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Comment Re:Existing (Score 1) 116

I'm an occasional "recent changes patroller" and I don't really care how many false positives cluebot gets in anonymous edits. It's too busy weeding out the thousands of "Bob is gay" and "I like pie" edits. Why they still allow anonymous "editors", I really don't know.

Comment Re:Huh, I wonder why? (Score 1) 453

I've only been out of college for a few years, but it's more than enough experience in IT to know that I don't want to do it for the rest of my life.

I've been a software engineer for 30 years and when it's good there is no better job - the day flies by as you're totally absorbed in problem solving or coding flow. If I didn't do it as a job, I'd do it as a hobby. A hobby with pay - what's not to like? Of course, it's not all a bed of roses but what job is? In a way, it's a vocation and if you don't actually like software, well you're in the wrong job.

Comment Give a dog a bad name ... (Score 1) 244

Little glitches like this just reenforce the idea that Google is not a safe pair of hands for confidential data. We just had a memo at work saying that Google docs was not suitable for confidential data and they are cutting off all access to the site. Now, I don't know the rights and wrongs of that decision but I guess Google are losing the battle for the confidence of system administrators.

Comment Re:The logic is obvious (Score 1) 554

Where the definition of 'terrorist cell' is up to the authorities, and in this case means 'animal rights activist'. It could mean anything according to this corrupt, overbearing government.

Animal terrorists are a red herring. In Britain 3% of the population is Muslim. A poll in 2007 found that 13% of Muslims aged 16 to 24 "admire organisations like al-Qa'eda that are prepared to fight the West". [*] This is a real enemy within and the police need special powers to deal with them.

Comment Re:It might die, but not swiftly (Score 1) 843

Woo! I'm one of eleven! (A better question is, how many people, myself included, like the ribbon interface better than the terrible tangle that was the menu system?)

The menus were a mess but after about 10 yearrs of using Word you got to know where everything was. Then they moved nearly everything which annoyed the hell out of me at first. Now I understand the ribbon and am even sort of warming to it.

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