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Comment Re:Congratulations, idiots (Score 1) 45

By admitting to this, charges can be brought by UK under EU regulations for storing those details. Never mind the class action lawsuit wanting billions in reparation, now those with the power to levy their own fines and decide how large they can be can tear Equifax a new one so wide it can be used as an alternative to the Channel Tunnel.

It's the way I see it. Europe actually have privacy laws they enforce "Controllers from outside the EU, processing data in the EU, will have to follow data protection regulation"

I was actually glad to see Britons involved for the above reason alone.

Comment Forte Agent is my poison (Score 1) 174

I POP3 my Email and Agent won't display HTML pages. I've used Agent since Win95 on, installing it once to D:\ and pulling shorcuts to it on every new install.

I'm starting to get a lot of Base64 but a webpage and nothing I'd open anyhow, most have a text only entry tacked on to the end just in case.

Comment Re:Does one really need the BlueBorne app? (Score 5, Informative) 121

Looks like the vulnerabilities that impact Android are in the BlueZ bluetooth stack.
Nothing to do with the MAC address of your Bluetooth/Wifi, of if Bluetooth and WiFi are contained in the same piece of hardware (I doubt any phone has a separate Bluetooth chip anyway, it would require a separate bluetooth antenna, cost more and take up more space)

From PDF in summery
"If the device generates no Bluetooth traffic, and is only listening, it is still possible to “guess” the
BDADDR, by sniffing its WiFi traffic. This is viable since WiFi MAC addresses appear unencrypted
over the air and due to the widely accepted norm of OEMs and hardware manufacturers that the
MACs of internal Bluetooth/WiFi adapters are either the same, or only differ in the last digit (one
being +1 of the other"

Comment Does one really need the BlueBorne app? (Score 1) 121

Could be wrong as I don't know what BlueBorne app does. But reading the PDF it could be as easy as checking your "About Phone (device)" and seeing if your WiFi MAC address is one digit off of your Bluetooth MAC address. I show as vulnerable and my MAC addresses end with one a digit higher.

So one should be able to view MAC addresses and if sequential, vulnerable

Comment Re:Popular Science mag back in the 60s? (Score 1) 170

I seem to recall reading about this as a kid back in the 60s in Popular Science. It was supposed to make shipping freight cheaper. But for some reason it never caught on. Is this round 2, fifty years later?

I seem to recall reading about this as a kid back in the 60s in Popular Science. It was supposed to make shipping freight cheaper. But for some reason it never caught on. Is this round 2, fifty years later?

I've read of this before, I gave it some 20 years ago. 60's sounds reasonable as it's such a simple a techonolgy. Popular Science does have a tendency of covering an new produce (what's new) that never makes it to the market/masses.

Comment Re:regulatory delays (Score 0) 390

that is all.

Long term storage of the fuel elements/rods should put most off

"limited progress toward implementing long-term waste management solutions. This is partly because the timeframes in question when dealing with radioactive waste range from 10,000 to millions of years"

Comment Re:Why the hell is this even possible? (Score 1) 115

Not that it's an excuse, but in what universe is it OK to have internet-connected data repositories that don't have a password? When is that EVER a good idea? Why can you even create a bucket without some kind of authorization on it? That's just kinda stupid.

And yea, TigerSwan: You were freaking responsible for the data. You might not directly employ the guy who screwed up, but your contractors are YOUR problem. The fact that you obviously DIDN'T control your contractors properly indicates that you probably aren't the right guys for the job.

This has been done before and one of 4 times my data has been hacked.

Comment Re:Give me about 20 minutes (Score 1) 31

It's appears good, it's not

But does go through a lot of edge servers (can throttle network traffic to adjust loads).

Bail that answer that site is bad news, I posted too early search further I found this dire warning from Domain Registration and first two searching eNom Inc.

Really sorry about that.

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