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Comment Re:F'in PARKING? (Score 1) 129

You are not making any sense. The ONLY party that 'sold' you anything was the OTA. Nobody else is responsible for 'granting' you a damn thing.

The request of your post is equally stupid. You completely skip over the most likely cause of an issue, a mistake, and leap directly to 'it must be fraud' and 'they dont care about providiing service'. WTF? By your own admission, you haven't even contacted the OTA to attempt to straighten it out, so how exactly do you make that ridiculous leap?

We use OTAs frequently (although we are booking direct more often now). We had an issue twice, and neither time was 'fraud'. The first time was a parking issue, similar to yours. Turns out that on the HOTELs web site it said parking was included, but that claim was NOT made on the OTA site. The OTA did NOT sell us parking, we just made the incorrect assumption that they did. Our mistake entirely. The second time was that the room we were given was not what we booked. Turned out the OTA sent the wrong info to the hotel. The OTA apologized and upgraded the room (to better than we booked) for free. In neither case would complaining to the HOTEL have accomplished anything, because in neither case did the HOTEL do anything wrong or have any culpability.

Comment Re:F'in PARKING? (Score 1) 129

I don't know where you get the 'they can promise anything they want' thing from. The point is, the ONLY people you have any reasonable complaint against is whoever made you the offer and you PAID. If the hotel made the offer and you paid the hotel, then it is entirely reasonable to complain to the hotel and expect satisfaction. However, if an OTA made the offer and you paid the OTA, it is kind of asinine to expect the hotel to deal with that complaint.

Comment Re:Extortion (Score 3, Interesting) 242

Being a threat, and due process (or lack thereof) have nothing to do with it. 'If you get caught shoplifting you will be prosecuted' is a threat, and is not extortion. 'Pay me $400 or I tell the cops you stole' could be extortion.

Extortion requires you to gain something through coersion. In the first statement, the person making the statement is not gaining anything, and there is no coersion. In the second statement, there is both potential gain and coersion.

In the ISP case, there is neither gain nor coersion.

Comment Re:Why not build a machine that smells cancer? (Score 1) 106

In order to make a machine to do the same thing, you would first have to know what it is you are looking for. And we don't know that. Sure, you can make a detector to smell a gas leak, we know what gas smells like. And you can make a detector to smell BAC, we know what that smells like. But we have no idea what the dogs are smelling when they smell cancer.

You can imitate a human eye pretty easily with a single light sensor and some processing. The human nose is not a single sensor (like an eye), it is thousands of sensors, all detecting different molecules. And until you can replicate that (and we aren't even close), you can't use machine learning to do what a dog is doing when he detects a 'cancer smell'.

Comment Re:This is why we need net neutrality (Score 3, Informative) 242

You do realize that the reason for the 'segregated TV packages' is so that you don't have to pay for things you don't want or need, right? By far, MOST complaints about cable TV pricing is not about things people DON'T get, it is about having to pay for things they DON'T want. People don't want LESS granularity in cable, they want MORE.

Comment Re:What even is that? (Score 1) 167

To be clear, any program that can write files can set things in nvram through that filesystem (the data does need a 4 byte attribute prepended to it). The only program I can think of that specifically changes nvram is efibootmgr (there is a man page for that), but even that is just using the efivars filesystem.

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