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Comment Re:Trump lost the popular vote (Score 0) 520

Nonsense. The US election requires one to win a majority of ALL THE STATES. Why? Because it's named the "United States" of America, not just "Amerika".

Clinton absolutely, positively lost the popular vote of ALL THE STATES, and Trump won them. Which is why he's sitting in the Oval Office and she's taken up knitting.

Comment Re: And? (Score 1) 520

You know, we DO know about digital signing. And defense in depth. And chain of custody. And to top it all off, you can't just attack some of the machines, they are spread out in thousands of locations across each state. You have to win a majority of ALL the precincts.

So no, your scenario of just popping a USB drive into a couple of voting machines is not going to work. It's a lot, lot harder than you think.

Comment Re: And? (Score 2) 520

The voting machines are not internetworked. The attacks described here were not against voting equipment but against voter registration databases which have web interfaces.

I am an election official in Virginia. Every one of these scenarios I've looked at about how easy it is to modify voting equipment have thoroughly improbable -- and in some cases, physically impossible -- scenarios. America is physically a very big place. Virginia has thousands of individual voting precincts. To modify the source code, you'd have to launch a simultaneous, in-person sneak attack at thousands of locations, all without getting caught. That is just not a credible scenario. In some of these scenarios, they have people literally opening up a voting machine on election day, which is really preposterous. Every voting machine is under the constant gaze not only of multiple officers, but also all the voters waiting in line. That in-my-eyesight requirement is one of the reasons I am strongly in favor of in-person voting.

We have been running elections for hundreds of years, now. We do know a thing or two about how to secure them.

Comment Why make this into yet another gender thing? (Score 4, Insightful) 608

The problems people experience with open source projects are very broadly felt. Just as one example, 70% of people reported a problem with rudeness and name-calling. That dwarfs the issues with stereotyping, which was reported by only 10%. What's up with that? We should let the data guide us to what needs to be focused upon. Sure, issues with women in OSS need to be fixed, but I bet if we get better with the 70% issues it'll go a long way towards fixing the 10%, too.

Comment Re:How To Actually Try This Service - Instructions (Score 1) 171

The sound samples I listened to on the NPR article were fingernails-on-the-chalkboard hard to listen to, the audio equivalent of the Uncanny Valley. But, as music is really nothing more than patterns, it should be entirely possible to have a machine assemble enough human-generated patterns with enough elaboration and finesse to be listenable. A sampled instrument library is basically exactly that, anyways.

Comment Meh, just another hit piece (Score 0) 452


...what is happening in America and what is happening in Britain are entwined. Brexit and Trump are entwined. The Trump administration’s links to Russia and Britain are entwined. And Cambridge Analytica is one point of focus through which we can see all these relationships in play; it also reveals the elephant in the room as we hurtle into a general election: Britain tying its future to an America that is being remade - in a radical and alarming way - by Trump.

I stopped reading right there. When you start your research with your conclusion already in hand, you're no longer researching, you're just finding additional support for your thesis.

And I no longer bother with Trump Is Teh Evil articles anymore. People have had their say, 10 times over. Enough.

Comment Re:Can I reformat the Hard Drive and install Linux (Score 1) 91

I've never heard of this happening with a Chromebook. There are two ways to run Linux on these boxes, either in a chroot (Crouton) or to wipe the machine and install Linux.

For machines that just need a Linux app or two, I use Crouton. Crouton has a sweet Chrome plugin that pushes X Window frames to a browser tab. So, you can install a Linux desktop manager, and push the whole GUI desktop inside a tab. Or, you can install without a desktop manager at all, and just push the selected app inside a tab. This works remarkably well. Need Audacity on a Chromebook? No problem. Need Dropbox client? Again, no problem.

What's really great about this is you actually WANT Chrome to get all of its automatic updates, especially of the drivers and security. That really is a huge selling point for Chromebooks. Set it and forget it.

For machines that will really be a Linux desktop, such as my dev box, I did open up the laptop, replace the tiny SSD, and remove the silly little sticker that was preventing me from writing my own boot loader image. 10 mins., tops.

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