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Journal Journal: F21 - F22 Today 6

Support for Fedora 21 is coming to an end and so I decided to upgrade to Fedora 22.

I don't run the default Fedora install, I use the KDE spin. I realize KDE isn't the primary desktop for Fedora, but until now it's been alright. I use Fedora for a lot of reasons but mostly because it is the distro I know. I know it because it is the first distro I used on a regular basis for more than just messing around. I did that because at my work we got a new server running RedHat.

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Journal Journal: Days Go By 1

The Offspring released a new album in 2012 and I didn't know until yesterday. There are implications to that I need to get sorted but now you know what I'm listening to all day while I work.

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Journal Journal: Linux Genius 3

I have a file on my machine - render.conf

I just did the following:

cp render.conf render-snap.conf
mv render.conf render-main.conf
mv render-snap.conf render.conf

And then I just laughed at myself for a bit. It made sense when I did it and as soon as I had I realized how stupid it was.

Comment inertia... oops! I mean, moo. (Score 1) 9

I've accepted that we are on the "ends in a whimper" slide. But I'm not letting go completely until the dot is gone.

Of course they could always just turn journals off, drop the tables, whatever. Then I'd fully move on.

I have gone to meet ups - if 2 of us getting together constitutes as such. I was glad I did it every time.

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Journal Journal: Web Dev on the Mac 1

I've been working on a little side project. I would like to have an app where people can read updates that I send out. It seemed like a fun way to learn more about programming mobile apps and it's something I could actually use if I can get it to a decent state.

I'm keeping it simple. I decided the app would just be an rss feed reader. And that meant I need a feed. I want it to be very specific to my app so I decided the way to go would be to just create my own back end for cre

Comment Re:So I go to the page with a phone number (Score 1) 6

No - that page acknowledges reality. And I have used the number there for people outside the US. It's a long wait to talk to some person who sounds miserable. I have no idea if the wait is any different than calling from inside the US.

I've been calling them a lot because at the same time they are keeping me from efiling for my 2014 taxes, I still haven't received my 2013 return. So I keep calling them and waiting for a an hour or so to let them tell me it's "In process" and that they don't have any other details. They tell me there are no problems on my end so I'm not sure what is up.

I may end up mailing in my stuff - it's just that it is slow and expensive.

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Journal Journal: Catch 22 6

I got a thing from the IRS and they want me to fill out an on-line form.

To successfully complete the form I have to enter my filing address and it has to match my return. The form fields don't allow me to correctly enter the address.

Comment Re:Moo (Score 1) 2

Not this stuff. It's mostly just lectures. But it all took place in a sensitive country and wont be publicized. But the tool is pretty decent for what it is.

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Journal Journal: Youtube Video Editor 2

The video editor built into youtube is surprisingly decent. It lets you cut videos up, add transitions, add photos, add text, put in music, all kinds of stuff.

With it running on their side I was able to edit up a bunch of separate videos, and then leave them processing while I did other stuff. It made it possible to do a lot of videos in parallel and not have my machine bogged down with it. Not bad.

It's not the greatest but for simple stuff that you just want t

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