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Comment Leadership is more than giving and taking orders. (Score 1) 230

As you did, one can easily state that giving and taking orders is the prime mode of operation in leadership, and in the meantime it is.

However especially in times of crisis you need soft skills, you need to have leadership to build up a working team a unit of individuals that works seamlessly, is mentally stable.

A crisis situation will draw out the real personality of a human and a solid team will stick together and control the extremes.

And part of that is team building encouragement and a certain amount of leasure time - and even if they want to smoke or to vap - its a stress releave mechanism anyway. Smoking/vaping is also a social mechanism. (smokers group together)

Military is team work.

This is why even in the military you need to take account of the human factor, when you ignore it, you will destroy your resources.

Comment Trying to draw the specification for this or not . (Score 5, Interesting) 151

If you decide to implement server-level encryption across all your servers,

This is basically simple you can build a server that does all encryption in ram, meaning the OS is loaded once then the encryption key is used to have it decrypt the content for the outside.

To stop tempering you could setup such a server yourself and equip it with various sensors that detect presence of people or tempering, and if detected it could shut down not compromising the encryption key to forensics.

Firewire(because of its DMA) needs to be disabled and unkown devices need to trigger a shut down event and must otherwise be ignored

However this type of server would still emit the key data as radio spectrum.

The requesters question is quite sketchy, I suggest writting a specification first with the neccessary "must haves" and possible use cases.

my iscsi-encryption approach
So I can only explain my private approach, I got a root server with big harddrives and those harddrives are exported via iscsi that iscsi-connection is tunneled through ssh.

I de-/encrypt & mount the drives only on my home server and sync the directories with rsync. The harddrives are double encrypted meaning I have two encryption devices and two dependend keys.

This sounds slow, but it isn't I get nearly the full upload bandwith of my connection.

Meaning my root server never "knows" what data is backed up on it - its a "dumb" server

I would suggest a similar approach for the requesters situation, because it solves a first step, separating the encryption key from the encrypted data.

And a second step having two encryption keys making it more difficult to get all two if separated (which is contrary to my use case)

I would expand my approach there to have a "data" server, a level1 encryption server and a level2 encryption server.

level1 decryptes the first encryption layer and level2 does it with the data provided by level1

If only the data server is seized, shut down at least one of the intermediate servers along with its key and the data is inaccessible. And it doesn't matter which "key keeper" server you kill, its a fail-one-fail-all system.

The drawback is however the level2 encryption server shall not be compromised, because there all pure data is accessible.

encrypted backup
With todays highspeed connectivity the servers can be backed up by just cloning the harddrives over iscsi for example, that works quite well.

another idea
Most encryption providers from linux and bsd provide the possiblity of having more than one master key.

Iscsi can also work on image files so you can provide many independed iscsi-volumes and encrpytion can be outsourced to the users computers.

Comment Re:Is this news going to bring them more business (Score 4, Interesting) 164

Question is: How do you handle the data on a customers computer?

Here is how I handle it:

When I need to reinstall a computer:

1.) Before I do the installation or data gathering I generate a 1:1 hard drive image and I store that on an encrypted drive.
(checksumming of origin and copy included)

This is why I take the computers mostly to my lab to return with a fully prepared, clean and backed up computer.

2.) The backup is then bzip2-ed for space saving.

3.) Then the target hard drive is zero-ed out.

4.) Prior to this backup I gathered the data that needs saving - together with the customer.

5.) Only operate on a need to know basis, before I open a folder I ask the customer, and I only ask and do when it is really neccessary.

6.) I do only copy "blindly" and let the customer know beforehand what I'm going to do next and why - on a non-technical level.

7.) The encypted backup is afterwards stored on a lended hard drive I give over to the customer and I get that drive back after two months and tell the customer - when he remembers anything that needs to be looked up, to call me, and I let them have the drive for longer time when they aren't sure.

The first thing I do when getting a drive back - sure zero-ing it out.

I have a sufficient collection of smaller and larger checked hard drives that my former customers donate to me for deletion and for keeping.

Prior to the hard drive solution I longterm stored the data on LTO-5 tapes and gave these to the customer - I got a bunch cheap for 3-5 EUR per 1.5Tbyte tape - but the prices grew to much.

