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Submission + - Soy Wiring Coming Back to Bite Import Car Manufacturers ( 4

An anonymous reader writes: Over at Hackaday, there's an interesting article about a little-known problem plaguing many newer vehicles from the likes of Honda, Toyota, and Kia. The car makers used soy-insulated wiring to cut costs and "Go Green", but owners in rural areas are finding the local wildlife finds the wiring irresistible; thousands of dollars in damage has been done by rats and other critters eating wiring harnesses.

The author asks the Hackaday community to brainstorm solutions to this unique problem, as owners of effected vehicles have had to resort to sprinkling their driveway with coyote urine and putting rat traps on the wheels.

Submission + - Armed US Agents Enter Warehouse in Puerto Rico, Seize Hoarded Electric Equipment (

schwit1 writes: On Saturday, A day after becoming aware of a massive store of rebuilding materials being held by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, the U.S. federal government — the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, along with their security detail — entered a Palo Seco warehouse owned by the public utility to claim and distribute the equipment, according to a spokesperson for the Corps.

Rumors of a tense standoff had been circulating on the island, but the encounter was confirmed to The Intercept in a statement from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Asked if the federal officers were armed when they entered the warehouse, USACE spokesperson Luciano Vera said they were indeed accompanied by security detail and quickly began distributing the material after seizing it. Vera declined to say whether there was a confrontation at the entrance, saying only that PREPA officials ultimately toured the warehouse along with the feds:

The federal government “began distributing [supplies] to contractors,” Vera said, including hard-to-find full-tension steel sleeves, critical to rebuilding. “We obtained several hundred of these sleeves on Saturday,” Vera added.

The armed encounter comes as around half of Puerto Ricans still remain without electricity well over 100 days after Hurricane Maria. As PREPA hoards crucial resources that could help remedy the island’s dire situation, the Puerto Rican government is attempting to annihilate the power provider’s only regulator.

Comment Re:By Definition (Score 2) 409

You seem to forget that the three branches of government are designed to provide checks and balances for each other. The courts have the ability to overrule laws that are deemed unconstitutional or discriminatory or illegal under higher law.

While enumeration of the representative is included in the constitution, districting is not. As it is not specifically granted to the federal government, it devolves down to the state governments, see Art 6 sect 2.

You can't have the courts always stepping in because you don't think something is "fair".

Actually, one can and that is actually how the law and courts work. If one believes a law is unfair, one can go to the courts and the courts will determine if it is fair and legal. This is how the Miranda rights came about. Someone claimed it was unfair for the police to not inform a suspect of his rights. This is also how the "fruit of the poisoned tree" principal concerning illegally obtained evidence came about.

Comment Re:Wow, really? (Score 2) 409

It is even more complicated than that. Florida has a state law that mandates that districts be as geometrically compact as possible. But, Florida also falls under the Voting Rights Act which requires:
  1. a minority population is geographically compact and sufficiently numerous to be a majority in a single district;
  2. the minority population is politically cohesive;
  3. the majority votes sufficiently as a bloc to enable it usually to defeat the minority-preferred candidate;
  4. under all of the circumstances, the minority population has less opportunity than others to participate in the political process and elect representatives of its choice.

When the minority population is overwhelmingly for one party, such as the fact that black Americans in Florida are much more likely to be registered as Democrats, one ends up with de facto political gerrymandering due to racial gerrymandering.

Comment Re:This is something I've wondered for years (Score 1) 1012

I'm in the U.s. but when I was in school, it was parents and high school guidance councilors pushing it and they were getting it from the news reports that degree==high paying job.

And, I concede that a degree did make one more valuable back in the day but that bump has been shrinking for years due to degree inflation.

Comment Re:Love it (Score 1) 1012

Now you are lying because you just said to do it deliberately therefore it is not a mistake it is a deliberate act. Also, individual item UPCs are either covered by packaging or all the items in the pack have the same UPC as the pack, see six packs of beer.

You are basically admitting you are a thief who tries to hide behind claimed ignorance. And, actually, you do have an obligation to try not to make mistakes because you are a customer. And, again, what you are describing is not a mistake but rather a deliberate act.

Comment Re:PR Bullshit (Score 1) 1012

No, capitalists want to minimize total cost of production without decreasing quality to a point where it will impact sales. If a machine can do the same job as a person but costs twice as much as the cost of employing the person, then the company will continue to employ the person. The only reason automation hasn't replaced fast food workers to date is that the cost of the machine was more than the cost of the person. It is as simple as that. When employing the person costs more than having the machine, the employee will be replaced by a machine. It is why there is IVR instead of a human operator on the phone. It is why there are ATMs at banks instead of more tellers.

I can't tell if you are communist or a poe/troll. You really have no idea of business motivations and you seem to believe that capitalists believe automation is always better, which is demonstrably false.

Did you lose your job as a McDonald's cashier to a kiosk or something? Was your job automated out of existence? Is that what your problem is?

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