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Comment Re:Yes those emails (Score 0, Troll) 397

The emails were a felony only in your imagination. If the Republicans keep pulling shit like this they will become even more irrelevant in reality than you imagine the other party is.

More irrelevant? Oh you mean having both houses, the presidency and almost 2/3rds of the governorships is irrelevant? Idiots like you are why the democratic party is dead. You live in fucking la la land. If you had an honest bone in your body we wouldn't be stuck with a one party system but no, you have to be a lying partisan pile of shit and ruin a once great republic with your severe lack of integrity.

Comment Re:Apple (Score 5, Informative) 281

Say what you want about Apple, but they would never do shit like this.

You mean like Apple Music constantly asking me to subscribe when I just want to play a local music file on my phone? Or the constant nagging to enable icloud services?

When you're given an OS or OS update for free, expect upselling.

Comment Re:Go to the police! (Score 4, Insightful) 122

I've been on the net for a very long time. Over a quarter century. I have never "come across" kiddie images. I have no idea how people seem to do this, or expect people to believe they just randomly came across child porn.

That said, if I did, I wouldn't report. I would format my system and disappear for a few years. If a teenage boy can go to prison and be labeled a sex offender because his teenage girlfriend sent him a boob shot then there is no way I could expect a fair trial should they decide to charge me with something.

Comment Edge is a disgrace (Score 4, Insightful) 205

Since MS replaced IE with Edge and Edge isn't even remotely feature complete, buggy and extremely crash prone, it's no wonder people are rushing to alternatives.

Firefox has all but given up trying to improve. That leaves Chrome and a plethora of browsers that use the Chrome rendering engine. We're going to see a one browser internet here pretty soon.

Comment Re:This is actually not difficult, just blame Trum (Score 1) 295

The default position since Trump got elected has been to blame him.

And the default position since Trump got elected has to been to hail him for the rise of the stock market, rising corporate profits, and better than expected GDP.

Stock markets are bets on the future, not reflections on the past. Educate yourself and stop whining like a baby.

Comment Re:Let me count the problems... (Score 1) 44

Having a plugin is nice, but it doesn't solve the PKI (key distribution and reputation) problem, and I am not very inclined to trust a plugin made by a company whose primary line of business is advertising by building user profiles.

What does PKI have to do with OpenPGP? Its fucking open source, why do you care who makes it if its open and you can see whether its spying on you?

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