation at home is a Dell Precision 650 (and can't run 64-bit software) with dual Xeon 2.8s, 4GB RAM, a nice Quadro FX graphics card, and runs Fedora 14 and Windows XP in vmware quite happily.

These machines work perfectly and perform very well for what I need. What does it matter that they can't run 64-bit software? If I want to run 64-bit software, that's what my SGI Challenge XL running in the garage is for.

Comment Re:I sooo want one (Score 1) 181

Taste definitely matters, that's true. Unfortunately, the atrocious diesel vehicles GM sold in the past killed most people's desire to ever own one. You should see how engine technology has changed in the last few years, its really quite eye-opening. Modern common rail diesels to have a bit of clatter, but its not obvious to the average person that they aren't gas. The new emissions control systems, including particulate filters, are superb. You won't see any crap coming out the tailpipe, and they don't smell at all.

The fuel in Europe is far superior to what we get here, but I agree that ULSD is a bit silly. I'm not getting into an argument over militarism, I only brought up purchase cost, and operational cost over the range of a tank.

Thank you for having civil discourse though, it seems that is beyond many.

Comment Re:I sooo want one (Score 1) 181

His Volt was $45k, I saw the sticker. Tax credits aren't immediate. The Sportwagen TDI was $25k. VW recently raised the price as a result of demand. Did you see the part where I said if you're in the electric range the Volt wins hands down? The catch is as soon as you leave the electric range, the efficiency plummets badly. Over the range of a full tank for both cars, the efficiency is nearly equal.

Comment Re:Liar. (Score 1) 181

You quoted a *base* Volt. With any options, the price shoots up fast. His is well equipped, the sticker on his was $45,185. This is trivial to find on Chevrolet's website. You are correct on the Sportwagen's price.

Don't call people liars if you're unwilling to look for truth.

Comment Re:I sooo want one (Score 1, Flamebait) 181

A friend of mine bought a Volt too and was talking about how amazing it was. When I said I didn't find the numbers that impressive, he asked about my VW Sportwagen TDI. The VW has better performance, better handling, more cargo capacity, better fuel economy (compared to a Volt using its engine/generator), and more range per tank. He got pissed when he found out the VW cost $20,000 less than his Volt.

For city driving within the electric only range, the Volt wins, hands down. As soon as you drive beyond that however, the cost difference per tank between it and a TDI is almost zero.

That having been said, I agree, go Elon. I would like to see Tesla do well.

Comment Re:Disappointing (Score 1) 263

Come on down to south JoCo, Nehmo. There's still a lot of cheap places to live way down here, and I'm pretty sure I'm one of the scarier people on the streets late at night south of 151st in Olathe. Lenexa also has some nice, cheap places to live. A couple friends of mine just moved out of KCK to Lenexa and have been very happy there.

Comment Re:Kansas? (Score 1) 197

Lawrence has some very hilly areas. Its really pretty to take off from Lawrence airport, head east, then south, then west along 15th Street . There's some lovely rolling hills.

Kansas in general is surprisingly hilly. As another poster said, the Flint Hills are spectacular. Even in eastern Kansas and KC itself you'll see a lot of hills. There's even cave systems excavated in the hills for business and storage.

Comment Re:What isn't made offshore? (Score 1) 308

Garmin still believes in doing work in the USA.

All of their consumer electronics products for sale in the USA (except nuvis) were designed and developed in the USA. (Kansas, Arizona, Oklahoma) Nuvis have about 5% development in Taiwan, 95% in Kansas.

All avionics are designed, developed, and manufactured entirely in the USA. (Kansas, Arizona, Oregon)

The vast majority of the Marine devices are designed and developed in the US, with some assistance from the UK.

Most in-dash car stereo work is done in the USA, but out of the necessity to work with car stereo manufacturers, there is development done in Taiwan as well.

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