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Comment Re:Who wants it more? (Score 1) 684

Ah yes, the old "democracy should be banished (!) and "natural rights" should be afforded (!) on an individual basis (!) by a stable republic ruled by those entitled to rule (!) because this somehow makes sense" thing. You are roman_mirdachny, and I claim my £5.

And please show me but one Icelandic person who:
a) is not a politician
b) applauds this suggestion

Comment Re:ABSOLUTELY FALSE. (Score 1) 113

lets the GPU drivers to read concurrently

There is currently no such thing.

and about removes context switching

Again, there is no such thing. The command buffer of the GPU is a shared resource that can only serve one logical core at a time.

Ohh, plenty of research says we need to thread this stuff.

What should we be "threading"? Obviously not context access, which is a gimmick. It would make sense for software rendering, but not for shared access to a single resource.

Please show us this research.

Comment Re:More drone deaths (Score 1) 583

Do people actually believe that nonsense? Obama is left, not left center, not center, left.

Do you actually believe that nonsense? Obama is on the right, and don't give me that "Yeah well Europe's Right is left of America's Left" bollocks, when the USA doesn't even have a left! Divisive my arse.

You seem to have redefined left as "hates the constitution". That is all one can take from your post.

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