Yes, I have nice customers and I let them exactly know what I do with this donated drives. The compression from 2. comes in handy there.

8.) The encryption passphrase is later changed to be known to the customer only or directly when I do "on-site" work.
- yes I do train my customers to remember the phrase and I let them test it several times.

- I do only know what I need to know (when I don't know I'm not required to act - like I would need to do, if get to know about the presence of anything criminal on the computer)

- I have generated a backup and can revert data to that state
but at the earliest possible point in time I surrender that data and the knowledge about the encryption key to the customer

- the amount of unencrypted or "only-deleted" data is minimized, by zero-ing out the hard drive prior to reuse or even disposal

- the customer is aware and in control of all my actions because I'm laying them out transparently before I act

- My customers are satisfied and I get recommended to their family members and friends - and yes its still a hobby I do not do advertisement

Comment Mass & kinetic Energy - Extinction (Score 1) 308

Ok, people pointed out the complete bullshit number about the actual - inflation corrected worth.

But there is another vector that needs to be taken into consideration, that has a devastating effect on bigger space mining undertakings.

To make it short if done on a big scale space mining could change the earths orbit and rotation period.

And this is what most fly-highs do not take into consideration.

1.) every planetary body in our solar system is there and "does" that because it has a mass, and a certain kinetic energy

a.) also mass distribution plays a role (moon tide = earth has changing mass distribution, "wobble, wobble")

2.) .. and interacts with other bodies through the "mystic and largely unkown" force of gravitation - its so unkown many people just jump and do other silly things and consider to survive ..

3.) these properties make the planetary bodies move in such elliptecal shapes as they do.

From 3.) change them by mass and the momentum/energy that is "glued" to the mass, you change how the planetary bodies will behave.

Yes, this happens contiously. Earth is loosing as well as gaining mass - naturally. Helium can escape the atmosphere, but meteors are hitting the earth, transfering mass and energy.

And the Apollo missions transfered mass to the moon.

The key point is the scale you'd do that and when thinking in "deathstar" categories you can predict a big change.

If you can't imaging it, go ice skating and do a pierotte and pull your arms to your body.

What in consequence might happen I can only guess , however I know something will happen.

Because you change the system on a big scale. .. our planets relative distance to the sun has considerable effect on our climate. .. the day/night cycle has considerable effect on our life.

I call this the real "masseffect"

Comment Re:Rate of prion conversion dep. on ingested amoun (Score 2) 133

From what is known this cannot be correct.

1.) Because the test is a blood test, testing for prions present in the blood and multiplying them. Also do the prions accumulate in the tonsils and so on.

Meaning: you will ingest prions and they can/will accumulate in you.

2.) even by todays slaughtering standards, like separating the brain early out and sucking away the spinal mass. It cannot be excluded to contaminate the meat.

Because to get to the spinal mass you need to cut it open. Also is the carcass split into halves by a chainsaw,
does cut bones open to the marrow.

And many industrial slaugthering houses do not adhere fully to the standards, its a very rough business.

3.) the cases of vCJD in the UK cannot simply be explained to be only have been transmitted through brain tissue, because these people ate meat but perhaps they ate hamburger meat where you'd cannot really tell or taste if there was a brain among.

Comment Rate of prion conversion dep. on ingested amount (Score 1) 133

The problem with prions is that they need to multiply over time.

Having a very early onset means you'd likely had ingested huge amounts of prion contaminated beef. But even if you have ingested some amount you might get hit later on, this is what they meant with "decades".

So his conclusion is correct.

Because he reduces the prion ingestion - there are still cows getting diagnosed, but the diagnoses is only done on older cows and on cows that show symptoms!

And because the symptoms show up lately the unsymptomatic cows might have also infected you before.

Comment The real question: Who made who? (Score 4, Insightful) 133

I have a feeling that many cannot remember the "mad cow crisis" in the 90s. Because after the crises var-CJD/MCD has not gotten much attention lately.

The interesting thing was, that there was some evidence that MCD was being transmitted onto cows by feeding them carcass meal (pulverized dead leftovers from slaugther - everything not sold .. like brain, eyes, bone, spinal matter, ..) which was then restricted.

