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Comment Re:Oracle sucks. (Score 2) 409

VMS isn't a Unix, and I don't believe you can get ahold of VMS any more. The IBM mainframes are too expensive and not open source, so there's no point in comparing them to Solaris.

What's your point exactly? My point is that Solaris is useful, even in its somewhat dodgy state (thanks Oracle for the paid update program you fucks).

You can still get a hobbyist license:

Back in the '90s, a VMS magazine pointed out that the posix implementation was good enough to say "VMS is better unix than unix."

Comment Re:August 2012 to January 2013 (Score 1) 243

To use a car analogy, what you said is like questioning the worth of seatbelts. Just because they don't save every life in an accident doesn't mean that it not worth wearing them.

Let's carry your analogy to its conclusion...

The auto industry fought seatbelts tooth and nail and it took Congressional regulation for them to even consider them. That's part of how Ralph Nader earned his name recognition. Much like the software industry is fighting tooth and nail any attempt to make their software safe.

My way to fix this is much more simpler. Simply make the "AS-IS" clause of their EULA null and void and allow the users to sue for the damages when their defective products really hurts real people. A few high profile suits will make them put more of a priority on these vulnerabilities.

There's an asymmetry issue here. The largest companies have the most lawyers.

Though I certainly agree a maturing industry needs liability. Corvairs were ten years ahead of Porsches in some technology (like turbocharging), 911's were famous for decades after Nader for going ass first off the road. --sarcasm-- German lack of liability certainly didn't hinder innovation there. If you can't handle trailing throttle oversteer, you aren't manly enough!--/sarcasm--

Comment Re:Be careful what you wish for (Score 1) 243

You nailed it.

You only missed the part about the alternative being worse. "Genuine innovation" means you are going to have mostly crap, with some really nice stuff that gets ignored by the masses. Remember, technical excellence is not what drives success. If you don't agree with that, please explain why bg is a billionaire. Or Zuckerberg, for that matter.

Any mass market industry is going to require standards and regulation as it matures. Some mass market industries require standards in order to mature. It's easy to forget, simply deregulating the Hz coming out of the wall would screw up most of our computer infrastructure.

So in the java and browser situations we have everyone's gramma or whatever dependent on this software. These are not the places for innovation that breaks everything. If you want a wild-west internet, fine, cage your own. The rest of us would much rather spammers die, and banks don't.

Comment Re:And 2000 model Jaguar S type... (Score 1) 445

My dad had one (green 1961). It was mechanical, and it did change to red at 65. Google Safety Spectrum Speedometer for pix and vid.

I had a 1991 BMW 750 with a built-in analogue phone. When I commuted over the Coronado bridge while talking on the phone (around Y2K), sometimes it would switch me to an Ensenada tower, breaking into random conversations en Español.

Comment Stupid @#%@# Laffer! (Score 3, Insightful) 555

I've been saying it since Howard Jarvis and Ronald Reagan implemented their "tax revolt" at the end of the '70s: any benefit from tax cuts and less regulation is temporary, short-term, and soon overridden by the increased size of the crash after the greedy rich people abuse various economic sectors. That's why there was an S&L crises in the '80s, a housing crash in the '90s, bank and housing crises in the oughts, California schools run out of money. Shoot, does anyone think to check the top tax rates under Eisenhower? Even Greenspan was shocked... shocked! that rich people were greedy, that Objectivism is... oh well, why bother, people just filter it through their biases. Brown and Clinton have the best budget surpluses of their eras, then conservatives have to go and mess it up with voodoo economics.

Will some psycho please reenact an episode of Criminal Minds with George Will and Arthur Laffer as victims?

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