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Comment Re:Our Future. (Score 1) 285

you say welfare like it's a bad thing.

Do you have something against people being able to afford food and shelter?

I see a lot of conservative tears over the idea that people should be given enough money to afford food, shelter and healthcare. Their plan is always something like "get a job". Well now the jobs are going to go away, and will continue to go away, and the response is, "don't worry, there'll be more jobs thanks to free market fairies".

Comment i wonder if this is that difficult to do (Score 1) 130

I'm wondering if this actually can be done with parts that are not particularly advanced technologically.

For example let's for the sake of argument assume that they are simply combining hundreds of semiconductor lasers.

I would think that somebody without the budget and resources of the US military could also do this.

Don't know, I'm just wondering exactly how high the barrier to entry is.

Comment Re:I know it's trendy (Score 1) 649

i would agree with you except you're concern trolling.

The government can literally _make_ money

there is no credit card because the government is actually the bank that holds the debt.

good grief...

oh and this increases spending. the republicans do not give one shit about the debt. they only care about making poor people poorer and give tax breaks to the people that don't need them.

Comment Re:Someone has been visited by an MS rep (Score 1) 557

yeah but very complex spreadsheets are a problem in themselves that needs to be solved.

I know i've heard of the financial predators using really complicated spreadsheets.

The most famous case of this is Standard Charter which apparently uses a strongly typed spreadsheet courtesy of an internal haskell compiler.

i keep thinking REALLY ? Aren't spreadsheets that complicated a Bad Thing (TM) ?

I guess that's why financial companies keep hiring more software engineers. what could possibly go wrong ?

Comment Re:Most forms of metric are like this (Score 2) 196

Have you ever noticed that in a lot of places employees will sit right in front of you handling issues having to do with "internal processes" and not actually help the customer first ?

I've noticed this quite a bit.

When your "process" doesn't put the customer first, you should probably re-examine.

Also too please train your employees.

Comment why can't taxis compete? (Score 1) 61

Really - Taxi companies can't get together and provide an uber like service ? I don't get that.

There does seem to be a fundamentally unfair playing field here where Taxis have to abide by city/state regulations and uber doesn't.

I really don't understand why this isn't a big issue or why municipalities are so eager to keep it that way.

Comment we really do need free mobile platform (Score 3, Interesting) 103

given the opportunities for snooping, they level of insecurity that is here and only going to get worse, a free mobile OS would be a great thing.

google's efforts at completely eliminating your privacy (i HAVE to sync my calendar to the google, WTF?!) is evil.

couple of problems:

how does this work with the carriers. are they free to keep your phone off the air once they start doing OS checks ?

pushing an OS onto a variety of hardware, just as on PCs is definitely painful, and I think it's going to be much worse for mobile phones. Lots of parts are proprietary and require NDAs to have access to datasheets. Not sure how you get around this problem.

Comment Re:Thank you, Pres. Trump, for putting America fir (Score 1) 221

wow. the fox news astroturfers are out in force.

first of all - interesting isn't it how the republican controlled congress couldn't seem to do something about this until Trump was elected. what a coincidence.

what the fuck is this about american interests coming first ? h1-b visas are about corporate interests coming first. h1-bs were about corporate interests overwriting american worker interests. how you manage to turn that into "the leftists hate america" is both sad and depressing, and then got uprated for that shit.

but your real gem is the way that you imply "leftists" somehow stopped h1-b reform because it wasn't PC. what a load of crap.

this is all about corporate power. Trump had nothing to do with this. The republicans are running with this now to try to make him look good. he's too fucking self-absorbed to even understand h1-b's, much less the tech industry.

last but not least, do you really think this is the bill will get passed as is ? you can bet that on page 105 of the 300 page bill there's going to be some sort of massive corporate give-away to help then get around these provisions everybody is so happy about.

Comment Re:I did (Score 2, Informative) 317

Here's something at the department of labor that directly contradicts what you just said.

now i know that the fact that this is on the actualy DoL website is a problem for you, you didn't have it foxsplained to you on oreally or something. i'll wait for you to tell me how they're lying, i'm not actually reading it correctly , blah blah blah.

yeah- so the thing that gets me about you right wing nut jobs is how you so very consistently flat out lie.

and you do it because it works really well.

especially on this site.

and always with the leftist religion thing. is that some new libertarian right wing meme that i missed ?

Comment Re:Wikileaks (Score 1) 211

LOLOLOLOL. oh the shit that gets uprated on slashdot.

you show us "evidence" that journalists collude with Clinton.

what the fuck. a bunch of shit that looks like bad photoshops qualifies as evidence now ?


and let me get this right. if i say that Breitbart news is highly biased and the accuracy of their stories highly suspect you get to immediately declare victory ?

and you get uprated for this right wing wet-dream posting ?

not hilarious. fucking depressing.

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