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Comment Re:The U.S. needs a healthy government. (Score 1) 244

"During the meeting, which Shepherd secretly recorded and provided to Global News, she was reprimanded for showing students a video of University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson, who refuses to use pronouns other than “he” or “she” for transgender individuals.

The university said showing the clip of Peterson, without denouncing it, created a toxic atmosphere for students. The meeting left Shepherd in tears."

That is not really free speech...

Comment Re:If it aint' broke (Score 1) 421

Tell that to my company, report crashes are sent by email and never looked at since there are 1000s of them and it is information overload. It's not broken, it's working as intended. A simple error service sending crash reports to a database where metrics can be run would really benefit my company but they have your thinking...it is not broken so we aren't going to fix it.

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