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United States

Human Nature Trumps Homeland Security 304

netbuzz writes "Security expert Bruce Schneier suggests this morning that 'there might not be a solution' to our post-9/11 penchant for making domestic anti-terrorism decisions based on the basic human desire to cover one's backside. He might be right. But shouldn't we at least try to figure out a better way? For example, wouldn't 'Commonsense Homeland Security' be a winning political banner, not a risky one? "

ESRB Hiring Pro Content Reviewers 32

In April of this year, the Entertainment Software Ratings Board will move to using full-time reviewers to determine ratings for game content. With rumblings of 'play the whole game' legislation in the halls of Congress, the organization is pre-empting the problem by having full-time raters. The ESRB's Patricia Vance commented on the project: 'Having full-time raters will allow for each one to have greater experience actually reviewing content and recommending ratings ... this would provide each rater with a greater sense of historical parity for ratings, not to mention helping them to be more attuned to pertinent content and how it should be considered from a ratings standpoint. The full-time raters would also be responsible for play-testing final versions of the game, time permitting, which would allow for ESRB to play-test a greater number of games than it currently does.'
Red Hat Software

Raymond Knocks Fedora, Switches to Ubuntu 608

narramissic writes "After 13 years as a loyal Red Hat user, Eric Raymond, co-founder of the Open Source Initiative, is switching to the Ubuntu distribution. In a message distributed to Linux mailing lists and news organizations, Raymond cited technical issues with Red Hat, such as the way repositories are maintained, the submission process and 'stagnant' development of Red Hat's packaging technology, as well as governance problems, the failure to gain desktop market share and the failure to include proprietary media formats. 'Over the last five years, I've watched Red Hat/Fedora throw away what was at one time a near-unassailable lead in technical prowess, market share and community prestige,' Raymond wrote. 'The blunders have been legion on both technical and political levels.'"

Submission + - MS attacks it's own DRM

morlock_man writes: "Despite claiming to support the PlaysForSure DRM into the indefinite Future, MS has apparently broken the DRM compatibility with Windows Media Player 11 and Vista. A number of reports are coming in from companies working with the DRM that attempts at playing any music licensed through the PFS DRM under Vista consistently produce errors. Is this an oversight on Microsoft's part? Or are they attempting to cripple their licensed DRM system in favour of supporting their own proprietary Zune business model? Can you say 'Antitrust'?"

Submission + - Shape Shifting Aircraft

RebelSponge writes:
Air & Space Magazine has an article concerning shape shifting aircraft."New "morphing" technology promises adroit aircraft that reshape themselves, bird-like, in flight." They have already developed a model of a Blackhawk helicopter blade and are awaiting further funding to develop a full morphing helicopter.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Leaving Vista for Ubuntu

An anonymous reader writes: Tanker Bob blogs over at about his increasing frustrations with Windows, DRM and the like. So he details how he jumped ship to Linux (Ubuntu with KDE). It's got a blow-by-blow that's technical yet useful for newbies thinking of making the switch. The article is here: t.php?Cat=&Board=tankerbobblog&Number=26899&page=0 &view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1

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