There were secondary hints, that the initial prion mutation could be the effect of a chemical agent used some years before in agriculture.

Note: those prions could really multiply every generation through this kind of "recycling".

However that crises took shape in england where it was observed that a higher than usual incident rate of CJD in humans occured and a conclusion was finally drawn between MCD and vCJD. Hint: "piri piri"

Which finally lead to carcas meal ban in Summer 1996.

The UK was at the center of the outbreak with very high incident rates. Public was kept in the dark for some time.

Now the interesting fact is in [1] which tells us, that there was a peak in 1992 contrary to the ban of 1996 I cannot explain that drop, it could be that using brain and spine for carcas meal production was forbidden.

For a long time there was an import ban on bovine meat from UK in the EU.

Interstingly there was a test developed for live cattle[2],
which is not being used.

The "walking dead" moment:
Now the interesting point is that MCD-crisis is not really over, and this testing method explains that we might be infected by prions from cows with MCD, and even if a cow is not diagnosed with MCD - only cows older than 24 months are tested. A normal cow could carry those prions and we ingest those prions. However those cows never get diagnosed because not reaching the age where they'd show symptoms.

And yes the sad moment is "some might be infected"
the question who is infected?

Sometimes it is only good to know for others (blood donation recipients) but not for you ?!

Another conclusion can be drawn, that when having still cows with MCD it is likely that even now people get infected by MCD-prions, as of now.



Comment burni2 launches his own hackproof os based .. (Score 1) 108

.. it's so secure it can only run a very stripped down version of hello world.

Among the popular security features are the TKA and M.A.M.

Trump Kernel Api - the only API that strips down logic expression to just "false"

McAffee-Mode - deletes every trace

If you're really serious. Relase the binary to public and bet your whole money on the "not hackable" challenge.

Comment Re:Making America Great again - with wind power! (Score 1) 340

sorry to correct you in this point ... and even so late ..

(me: working in that industry in germany, and I'm working hands-on as well as at the desk - offshore/onshore - development & fixing).

The Growian was a pitch regulated, 100m rotor diameter, two blade, downwind turbine with steel body fiber glas reinforced profile rotor blades and an asynchronous generator.
The growian had only 420 productive hrs.

pitch & cone regulated, single profile steel only blades - downwind - asynchronous generator
The smith putnam had 1000 productive hrs.

The german wind turbine development took their ideas mostly from the danish designs of the 80s - many turbines were build under OEM contracts

The "modern" wind turbine of the revolution:
Three blades - stall regulated - asynchronous generator - up wind type - with "tip brake" - fiber glass reinforced blades

the blades tip could be rotated 90Â by a spring loaded mechanism triggered by the turbine control system.

the historic main companies active in Germany
- Nordtank (later part of Vestas) (DK)
- Micon (later part of Vestas) (DK)
- later NEG Micon (later part of Vestas) (DK)
- AN Bonus (DK) (now Siemens(DE))
- Nordex (DE)
- Adler/Koester (DE)
- Jacobs (later part of REpower) (DE)
- HSW (later part of REpower) (DE)
- Aerodyn (DE)
- Lagerwey (NL)

And some even had a wind driven yawing system like the AeroMANn a two blade upwind turbine .. with a mere 33 kW.

The "current" motern wind turbine:
pitch regulated - Doubly fed generator or full converter - three blade - upwind windturbine with fiber glass reinforced blades - 100+ m rotor diameter - 2-3 Megawatt.

The current three blade state of the art turbine has much more in common with the danes simple turbines than with the Growian.

Growian and Smith-Putnam are quite well comparable as they share certain similar design features as well as their structural mode of failiure- just that Growian was shutdown before it would've thrown a blade.

But when you'd want to take a look at the history of the small steps you can read the "Windkraftanlagen - Grundlagen, Technik, Einsatz, Wirtschaftlichkeit"
from Erich Hau.

You will then realize that virtually no research from the Growian could be used on that small step path.

(Remark: we do not mill with these turbines, we just visit the "Windmuehle" or the "Muehle" which does not mill - normally)


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