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Comment Re:Even the accusation is not enough (Score 1) 742

Looks to me like she intended to evade the Public Records act and Freedom of Information Act requests from the very beginning.

Really? Any email sent to or received from the State Department would be archived on their servers (you know that's how email works, right?) So any official emails are available there, even if she burned her server.

Comment Re: So? (Score 1) 751

I think the danger of Trump is that he himself holds no particular beliefs, other than promoting himself. He is not that smart and could be easily manipulated with complements that appeal to his narcissism.

You can already see it in his policy speeches. He just adapts the latest Republican/Tea Party talking points because he receives adulation and approval.

His energy "policy" speech was given in front of coal miners, so of course he proposed "more coal", even though economically (and environmentally) it makes no sense.

His tax plan is similar - just something suggested by Right Wing think tanks, same old Republican ideas.

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