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Comment Really not that bad. (Score 1) 160

On JavaScript benchmarks, all the browsers are within 5%. Nothing that the end user will really notice.

The only test where Firefox falls flat was designed by the web-kit team, and suprise, suprise all the other browsers listed are web-kit variants.

Really though servo is set to knock all the other browsers right out of thier socks.

Comment Re:Mac OS? (Score 1) 236

> I *never* have to dick around with drivers

Only if you never venture beyond the set of approved hardware.

Linux has the technological framework to do what you ask already, it's just that not all manufacturers are on board with the issue. Even Windows drivers could be managed more centrally, but the big issue is fly-by-night hardware and peripheral companies that release stuff into the market and are trying to hit the lowest price point. These manufacturers have not intention of providing long term support.. As long as the driver doesn't break during the 1 year warranty period they don't care. One solution may be to windows to stop selling OEM licenses to any computer that includes a for which the manufacturer as publicly released source code, or has given Microsoft the source code and a monetary bond so that Microsoft is able to fix the driver if it breaks during the expected life of 95% of the units sold.

Comment Re:Programming the Windows Driver Model (Score 1) 236

>that's easy, don't use pirate chips.

Easier said than done, you can't buy chips directly from FTDI, and in small quantities it is even hard to buy from an official supplier. The supply chain for this stuff is very complex, and not very transparent. And even then how in the world is the end user supposed to now weather a device they are looking at buying has a genuine FTDI chip.

Comment Re:Seriously... What a nightmare computing has bec (Score 1) 236

>It's a fucking cluster fuck out there on EVERY OS.

Yes, but where the cluster is and why it's there changes.

Linux packages are definitely a nightmare for developers, but solutions are being worked on, GUIX is able to provide transaction updates and multiple versions without conflict. Flat-pack and docker, allow distribution by third parties that are isolated from the underlying system.

Comment Re:An insanely clever solution, Microsoft-style. (Score 1) 236

But the MSI driver is more likely not to be the latest version. If the reference driver doesn't create any issues, I always suggest to use that. This is more true as you get into off-brand hardware, where the standard driver for the chipset works just as well and doesn't have any crap ware attatched.

Comment Re:Actually there's 5 chipsets (Score 1) 71

Not really, considering the processor give you 24 3.0 lanes. That lets you do graphics (or a bridge for crossfire/sli enabled boards) and NVMe at full speed, and leaves 4 lanes (4000MBps each way) to communicate with the chip-set (which can talk to other peripherals via 8 pci-e gen 2.0 lanes. It really should be plenty for most use cases. The i5-6700 only has 16 lanes coming off the chip directly, and and the DMI equivalent fo 8 lanes talking to the chipset. The z270 chipset adds another 4 lanes, but the DMI is the same speed. Amd having lanes dedicated to the nvme drive could help in some benchmarks. All in all you can hook more things onto the Intel chip-set, but raw communication speed isn't much better, if you assume that 1/2 of the transfer is going to be to/from an nvme drive. I think it's a good strategy as even though the x370 is the premium chip-set, it should be quite a bit cheaper than the Intel z or x series, while still delivering the features that enthusiasts like.

Submission + - Why You Shouldn't Trust Geek Squad (

An anonymous reader writes: The Orange County Weekly reports that Best Buy's "Geek Squad" repair technicians routinely search devices brought in for repair for files that could earn them $500 reward as FBI informants. This revelation came out in a court case, United States of America v. Mark A. Rettenmaier. Rettenmaier is a prominent Orange County physician and surgeon who took his laptop to the Mission Viejo Best Buy in November 2011 after he was unable to start it. According to court records, Geek Squad technician John "Trey" Westphal found an image of "a fully nude, white prepubescent female on her hands and knees on a bed, with a brown choker-type collar around her neck." Westphal notified his boss, who was also an FBI informant, who alerted another FBI informant — as well as the FBI itself. The FBI has pretty much guaranteed the case will be thrown out by its behavior, this illegal search aside. According to Rettenmaier's defense attorney, agents conducted two additional searches of the computer without obtaining necessary warrants, lied to trick a federal magistrate judge into authorizing a search warrant for his home, then tried to cover up their misdeeds by initially hiding records. Plus, the file was found in the unallocated "trash" space, meaning it could only be retrieved by "carving" with sophisticated forensics tools. Carving (or file carving) is defined as searching for files or other kinds of objects based on content, rather than on metadata. It's used to recover old files that have been deleted or damaged. To prove child pornography, you have to prove the possessor knew what he had was indeed child porn. There has been a court case where files found on unallocated space did not constitute knowing possession because it's impossible to determine who put the file there and how, since it's not accessible to the user under normal circumstances.

Comment Re:Dear AMD..... (Score 1) 67

Yes, zen does have full fpu's in each core (2x 128 bit add and mul), or can be scheduled as a single 256 bit FMA operation. A good micro-op cache, and two threads per core possible when SMT is enabled. (should be unless you turn it off, as some unusual chache intensive and context sensitive processes perform better with it disabled. )

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