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Comment Good, the media can still inform families of death (Score 1) 257

About 8 years ago, one of our local (Milwaukee) TV anchors called the wife of a man who was killed earlier in the day. Unfortunately, no one at the TV station (TMJ4) made sure that the police had already told her. Even worse, the TV station defended her actions and she still works there.

I'm glad this bill wouldn't prevent that sort of thing from happening again; mostly because if she would ever interview me unannounced, the first words out of my mouth are going to be, "Oh god, my wife was killed, wasn't she."

Comment Re:I don't get this (Score 1) 56

Hopefully the apps from the bank work with rooted phones. I haven't had a chance to use this tech yet (even though I have a Note 5) since I rooted my phone - which stops Samsung and Android Pay from working.

This is not entirely true. To add a credit card to Android Pay it was necessary to unroot my phone. Once the card was added, I re-rooted my phone. Android Pay still works.

Comment Re:It would be interesting to know the spread. (Score 4, Informative) 274

I expect that the "hoarding money" is confined to the Ivy League Universities, and by the time you get to Texas A&M and the like they are desperately trying to get funds and have no spare money to hoard. It would be interesting to know the spread in funding.

It would be interesting to know the spread. Per U.S. News, here it is (2013 figures):

Harvard is #1 at $32B
Texas A&M is #8 at $8B

Comment Re:Bye Bye Samsung Smart TVs (Score 1) 309

Smart TVs have a bad record of having their interfaces/applications updated.

Actually, the main apps I use on my Samsung Smart TV have been updated reasonably well. (My Smart TV has the gesture control, but not the voice. I turned it off in the service menu. It's a pain to use and turns itself back on if you turn it off from the regular menu).

Having said that, I'm not happy with the "smart" features of the TV (compared to Roku). I've replaced the other (dumb) TV with a Roku TV, and the UI is just tons better than the Samsung, and surprisingly nicer than adding a Roku to an dumb TV. Until something better comes along, the only TV I'd recommend is a Roku TV.

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