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Journal Journal: Buy American Act

Protectionism is so natural. Buy American doesn't mean Don't buy other than Americans. Coming the age of blocked economy.
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Journal Journal: Hidden story

Really daunting matters are not talked. True matters are talked few times or hidden completely.
Really shocking matters are not talked.

History consisted in what we were able to reveal, which is less serious. History is an accumulation of less serious record. Biographers, historians try to reveal those hidden story.

This is the reality of current history we know.

Comment Drastic change of use (Score 1) 46

As you insightfully pointed out, the meaning of money we use daily has been already changed drastically, but we still use the same unit. That doesn't reflect the reality.

On the contrary, many currencies are used on the globe -dollar, yen, pound, and euro, etc. Why not use those currencies for purpose-oriented ones as you mentioned above? Many currencies were used in different regions first. Those will be used in differnet ways in the future. We can make the most of existing currencies without eliminating them.

That's not a bad idea, I think..

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Journal Journal: My destiny

In my youth, words appear one after the other. So in a class I was unable to bear anything in my mind, instead, I needed to take down what appeared in my mind. I shut down the entrance to knowledge. This was my destiny. I was obliged to be a writer without being given time to choose.

Hah, I was supposed to title 'My excuse' for this post.

Comment Re:Can't answer the first (Score 1) 46

>And once we do, we've got an even bigger slippery slope: eugenics.

Philosophically or ethically speaking, life must have started millions of years ago on the globe or elsewhere in the universe. Biologically speaking, you are right, individual life starts at the moment of pregnancy. We all ought not to resort to abortion which stops the natural growth of individuals. But socially or economically speaking, life stats at the moment of their birth.

Euginics is a science to prevent genetically defective ones from being giving birth and I understand this science has been used for the excuse of legal abortions, but it hasn't be used to try terminating some species and it won't. So it has little to do with the aim of abotions based on economy or private choice.

Of course I am pro-euginics. Under the premise it be used in a careful and proper way.

Comment Re:Copyright 2000, some man (Score 1) 10

Bible is written by prophets who was inspired by God. Pentateuch was written around the middle of 6 century BC, still Jewish people were under Babylonian captivity.

Bible is very human centric, but the fact is many spieces live together on the glove.

I bought New International Version in Manila. Expression is easy to understand, I like it.

Comment Re:Changed a lot (Score 1) 4

Yes, changed a lot.

United States is no more a country for only European descendents. African offsprings, Hispanics, and some Asians. Their birth rate is more than that of European origins.

Mr Barack Obama is the first US president who's from other than white people. This is a reflection of current population portions.

The role internet performed isn't ignorable in overwhelming racist feeling. There's no colour in the net. We can exchange our thought from inside our heart not from outside appearances.

I myself want to be humans before being anything other than humans.


Comment Re:Changed a lot (Score 1) 4

Racism -it's a very poisonous idea.

Racists descriminate people not because there's a difference in skin colours among people. Absolutely not. They descriminate people because they just want to do so.

Even if there's no African, Asian on the globe, even if all people are white Caucasian, racists descriminate people because of some particular linege from white Caucasians. Look at the history in Europe.

There's nothing constructive out of the mind of descrimination. Difference is trivial. Race is illusion.

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Journal Journal: Inauguration day 4

Tens of thousands of people are gathering to celebrate the inauguration of Mr President-elect Barack Obama.
Twenty years ago I spent a year in the United States. I was one of the most prosperous guy in my country. My pride was totally broken into pieces when I realised I was one of non-white.

Today I see tens of people in Washington DC. That's so panoramic!

I hope he can break the ice. He is one year senior to me.

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Journal Journal: Mer_panacea (1381133) x 4

In your message box is there a sign of x right side of your name as Mer_panacea (1381133) x ?
Does some one know what this x stand for? I saw it for the first time today. I mind it.

Comment Re:What kind of nonsense is this? (Score 1) 10

I read many books including Bible. My impression is yes, yes. Perhaps it is based on my biased idea. Bible is a religious book, but it is a precious human record from historical point of view, too. It is unnecessary for us to exclude all the descriptions as myth or fairy tale judging from just simply the book has been performed mainly a religious role.

Comment Re:What kind of nonsense is this? (Score 1) 10

I don't know whether you are Christian, I am not a Christian.

Probably thousands of years ago a guy called Noah made an Ark and collected some animal spieces before flood comes. His family as well as animals survived, but he didn't start eating animals he collected. He must have thought how to increase the number of animals in the first place.

Pork was prohibited to eat ancient times, because hogs ate many dirty matters as well then pork is believed to cause many disease in human body. Today there's no fear like that, as a result we eat pork.

I think we'd better try to learn lessons from the descriptions in Pentateuch that would be applicable to today's world.

Comment Re:Permission or action (Score 1) 10

Thanks! Zog!! I had no idea how to reply to his question. I sent him a letter as follows.

Hi, ..

I had thought about it for a while...
My interpretation is secular one, allow me to express it!

I think people wouldn't start eating meat until it reached a sustainable numbers. Today we don't normally eat meat as a result of casual hunting, but through domestication. Animal meat is served through planned slaughtering from a stored pool of livestock evading extinction of precious source of protein.

The point is God gave us permission to make the most of animal as the source of nutrition, so we have to manage the privilege carefully enough.

My reply was not secular!


Today we take it for granted that we eat animal meat in our daily dietary, but there's a history for everything.

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