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Comment News for nerds because? (Score 3, Insightful) 56

I wish I could downmod this off the front page as doesn't sound like "news for nerds," but I will make two small concessions:

1) it's possibly of general interest, which includes nerds. Take to to a general-interest forum, not /. Next up on Slashdot, tomorrow's weather forecast....

2) nerds travel to industry conferences and other industry events. Okay, maybe, but it's very tenuous. Slow news day???

Comment Published source is a huge help here (Score 5, Interesting) 135

It would be naive to think you can run an independent/secure cryptoapp based in the US.

Published source makes it a lot easier to spot problems with the code.

Also, with published source code you can, with the appropriate license, legally recompile it yourself using your own set of tools as a hedge against the publisher's tool-chain or binary-repository being compromised.

Granted, if your tools (anything from the bare metal on up) is compromised or if you are using it to talk with someone else who is using a different binary, all bets are off.

Comment Re: Field-upgradable RAM and storage or "no sale" (Score 1) 134

As one who worked at Apple stores for 9yrs 2% of users upgraded ram after purchase.

2% - that you know of. How many upgraded without ever informing Apple (oh please don't tell me Apple "phones home" and gives this "valuable research information" to Apple without informing the users, please don't tell me that).

Every Mac I've ever owned got either more RAM, a bigger drive, or both before I retired it, all without any help from Apple. Some of them even served as Linux or other no-MacOS boxes once Apple stopped allowing any supported version of macOS to run on the old hardware.

Macs are worth 75% retail value after 2 years

Yes, yes, very much yes. I do buy used. Howerver, I won't be buying any of the recent-vintage used Mac notebooks precisely because they aren't user-upgradeable.

Comment Pushing infrastructure costs onto the employee (Score 1) 226

I don't see many folks mention how they are subsidizing the company's infrastructure costs through power/utility usage and real estate. I understand some portion of that can be written off on taxes, but it's a non-trivial amount especially if as someone mentioned one builds on a dedicated addition or structure. What is the difference in cost to the employee of working from home?

Comment Practice vs proving knowledge (Score 1) 250

The purpose of labs and other homework is to practice. If you cheat, it's a waste of time.

Proving your skills to the instructor needs to be done in a controlled environment. "Controlled" doesn't always mean audited: In a perfect world a student's sense of ethics would be enough self-control that take-home tests or graded projects would be allowed as nobody would collaborate or use others' work beyond the bounds imposed by the instructor.

If ethics is a problem, either do a better job of teaching ethics, make your program and admissions process such that unethical people won't want to apply, or arrange the material so all work that makes a significant contribution to the final grade is audited in a very-hard-to-defeat manner.

Comment Re:reading FAIL (Score 0) 181

I'm looking for 1kg stone bricks that only weight 100 grams.

I assume you mean you are looking for 1kg stone bricks that only weigh 0.98 Newtons.

You need to find a place with approximately 0.1 earth gravity. You might find a shop that sells stone bricks there, they should be able to meet your needs just fine.

If you are looking for stone bricks that "only weigh 100 grams" you won't find them, as grams measure mass, not weight.

Comment Re:Digital currencies of spurious substance. (Score 1) 51

What are these "Federal Reserve Notes" of which you speak.

My US Dollars are stored in book-entry form at my bank.

They must be worth something because the grocer store gladly accepts a that piece of plastic along with my PIN that instructs my bank to transfer some of those dollars to his bank in exchange for something that I can eat.

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