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Comment Re:Sounds like good news (Score 1) 203

The reason that Sun failed is because they failed as at being a Dell or HP and sell cheaper x86 linux based stuff like Dell and HP does. Almost nobody needs an E10k, E15k, E25k, and most of the people that think they need one are wrong. Remember that compute capacity goes up and power usage goes down, whereas the maintenance price of an E*k stays the same or goes up over time, and its relative computing power goes down.

Most everyone today does replication (optionally geographically as well) and hardware redundancy. And E*k is not going to give you geographical redundancy. I've never seen the point in having a 3-5 year server's lifetime cost more than 2x the cost of a regular server when having 2x of them is usually preferable. Sure the most expensive guy may have hot swappable CPUs and motherboards, but so does complete hardware redundancy.

Comment Re:"the end" (Score 1) 622

If its any consolation, the website still sucks. WTF is up with not being able to click on the web browser window without it doing some kind of repositioning or folding things up and down? WTF is up with phantom comments with no score being floated to the top? Where have the useful comments gone? It seems as though the moderation system is broken. Why is hijacking a thread the "way to do it?" Where did the login to post a comment go? As far as web design goes, slashdot has become the worst of all popular sites that I visit. I can't think of a close second.

Comment Re:Well they have a point (Score 1) 373

On the other hand there is nothing stopping Google putting limitations how the Android trademark is used and what gets to use their market place.

That is what they do. The Android name and robot logos are trademarked and your hardware and use of software must meet some criteria from Google to use the Android trademarks.

Maybe I should read the FTA (ducks), but to me it would seem as though this trademark limitations would to some degree limit the fragmentation of the Android market. I guess that the trademarks could not limit things like replacing and adding apps on the phone. I have an Android phone. A Samsung Fascinate. And I would trade it for an iPhone in a heartbeat.

It simply reminds me too much of the Windows and Linux user experience. My phone was preloaded with crapware (like most OEM Windows installations). The version of Android is 2.1/Eclair which is old (like most "Enterprise" Linux installations). Using the USB data on the phone broke in January due to a forced software update. There has been another update and still USB does not work. I can't root the phone anymore due to USB issues. The calendar does not work correctly. This is a "known issue" and the fix is to wipe and load the phone and repurchase all of my purchased apps. The software is frequently sluggish and does not respond quickly, which causes frustration and incorrect input from me.

I mean, on the iPhone there was a bug in the alarm clock, and a few people overslept one morning. I'd take that level of dissatisfaction any day.

Comment Re:The search part of Google isn't that big (Score 1) 205

It's not like offering spreadsheets on line is a viable business.

In 2011, I believe its much more viable than shipping perpetually outdated binaries around. We are in a service economy, not an industrial one.

Even the whole Android phone thing is mostly there to prevent Microsoft from monopolizing that space.

You mean the computing as a service industry? Lets be very clear here. Microsoft has 2 products in a service economy: Windows and Office. And those products are very threatened by lightweight OSes and networked applications. gmail works on phones, linux, OS X, Windows, netbooks. Windows and Office do not.

Also, the change here is the shift from the multi-hundred dollar application with a moderate install base to .99 apps and application services. Its like music today. Nobody wants to "own" music anymore. Its a chore. People just want to listen to music.

Comment Re:Firefox 4? No thanks. (Score 1) 554

This is why I don't use Firefox. Its a tweaker/developer toy (which is fine), but its not a web browser to browse the web. Its what I call perpetually broken software because every time you start it up, it says "I'm broken. Please download updates".

Thinking back to browser history, I thought of my first tabbed browser. I started using it in 2001 or 2002. It was called galeon, here is an embarrassing screenshot: That is from 2003, the same year I switched to Macs and Safari web browser. That screenshot looks like MSWord6 from 1994 or so, back when toolbars and buttons took preference over your documents. Also when there was only 600-800 vertical rows of pixels on most displays. FF currently uses 10-15 more vertical pixels for its tabs and whatnot at the top when compared to Safari or Chrome. In the netbook era, this seems a bit wasteful.

The good news is that FF 8 is due out next week!

Comment Re:Amazing. (Score 3, Insightful) 794

Considering "Jane" used to be "John" . Sexier pic:

Someone erroneously posted below that homosexuality is a preference. Its not. I had a friend who was a male married to a female with 2 kids and he was homosexual. AFAIK they had no plans for divorce. I work with a m2f transgender, and I've known many male and female homosexuals and bisexuals. Honestly, I can't understand it fully, but I just look at it as gender being a bimodal distribution that has overlap between the modes. Personally, I think it takes balls to go m2f and in no way be fooling anybody.

Comment Re:I'll bite (Score 1) 164

Why do I want this? I'm more than willing to get a piece of plastic out of my wallet or on my keychain to pay for something. I can't wait for the hack that lets people walk by you and get you to pay for things. It's bad enough credit cards have RFID tags in them now. I don't need my phone doing it too.

Convenience would be the only attractor. The security issues are a non-issue because the banks will be responsible just like with credit cards, not the card carrier. At this time, I think that my wallet is more convenient because I have to have it with me. Drivers license, insurance cards, etc. I don't have to have my phone with me, and I would rather not be forced to carry both a wallet and a cell phone in order to go about my day to day business. Put all of my IDs on the phone, and I'm OK with it. Actually, the latter would be better. Have some kind of self destruct on the phone and a way to retrieve all of my info in case of malfunction or loss, and I would be happy.

Imagine being able to buy the entire place a round of drinks with just the lift of a finger. Oh the power!

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