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Comment Re:The Problem (Score 1) 332

The difference is that when you "lose" gold it still exists. If your hard drive crashes and you don't have your bitcoin wallet backed up your bitcoins cease to exist.

Actually no, they still exist, you just can't access them without the private key.
In theory, given enough computational power [unlikely] one could manage to find/re-generate the same private key and would thus have access to those bitcoins.
Of course, if anyone ever had that much computation power available to them it would probably make the rest of bitcoin unviable.

So from a practical standpoint the bitcoin are lost, but they still technically exist.

Pedantic I know. Perhaps one could compare it more to that gold being 'lost' by being converted into some other compound [ie. auric chloride]. The gold is unusable as a currency in that form and thus is 'lost' from that standpoint. But, given the technical know how and resources, you could presumably recover the gold from the compound but it would be difficult and expensive.

Comment Re: Hitchhiker's Guide (Score 1) 732

The biggest issue I had with I, Robot was that Asimov intentionally wrote robot stories that did "not" involve scary robots running amok and killing people, but that's exactly the movie they made.

On its own as an action/adventure sci-fi, and not branded as an Asimov story I thing the movie would have been much better received, at least by fans of his stories.

Comment Conflict of Interest (Score 2) 362

FTS: The Debian technical committee has been asked to vote on which init system to use, which could swing in favor of using Upstart due to the Canonical bias present on the committee."

So what are the chances of getting the Canonical-associated board members to recuse themselves from the vote, given the obvious conflict of interest there?

Comment Time Warner SUCKS! (Score 1) 558

From work I get about 30ms
From my home internet a few miles away I get about 69ms.
Because Time Warner sucks ass!

Because from my connection in Arlington, TX [near Dallas], Time Warner kindly routes all of my traffic down to Houston, then back up to Dallas before it even leaves TWC's network. Then of course it still has to go the rest of the way to wherever it is going. Of course thanks to their near-monopoly, my alternatives for 30Mbit connectivity are slim.

Comment Re:Still more efficient than the x86 architecture (Score 1) 281

Ive got two Suns. A UltraSparc 10, and a Sun fire V210. Both slow, by todays standards, but they run SunOS fine. but they are going to the scrappers on Friday. SunOS 9 is just too old.

I don't know about the UltraSparc 10, but the V210 will run Solaris 10 just fine.

Actually, it would probably run Solaris 11 just fine if S11 didn't detect the hardware and refuse to install.

Comment Re:I must be getting old (Score 1) 281

It doesn't seem too long ago 8 Ultrasparcs and 12GB of RAM was the shit. It must really hurt to pull that invoice from 2005 out...

I'm certain it would be just as painful to look at how much one has spent in power and cooling to run that monstrosity since 2005.

It's amazing how drool-worthy systems like this were once upon a time, yet now I realize they are bulky, heavy, loud, hot, power-hungry and painfully slow. I'm just glad we've gotten rid of all our legacy 'purple' Sun hardware.

I suppose it would make a nice end table next to your sofa however.

Comment Re:Status of datacenters affected (Score 1) 231

I can only speak to 111 8th Ave. The affects in that building appear to be company specific. There's no power in the building, but our datacenter [NTT/Verio] there has successfully been running on generator since 8am Monday.
I guess we got lucky on tank/pump placement? Either that or our frequent generator testing has been a huge success. :)
We've already had one fuel delivery and are expecting another today.

Our other datacenters in the area [NY, NJ, CT] have also managed without outages. Many of them already have commercial power back on again.

NOTICE: The above information is unofficial and may be wildly inaccurate as I am located in another region.

Comment Long list (Score 1) 867

Yggdrasil [couldn't get it working]
Mandrake 5.1 beta - best, most functional desktop I ever had
Debian [today]

Of course there were many test installs of other distros but that's the list of what desktops [and servers] I've run as my main environment

Comment Re:Well that cinches it for me (Score 2) 608

I don't think you proved your point. As per your quotes of the constitution, the president is required to occasionally give a speech telling Congress how things are going. He can *recommend* to Congress things he thinks are needed or a good idea. But it's still Congress who has to make the law. He can call either or both houses of congress together to make them discuss things, and [and I'm not 100% sure I'm reading this part right] the president can tell them to go away for awhile. He can meet with Ambassadors and other public folks. His job is to ensure that the law [as passed by congress and, only after that, signed by him] is executed.

So with respect to determining the direction the country takes as far as what laws are created and passed, the president can only make suggestions to congress, and make them get together to discuss it. He can't make them agree to it or make an actual law out of his ideas.

Comment Re:Farewell iGoogle (Score 2) 329

Agreed; it seems odd to me that they'd kill something that (at least to my eyes) doesn't look like it requires any maintenanace, and is really quite a good tool. Maybe they have something up their sleeves, but I'd have appreciated if they did that they'd release it before killing something like this...

They DO have something up their sleeves, and it's called Chrome. They want everybody using Chrome, that's the point.

And exactly what does Chrome have to do with replacing iGoogle? Chrome is a browser. iGoogle is a customized homepage. I use Chrome [love it]. I use iGoogle.I have my iGoogle home page set up exactly how I like it. I have my most frequently visited bookmarks set up, I have the site feeds I want, the weather I want, the various other widgets I want, and they're all in the same place they've been for the last half-decade so I know exactly where to click for what I want.

I will not be happy if they retire iGoogle.

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