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Comment Re:bios fake raid sucks and needs a driver to hide (Score 1) 59

First off you bottleneck on the SATA portion of the chip-set at 6Gbps. The SATA over nvme m.2 operated by bridging the SATA controller data stream over a pci-e link. Secondly nvme is is an entirely different block layer, which the kernel expect to be directed to the drive controller. A controller in the middle is going to double latency and minimum and would have to redesigned for the different protocol. Possible but still I ask why?

Comment Re:Where is the Raid 5 offload support (Score 1) 59

Why? what the heck is the use case? Dedicated hardware that can to it case enough is going to expensive, complicate the platform, and destory some of the advantages of nvme (few abstraction layers, nvme). The man reason for nvme in hardware raid 0 is as a large scratch disk cheaper than RAM, but a lot faster than thrashing to disk. Raid 1 lets you keep a server running after a disk fails until the maintenance window. and you can bring it down to place in a new disk. However you I don't think a lot of admins are going to be keep to hot swap nvme devices (especially m.2 ones where dropping a screw can short the motherboard) to rebuild the array. Might as well have the data somewhere else and go 0 or 10. Honestly if you need more than 4 nvme drives, you should be looking at specially pci-e x16 or fiber attach hardware.

Comment Re:The Rainbow Scare (Score 1) 754

Keven sharp's expertise is Renaissance and Early Modern Studies. And that law was titled " Act for the Advancement of True Religion" and was more properly considered a reaction against reformation that was stirring things up in other parts of Europe. Also that is still at least 43 years to late to be considered middle ages. It also put the same prohibition upon most men. There were certainly panics and reactionary measures against the changing role of women in the early modern period, but it wasn't a trait of the medieval period.

Comment Re:Google is not a political club or Slashdot (Score 1) 754

So, citing a Wikipedia section that cites 8 peer-reviewed studies is "Off the wall"? If that's your idea of "off the wall" you must be pretty boring at parties. Neuroticism is one of the big 5 human personality traits, as discussed in just about every "Pych 101" textbook that there is. And this mention is right after the diagram that disclaims "Populations have significant overlap". He's using it as a scientific, descriptive term and not as a pejorative.

Comment Re:The Rainbow Scare (Score 1) 754

It doesn't actually give any sources related to the middle ages. The example it gives is of Charlemagne, who legislated for the education of all catechumenates, but this was about church doctrine, not necessarily reading. He did also found monastic schools, collect and copy manuscripts, and encouraged education amoung court and government officials. And the timeline of the paragraph is all over the place. "as light and leisure time and printed religious indoctrination spread" points to late reinsurance or early industrial, as does the bit after the Charlemagne reference. Anyways even though complete literacy was rare, there were women that influence the intellectual development of the period.

Comment Re:The Rainbow Scare (Score 1) 754

I'm not listening to a 30 min podcast that mentions nothing about the topic as hand in the summary. The closest thing is a mention of 18th century women, which is four centuries after the medieval period. Also this isn't a academic source by any means. My point being not educating, is not the same as a prohibition, especially given that most men couldn't read either.

Comment Re:The Rainbow Scare (Score 1) 754

Iran has fewer economic opportunities overall, leading Women that can do CS to more seriously consider it, with an increased effect from the public image. Also CS and engineering aren't from the average, they're drawing from the top 5-10%, which draws more heavily from men due to a higher standard deviation. You need to look at the distribution, and not just the averages to get the full story.

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