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Comment Re:Tell me... (Score 1) 172

I think it will be WONDERFUL for everybody. The authors that are dumping trash because self-publishing lets them will stop getting paid for trash. Maybe it will convince them to stop writing (for a very loose definition of "writing") entirely, and I'll actually be able to buy books without spending hours filtering through the moron word spewers.

Comment Re:Lawsuits coming? (Score 1) 418

All the people who rent servers must have those one-way ethernet cables ( then, so that the internet can access the servers but the servers can't access the internet...

Comment Re:Open Source limits your business models. (Score 1) 208

Now with nearly everyone with high-enough speed internet access, such physical distribution of software is antiquated. And not a good business model.

It's a great business model. I quite like the nice printed books of artwork and stories I got with older games. Reading that stuff in a PDF is damn boring. Give me a dead tree, please (but remember to plant a replacement).

Comment Re:Free?! (Score 1) 117

It is. Just some months ago, flooding from Hurricane Sandy caused massive devastation at the same time as drought was (and still is) devastating parts of California. Apparently this Church of Warminetics knows what they're talking about; you should stop fighting and join them :)

Comment Re:Marvel's Cinematic Universe (Score 1) 98

It's called "suspension of disbelief". When things get ridiculously illogical even with the alternate physics in whatever universe the movie is in and _character_s start acting ridiculously out of _character_, it becomes less entertaining and more groaning in pain as brain cells commit suicide.

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