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Submission + - Cartoon Network publicity stunt zings Boston

davidwr writes: In a publicity stunt gone awry, Homeland Security and Boston police shut down part of the Charles River and diverted traffic all over Boston. At least 8 Cartoon Network Hunger Force advertisements in the form of circuit boards sporting a lighted Mooninite design. The ad campaign is running in 10 other cities and the Cartoon Network is now cooperating with officials to avoid further panic. When asked why he put the Boston police to so much trouble, one of the circuit boards is reported to have said "Cause I'm badass." Need news links? Try Google News.
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Journal Journal: Virtual Console 2

I've been thinking about this idea for awhile and I'm wondering what the Slashdot crowd thinks. Take a game, ideally a big game like a Diablo 3, and make this game a native Linux game. Since most people do not run Linux on their home machines, have the installer of this game install a virtual machine on the windows/mac/whatever box that will install a virtual Linux build (probably a stripped down one) that will be used to play the game. This will allow anyone on any machine to play the game us

Submission + - Dvorak on Vista - Nothing Solved

An anonymous reader writes: Dvorak's thoughts on Vista:

"Since the early days of DOS (and even with the Mac OS), there has been a slow shift within the operating-system concept from increased functionality to increased featurism, neither of which are needed."

"Now we have Vista. It turns out to be nothing like what was promised. What a shock. It has a few new features, but I'd question if it's actually more functional than what we've had before."

"So what happens now? We start by playing with Vista and listening to the inevitable complaints and praises. But this OS is not designed to be a good candidate for upgrading older systems. This is something of a new phenomenon. Thus, people about to phase out old machines might be a little more experimental. And that means trying Linux."

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