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Comment Re:or (Score 1) 303

Or you have to pay extra when you use a credit card.

This would be in violation of their contract with Visa, and they can be reported by the customer after which Visa will come down on them.

...but in smaller shops you often can't use them here.

That's because of the fees Visa (and Mastercard and American Express) charges them.

Comment Re:Why is our media... (Score 1) 171

As if the MSM is not 'exremely opinionated', or worse, flat out paid to either convey or leave out messages.
You mention cases being 'corrected' by the same media, no, not the same, other.
If Putin is reported snubbing a BBC reporter who asks him about the suffering of Syrian people by the Dutch media, a British subject posts the correction showing the whole video, where Putin actually talks for 20 minutes to the reporter.
If CNN shows the daughter of the embassador of Quwait to the UN lying about being a nurse 'witnessing' the Iraqy soldiers ripping out the babies from the incubators, it's *not CNN who 'corrected' itself. These were alternative media.
If CNN totally critiquelessly shows Colin Powell presenting his 'evidence' of WoMD, it wasn't CNN being the (first) one to correct the message. Instead they made a spectacle out of the criminal American destruction of Iraq.
And one could go on and on..., but I won't.

Comment Re:Why is our media... (Score 1) 171

Sometimes, people who 'flat out' support the media also may have a political agenda, the agenda of the status quo, neo-conservatives, current rule.
I agree about the obvious reasons, but I would like to include as a valid reason that the media has betrayed them or misinformed them.
So many stories like Iraq having WoMD, Iraqi soldiers ripping the babies out of incubators, omission of things that are important to know in order to get a full picture of the situation, CNN faking news on video, BBC reporters allegedly being snubbed by Putin etc. etc.
I could point you to one site that is not 'main stream media', but would be able to inform you a whole lot more: globalresearch.ca for instance.
There you can become much better informed about the geopolitical backgrounds of the current socio-political situations and wars than from the main stream media outlets.
So yes, I do believe one can be better informed than people who not actually, but *only read newspapers and watch Fox, CNN, Al-Jazeera and what not.
I certainly wouldn't call the more-informed people 'lunatic'.

Comment Re:What is this world coming to? (Score 1) 171

Facebook received 12 million in start-up money from ACCEL corporation, which has direct ties to In-Q-Tel which is the venture capital arm of the CIA.
So although it's not a direct project of the CIA, I bet it's highly useful to them.
It was only unforeseen that the ancestor of Cambridge Analytica would suck up so much information from the facebook likes that Trump could win the elections (and Farrage the Brexit vote).

Comment Re:Why is our media... (Score 1) 171

...the defender of liberty and freedom, a bastion of democracy...

That's only the narrative.
Unfortunately, and without any exception, all American 'struggles' to 'bring freedom and democracy', have resulted in the total devastation, and immeasurable suffering by the people, of the countries 'liberated' from their 'cruel dictator' this way.
You must be joking. It hasn't 'changed'... it never was.

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