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Comment Re:I'm curious (Score 1) 135

Link please? All the sources I could find are explicitly stating that Android's VM does not have a JIT compiler. This saves memory, but can slow down code that spends a lot of time in the JVM. (The Android guys do say, however, that a JIT is definitely on their to-do list. For what it's worth.)

Comment Re:Honeymoon is over (Score 4, Interesting) 774

This is where Android comes in. It wasn't designed just for cell phones; it was also intended to run on netbooks, and Google seems to be going that way. Think about it: an open-source, Linux-based operating system built for small-screen devices, with major corporate support behind it. Microsoft should be shaking in its MS Boots.

Comment Re:Moon Dirt (Score 1) 111

The longer-term goal of many (most?) Lunar X-Prize teams is to make money by selling cheap moon missions. What you want may happen in a few years, but they're looking for something simpler on the first mission. Plus, this establishes a baseline for later experiments.

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