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Comment Re:It's like he thinks he's on Reality TV (Score 1) 517

You missed the entire point. The trans folks want the military to pay for their surgeries. That is not the role of the military. Its not supposed to be in their budget. That is not a function the military should be involved in.

The entire fucking fiasco has nothing to do with war fighting and everything to do with your bullshit political agenda.

Comment Re:Not a risk anyway (Score 0) 142

That's outdated thinking. India has come a LONG way in the past 20 years. For example some cars will actually stop at red lights, ... on major intersections, ... during certain times of the day.

They still shit all over their streets (literally). You still see dead bodies float down the river constantly. The country barely has running water, most of which still isn't clean and the sewer system is still basically non-existent, and you think they'll have self driving cars any time in the near future?

Comment Re:How do they know if you're a Muslim? (Score 2) 389

A person that truly believes in their religion isn't going to go and deny it, because adhering to their religion is more important than adhering to the laws and/or rules of this world.

Perhaps you've never heard of a guy named Saint Peter, who denied knowing Jesus Christ three times because he was afraid of the laws and/or rules of this world.

See, John 18:13-27

But then he was crucified upside down for not renouncing him. What's your point?

I'm an atheist so I really don't give a shit anyway.

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