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Comment Re:Piracy and indie games (Score 1) 199

The limitation to smoking, and smoking marijuana should be the same as that of other laws created sanely: you cannot perform an activity that encroaches on those rights of others defined by the Constitution. If smoking cigarettes, drinking, or smoking marijuana presents a direct health risk, or indirect (you get in vehicle and drive under influence), then you are in the wrong. Marijuana is not physically addictive, cigarettes (nicotine) are, as is alcohol.

The argument for legalization of marijuana is strong (in my opinion) largely because it has less bad effects than currently legal substances, and has been shown (in Amsterdam) to not see larger use in adults when legalized (or, in that case, where law looks askance). Incidence of use among younger folks is lower there than here, also. I won't bother citing, go look it up for yourself. I believe the same study cited lower use of addictive, more dangerous drugs in Amsterdam also. This makes sense, because if you can get a clean "high", for cheap, why bother to spend many times the money for known dangerous and illegal drugs. Sure, some do. The interest for casual, productive users is probably less, because cocaine, for example, is less convenient, risky, and questionable in content.

Sorry to side track there. To the thread, I say that copyright, trademark, and patenting, all need to be reviewed, and seriously changed.

Comment Re:Piracy and indie games (Score 1) 199

Are these -your- kids? The government does not own me, or my children. I do not even own "my" kids. So, please, feel free to take your communist (I hope you are an idealist, and not a Socialist) views, shove them up your ass, and add a twist for effect. I refuse to respect any law that forces my children to go anywhere against their will.

Summary: go piss up a rope.

Comment Re:The U.S. government is EXTREMELY corrupt. (Score 1) 213

Fuck you. Fuck you for pointing out the obvious truth, and qualifying it. Fuck you for adding another reason to just leave this country, in favor of some other place with a lesser political system, but one that gets better results.

You probably feel as saddened as angry about it all, just like me. Fuck us both for not being able to be sheep, and follow the herd while we can.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 832

Take a look at what over zealous use of immunization costs. Taking the worst case scenario of your side of the argument only proves that in fringe cases and exceptional circumstances (malnutrition, poverty, poor sanitation) that induce higher rates in all conditions will there be a good argument for vaccination.

Comment Re:This is bullshit, and you know it. (Score 1) 832

Guillaine Barre' syndrome. Spelling may be off. I got it from vaccinations. 1 in 10,000 WILL get it from vaccinations. More vaccinations is more rolls of the dice. Some ailments aren't worth injecting potentially impure or bacteria laden substances DIRECTLY into the bloodstream for.

There are absolutely two sides to this. If you want to lock me up for not vaccinating my own kids, or otherwise penalize me, I can and will go elsewhere. I don't need a government to decide what rights I have with my/my kids' bodies outside of what is constitutional.

In short: don't tell other people how to live. Also, since when is trusting Bill Gates wise?

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 477

Parent is NOT a troll. There is this thing called personal responsibility. In this country, we seem to be migrating to both entitlement and a responsibility - free belief system. The way things worked for a great many years is that you are responsible for things you do, and not entitled to anything you have not earned. I have a family plan with 4 phones on it, and a measly 700 minutes. We don't pay for overages. We don't pay for them because we don't do them.

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