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Comment Re:Fuck Movie Theaters -- they SUCK (Score 2) 501

Recently had 2 female student air-heads talking and sharing phone views with each other all the way thru a movie. Eventually I got annoyed enough to tell them, loudly, that it was considered polite to stay quiet during the movie and talk about shit afterwards, to which the rest of the theater clapped and cheered.
Shouldn't have to do this tho. Young people today have no clue....

Comment Re:Other Factors (Score 1) 501

I recently saw Hitman's Bodyguard too, and thought they had the sound just a little bit louder than it needed to be, are the young people today assumed to already be partially deaf?

Also got a a reminder of why I prefer to watch movies in a less public place when the wankers behind us had to put their feet up on the backs of the seats in front of them, cos thats like so fucking cool to do. Smelly, noisy, and annoying, why do they expect us to keep paying for that kind of service?

The local theater does have a luxury option tho, where I could sit in a better seat with glass of wine in hand and NOT be surrounded by inconsiderate wankers, so I guess I could always just pay even more and see if the available movies make me feel like it was money well spent.

Comment Re:Less than they think (Score 1) 189

But I always consider that a good thing. They fixed on something I was interested in at least once, then used that instead of poking ads for other things in my face all the time. After that times out or whatever, they eventually default back to advertising dating sites for asian chicks... my internet profile must make me look lonely or something.

Comment Re:Call me when I give a ... (Score 2) 185

I haven't looked at QT or C++ for a long time now, but didn't they have this all covered? And is QT that horrible to use that nobody wants to make the effort to upskill on C++?
When I last looked at their offerings they were working on a GUI markup that seemed to be going good places, QML? did that go anywhere?
If I was trying to make a cross platform app with a good GUI then I would investigate QT and their current licensing. Sure I like C# but is it really the best cross platform tool?

Comment Re:Why NOT based on mono? (Score 3, Interesting) 185

I have been unimpressed by a number of apps written in mono recently (mainly 3D printer related stuff) as there seems to be no common versioning or even awareness of the different distros, what package management systems they may have or what the commonly installed and stable versions of any libraries may be.

You get these big ugly lists of instructions, usually telling you to uninstall all existing instances of mono and/or mono-based libraries and install the one specific version which their project will run with, then download 3 or 4 other dependencies from other projects (none of which give you a simple way to get the specific version of their project which is required) and then you have to fudge things around to bypass things provided by your resident package management system. Then the app prolly doesn't work anyway, or has the most primitive UI you have seen in years.

Ok, I know that a real Linux user has traditionally been prepared to edit configs and make files, build a few things from outside of their package management, and handle conflicting library dependencies without blinking, but I don't see why mono and .Net core projects had to take a huge backward step and make us mess around the way used to with Linux 15 years ago. I just expected if we were going to bring in all that bloat then it should at least have made things smoother to manage, or better looking, or something modern.

Comment Re:Too successful? (Score 1) 196

Wouldn't this set a precedent of saying there should be no trademarks at all?

Or you can only trademark a product if you have competition and you provide less than 50% of that product to consumers, because as soon as you become the provider of more than 50% to the markets, your trademark has become the most commonly used name for the product.

It all sounds like a ridiculous joke, except somebody obviously has the time and funding to put into trying to degrade the value of Google's trademark. Who is providing this funding?

Comment Re:Kinda shortsighted counter.. (Score 3, Funny) 167

How does making something "open source" magically make it bug-free and highly secure?

Didn't you know open source has magical properties? Masses of people will suddenly give a shit about the state of the code and want to fix it. After all, when did an open source project ever stagnate and die from lack of interested developers? ... oh right...

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