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Comment Re:Chromium's memory issues... (Score 1) 272

2 gigs for text in a window parsed by a browser that's more complex than the kernel of the OS you're using. Look dipshit, I know you can't put 1+1 together and come up with 2 but most people are intelligent enough to realize that a browser which can pull down a multi-megabit web page and parse + display it instantly will have a significant amount of over head. Memory is cheap. Buy some. If you can't afford it, you're a McDonalds burger flipping scrub that should probably get some job skills before posting on slashdot and making a fucking fool of yourself.

Comment Re:He is worth $50+ billion dollars (Score 1) 747

UBI is communism by another name. Pure and simple. We are already overloaded with Social Security and that's only for old people that eventually die off in a few short years and these fucking idiots want to add the rest of the country on top of that. It's like idiot children that think they can have anything in the store they want because mommy and daddy pay for it. They have no idea what the real value of money is or in Zucks case, doesn't care.

Comment Re:Chromium's memory issues... (Score 1) 272

I used Chromium for a while on my (Lubuntu) laptop, only to notice that it had what appeared to be memory leaks in it -- gradually escalating RAM usage until it blew up the entire system, if I didn't kill the process once in a while and restart it.

Now I'm using Opera which doesn't do this, but seems just as fast.

Those aren't memory leaks. That's memory use. Memory is there to be used. If you have 16 gigs of RAM and freak out any time your system goes over 2 gigs then you're doing it wrong.

People bitching that their web browser, one of the heaviest parts of your systems that you probably use as much or more than anything else, uses a couple gigs of cheap as fuck memory really is ridiculous.

Comment Re:Well, I guess I have to be anti-immigration now (Score -1, Flamebait) 123

"1. Because it's a whole lot cheaper than paying for a hospital delivery, and then for health care for a kid."

Why should it pay for delivery? The mother does all the fucking work. If there are complications then those should be covered but delivery can be done at home, or in a car, or fucking anywhere.

Sorry but birth control is dirt fucking cheap. Pay for it yourself. It'll cost less than your fucking latte and you'll be less of a drain on civilized society. Stop being a leach.

Comment Re:Ha (Score 1) 389

There is zero reason to keep money in a savings account right now. Its much better to put money to work in mutual funds or contribute to my 401k than putting anything at all in my savings. In fact my savings account is just an annoyance, i'd rather just leave it in checking for when I need it.

Why? Because I don't earn anything on my savings account. The bank does but I don't get shit for it.

Comment Re:I dont think hollywood understands... (Score -1, Troll) 64

They've been actively destoying themselves for years. With the increasingly liberal bent on everything they produce to the selling of most of their studios to China, they are pretty much dead. Most movies aren't even shot in Hollywood anymore but Canada and Australia.

It's too bad too, Hollywood was one of Americas success stories. Now it's just a sad lesson in what not to do.

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