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Comment Re: I HATE advertisements! (Score 1) 87

The suggestion that advertising could be included in "free" apps is hard to debate, tho I prefer to pay for the games I use and not be bothered with suggestions of other things I could pay for, while playing the game.
I guess it would be different if the advertisers wanted to provide us with the VR gear for free tho... bring on your free games with ads if you give me the hardware to use it on my PS4 : )

Comment Re:The universe is expanding...Re:When did it happ (Score 1) 83

Also, given the gravitational masses and movement of galaxies and other matter in between, why is time expected to be functioning at the same rate across the distance those rays have traveled? In fact, couldn't time dilation present the appearance of an expanding universe, if only observed from one location?

Comment Re:Sometimes you can't (Score 1) 347

Teach them to have pride in their work, and do things well or not do them at all.

One important aspect of coding that gets too little attention these days is, imagine if you were employed by the same company for many years, and had to go back and revisit your code from a year or more back, to make enhancements or whatever. Did you make code that you yourself could understand quickly, 12 months after you wrote it?

You may work in a team who have set some basic rules and standards for code, but even within those boundaries you can make code easy or hard to understand. Think of your future self.

Comment Re:Focus on a few key things (Score 2) 347

But a middle aged coder who is "merely" very good is suspect: why isn't he an architect or a project manager?

For me, I started out in small companies where I was doing a bit of everything, so the title didn't include architect etc, but I had projects that were challenging and fun, and I just got in there and did them. Later on when I started looking round for another job, I had piss all to prove what I had done or what I knew, and had a bunch of young quiz masters trying determine if I knew something, but I couldn't tell what it was they were looking for, it certainly didn't relate to the decades of experience I have behind me, and it seems I'm just an ass when it comes to those interviews. Never mind, do my own thing I guess...

Comment Re:Focus on a few key things (Score 1) 347

By the time someone is 40-50, they should have a broad skillset, and a deep network of former colleagues. The old guys whining about being unable to find a job are mostly turds that have serially rejected and their former co-workers are glad to be rid of them. There are a LOT of people like that out there. These are the guys you remember from college who wanted to copy your assignment an hour before it was due, because they had no idea how to do it themselves, the dead weight on your programming team, and now they are old.

Condescending asshole, you're forgetting about the entire generation of socially awkward nerds whose childhood coincided with the personal computer revolution, who grew up interacting with machines instead of people, who never learned social skills, and who never accumulated a professional network because they'd rather not interact with people like you. Those were the technically inclined kids who were doing all your programming assignments while you dead weight bastard cheated your way through college. Those nerd kids grew up, and they're literally 40-year-old virgins now. Until recently they were able to make a decent living using only their technical skills, until social scum like you forced the socially awkward out of the industry which they built for you.

I agree with most of that, tho also I have the problem that most of my network of former colleagues have retired or died. Guess I could have moved on to managing other developers but I didn't enjoy that, and stuck with doing what does give me reward.

Comment Re:Fanboi here (Score 1) 195

Instead of going "yay VS 2017" I googled "Couldn't install Visual Studio 2017 community edition"

SHIT TON of hits. More than a million. Sad, just sad.

Did you do a quick review of those reports to see how many of them were from Nov/Dec 2016, and referred to one of the release candidate versions?

You might want to note that release candidate installations are usually created for the purpose of discovering the problems which occur for different users with different environments etc, so they appear to have served their exact purpose, and enough people were enthusiastic about VS2017 to both participate as an early tester and post reports about their problems. Looks like an acceptable software rollout process to me.

Comment Re:Not that expensive (Score 1) 248

I often see blockbuster movies with 2-4 friends or family members, so then its a bargain.

You haven't seen the small print yet. It will probably be a crime to let anybody outside of permanent residents see the $50 screening of the movie. You will probably also need a web cam covering the audience to allow the movie to start playing...

Comment Open internet? Why? (Score 1) 45

What is up with companies putting every machine they have on an open internet connection?
Once there used to be well considered decisions on what bits of the corporate infrastructure needed to be exposed at all.
Do they now hire just anybody who knows how to type a password by himself, and say "go for it! set up our security!".

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