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Submission + - IRS in on DEA Fix (

Rambo Tribble writes: Reuters, which recently revealed the secret Drug Enforcement Agency program to collect damaging information on Americans, then hide its origins, now reports on an Internal Revenue Service field manual instructing its agents to collude with the DEA in this shadowy program.

Submission + - DEA program "more troubling" than NSA? (

Rambo Tribble writes: Reuters is reporting on a secret effort by the Drug Enforcement Agency to collect data from wiretaps, informants, and other sources. Considered most troubling is a systematic campaign to hide this program from the courts, denying defendants their right to know how evidence against them was obtained. This agenda targets U.S. citizens directly, as it is mainly focused on drug trafficking.

Submission + - A Climate of Violence?

Rambo Tribble writes: US researchers have come to the conclusion that climate change can drive increased violence in human society. Their findings are to be found in this Science Magazine article:

A nice summation and discussion of the report can be found on the BBC News site, at:

Add this to the developing scarcity of water due to global warming and the prospects for a peaceful future do not bode well.

Comment A key element ... (Score 1) 251

... corporate buy-in, is where the campaign is really lacking. Numbers would rack up much faster with a few $80,000 committments. But business has been burned before by vaporware and a nearly year-long, (if everything goes according to plan), wait to get any return on the investment is a very, very hard sell.

Comment Many animals are mimics (Score 1) 181

It is a measure of human hubris that we fail to note the fact of animal intelligence that leads to their mimicing us. Another common example of this is the tendency of cats to become vocal and develop novel utterances as a result of observing human speech and interaction. Any keen observer will note that cats. left on their own will not develop such behavior. Upon observing and interacting with humans, at first a cat will simply meow in an utterly feline way, but then it will begin to experiment with varous gargling and purr/meow vocalizations. Finally, of course, there's the famous "silent meow", performed solely for the benefit of a human audience.

Comment The fox in charge of the hen house (Score 2) 835

Given free reign, most authoritarians will opt for the most egregious display of power they can muster. Their goal is to intimidate all who might question or oppose them, even within their own ranks or among their allies. Of course, such as an Edward Snowden is to be nipped in the bud. Furthering this agenda is the fact that SWAT teams burn huge amounts of money on each outing, requiring larger budgets and thereby aggregating more power to the commanders. It is a vicious circle owned and managed by those who profit from it. Unfortunately, that condition has developed in many of society's institutions, such as Wall Street or Congress.

Submission + - Whither Thy Beer to Thee? (

Rambo Tribble writes: The BBC takes an amusing and interesting look at the disconnect created by the convoluted machinations of marketing in regard to the beverage that is, "... proof God loves us and wants us to be happy." [Benj. Franklin]

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