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Comment how do i uninstall edge ? (Score 2) 152

The single most awful thing about win 10 is all the crap I have to leave installed because microsoft.

I don't want edge because it's probably a security threat even if you don't use it. How long before there's an exploit that invokes it even when it's not your default web browser.

and yet - it appears to be very difficult to remove.

Comment people can't be bothered to pay attention (Score 1) 222

between their tailgating, checking their phone at stoplights and while they are driving.
the incredible amount of impatience and just plain idiotic, bad driving you'd think they'd love the opportunity to stay glued to their phone on the way to work.

i for one welcome our auto pilot overlords.

Comment time and distance scaling (Score 5, Interesting) 435

As has already been demonstrated by the permian extinction event, the biosphere can take a hell of a hit, and life will go on.

I think that you really have to understand timescales here. A 100 million years is a long time, just like space is big, really big. So that's a long damn time, and life will go on. intelligent life, maybe not so much.

as for why we haven't heard from anyone, why isn't the simple answer not the best ?
Remember how space is really big ?

if there's no FTL travel, and it's likely there is not, then HOW would we hear from someone ?

It would be an exceedingly difficult thing for the intelligent civilization in the Andromeda galaxy to talk us, and us to them.

First of all, there's the 2,000,000 year latency, and then the amount of power you would need to transmit that signal, etc...

I'm not worried. There's intelligent life elsewhere in the verse. I'm pretty sure we're not going to hear from them any time soon, if ever.

Comment the profit motive (Score 3, Interesting) 112

Isn't that the problem here ?

Putting make a dollar ahead of honesty. It's a pervasive problem, it's not obvious to me why "scientific journals" would be immune.

And once again it's a two party problem. The person publishing wants their paper published to put it on their resume, and the journal needs to fill the journal.

The real question is, who's subscribing to this crap ?

A more worrisome tin-foil hat idea - I suppose you could create faux journals to show that journals are not trustworthy and use them to cast doubt on legitimate science.

Comment Re: In other words... (Score 1) 223

and i disrespect "independents" because they continue to peddle these false equivalencies.

the democrats absolutely know that things need to be payed for, that's why they raise taxes.

remember those job killing taxes that Obama levied that led to ... no job killing ... but job growth.

that's why democrats lose elections. they'll tell you that we need to raise taxes to pay for services and you brainy independents won't vote for them, cuz, OMG! they are going raise taxes !

Comment externalized costs made it cheaper a while back (Score 2, Insightful) 474

The improvement to the environment in terms of less particulate and chemical contamination made it cost effective a while ago.

the fact that this fact was always ignored as a cost means we're still debating whether renewables are "cost effective".

meanwhile, if only China would manufacture solar cells properly and stop dumping the by-products into the environment.

pollution is, and has been for quite some time, a global problem.

Comment what's their motivation (Score 1) 102

Bayer has absolutely NO incentive whatsoever to admit that their product harms bees.

Unless bees just immediately drop dead upon exposure, they can also say "inconclusive", or come up with a laundry list of weasel words and phrases designed to instill doubt.

It's amazing that they get to have an opinion.

The studies must be done independently, but asking Bayer if they think their product is a problem is never going to get you an honest answer. ever.

Comment physical therapist & massage (Score 1) 328

I had some relatively minor - most of the time, sometimes not minor at all - trouble with back pain for well over 10 years.

A physical therapist fixed me right up. It took over a year, and I was doing the exercises she recommended every day, EVERY day, for over a year.

also too, massage is extremely useful. i find that it provides very nice temporary relief and it makes it easier to keep things from getting out of whack.

the problem, as is often the case, is that you need a good physical therapist and good LMT.

Comment oh sure, those companies want to do what's best (Score 1) 94

for their customers.

the want regulations cut down so they can raise prices and establish de facto monopolies.

it's all about rent-seeking.

as for that dickhead Trump, when are the people who voted for him going to admit that maybe the billionaires he put in charge really don't have your best interests in mind ?

Comment well the mac was legitimately the next big thing (Score 1) 211

but since then Apple has basically refined existing things so they didn't suck.

the ipod was a good mp3 player that they ruined with itunes. of course the point was to sell you music and not a music player, so it made perfect sense that they would shove itunes down your throat.

they they made a cell phone that didn't suck as much as the rest of them. and it's still in that category. android phones are fucking awful since they are google spyware, thanks google.

we need a truly open source mobile phone OS.

that's the next big thing. and apple will have nothing to do with that of course.

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