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Comment Re:Getting along? What are you talking about. (Score 1) 349

Curious how women and children are seen as a resource to you, equivalent to money, land, water, and other resources.
Rather than, you know, human beings.

Every company hiring more than a few dozen people has a HR department. HR stands for Human Resources.
Humans can be considered resources in some contexts.

Comment UBI can mean less social benefit, a paradigm shift (Score 1) 696

From what I understood, implementing UBI will go together with removing many other social benefits.
One major selling point of UBI is that everyone will get the same thing. It means you won't have to justify anything, and there will be no need for processing applications and fighting against fraud. Which, by the way, will kill a lot of administrative jobs.
Minimum wage, unemployment, housing, family, etc... All these benefits will have to go.

The result is that some people currently getting a lot of social benefits (for good or bad reasons) may find themselves with much less. It will make the transition difficult. I expect the actual implementation of a UBI to be a joke, with complex rules making the end result the same as what we have now.
The Finland experiment has nothing to do with a true UBI. The amount is not enough to live decently in Finland without further help and only unemployed people are selected.

Comment Re:Seems we have a bit of a pattern here, doesn't (Score 1) 233

This election is a strange one.
First turn, there were 4 major parties sharing about a quarter of the votes each, plus outsiders. This is unusual. Normally there are two major parties, like in many countries. Out of two traditional parties, the right wing candidate arrived 3rd and didn't pass and the left wing candidate ended up as one of the outsiders.
The result is that we now have two candidates that most of the population doesn't want. Meaning that many people will vote Macron to prevent Le Pen from passing and others will vote Le Pen just to go against Macron. Many people want to damage Macron, not just Le Pen campaigners.

Anyways, for the presidential elections, the game is pretty much set : Macron will win. The polls give him about 60%, Le Pen is just too unpopular for anyone but her supporters.
However, the presidential election will be followed by the parlement elections, and this is where the real game is being played now.

Comment Re:Leading the way to a police state (Score 2, Interesting) 213

There is nuance, the maximum prison term has increased but it doesn't mean you will get 10 years for watching your favorite TV series on a illegal streaming website.
Judges are not complete morons, and when minor copyright cases go to judgment, the sentence typically ends up being a reasonable fine. In fact, most of them simply don't want to bother with such cases, they have better things to do. It doesn't stop lawyers from sending you scary letters though.
In fact, for small offenders, the film industry would rather decriminalize it so that it could be made into a much easier to enforce administrative fine, like a parking ticket.
The maximum sentence is for very large scale, financially motivated operations.

It is like the Chinese law that makes pollution a capital offense. They won't execute you because you didn't change your oil properly. But dumping industrial amounts of deadly chemicals in such a way that it ends up in drinking water is essentially mass murder, justifying the harshest punishment in the book.

Comment Re:More importantly... (Score 1) 73

Yes, money.
But this is not exclusive to Microsoft. Perfecting code doesn't sell, you need something new, and with new features come new bugs.
It is also applicable to free software. Free software mostly done by developers working for for-profit companies, and in most case their priority is not to perfect the code but rather adapt the software to their business model. A typical example is adding drivers for their products in the linux kernel.
And it even applies to nonprofits, just look at Mozilla.

The solution: None that I can think of. And unless people are ready to pay for it, it will stay that way.

Comment Re:Privacy, Authentication? (Score 2) 75

The "lack of caching and acceleration" may be one of the reasons to stay with HTTP.

HTTPS proxy support is very limited by design (because a proxy is a man-in-the-middle). And a caching HTTP proxy is really great for public repositories.
Also, HTTPS is supported in the client, it is just that most servers are HTTP-only.

Comment Re:It's more sinister than that (Score 1) 192

How difficult would it be to drop listening devices in high traffic areas that listen for those tones, sending location information back to whoever? And that's just to augment other devices that might be infected with a listen-and-report app.

Pretty hard actually. Ultrasounds have short range and noisy area with plenty of moving obstacles isn't the best place to put such a system.
And smartphones have some form of filtering out of inaudible frequencies. Ultrasounds are considered useless, so why waste energy amplifying these signals. And why waste bitrate transmitting them digitally. Speakers working in the human hearing range don't like them either, it's like feeding the treble to a subwoofer.

Comment Re:How fines should work (Score 1) 302

Fines about these should work exponentially. So if the first one is 1000, the second should be 1000^2 and the third 1000^3.

So, the more valuable the currency unit is, the steeper the slope.
If the first fine is in 2009 Zimbabwean dollars, the second one will be worth more than the entire world economy.

Comment Re:This should be fun. (Score 1) 757

* The hardware generally outlasts its competition (my main laptop is a 4-year-old MacBook Pro in near-perfect condition, that shows no signs of slowing down.)

* Resale value, as in, >2 year old Macs actually have one.

These are issues that Apple is working hard to fix.
Just look at the latest MacBooks. Sealed battery, almost impossible to repair or upgrade. Apple wants its devices to last 3 years, the duration of their AppleCare plan, no more.
It wasn't the case before. The first generation of unibody MacBook pros (2009) was great.

Comment Re:Happens in writing too (Score 1) 450

Mansplaining? Maybe it is more prevalent against women but I can guarantee that some guys (girls too) fresh out of school will do that to anyone who can hear it.
I usually blame it on inexperience, at school, you are taught to work in a vacuum and the real world isn't. Some people never seem to learn though.

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