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Comment Re:However (Score 2) 106

Right. Minicabs with automated dispatch. That's what Uber is.

We need to stop calling it a "ridesharing" service, though. It's an automated dispatch company. Uber and Lyft are starting to experiment with true ridesharing, but I have trouble believing it will work except as a separate brand, likely with vans.

Comment Re:None of my cards have a chip! (Score 1) 317

Our local credit union hasn't sent us new cards yet. As far as buying at Lowes, I'll go to the register, have them ring me up, and then I'll say, "I'll be right back. I'm going to the cash machine at Grow Financial across the parking lot."

Whatever they send us may still take a PIN; we use debit cards, not credit cards, for our day-to-day shopping.

- Rob

Comment Re:Successes? (Score 1) 8

I can't speak about Brady, but there are lots books out there written by successful millionaire/billionaire business people. Warren Buffett has some titles out under his own name, notably "The Oracle Speaks," and he is without question "a billionaire running a company?"

Books are often more about ego or self-promotion than about royalties. And if you listen to mega-successful IT startup/IPO people, right after they get rich,many of them say the next they're going to do is write a book.

Of course, writing a book is hard, so few of them actually do it without a coauthor.

Thinking of which... I'm sort of available. I've written three books under my own name and two as a quiet ghost. No reason I couldn't take on another one. Anyone out there want to talk? (I'm at least 1/2 serious here.)

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