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Comment Re:Yeah, right (Score 5, Insightful) 232

The real game changer here is convenient car rentals. As in: book a car when you need it, have it pull up by itself 30 minutes later, use it, and send it on its way when you are done with it (instead of having to go to the depot for pickup and dropoff, and navigate 5 billion insurance options with the guy at the desk). So when you buy your next car, maybe you will select that smaller electric (self driving or otherwise) that covers 95% of your driving needs, and rent a truck, van, 4x4 or large sedan for the other 5%. Access to convenient rental cars could mean a lot of families owning fewer cars, or selecting more economical ones.

Comment Re:The wife has epilepsy and can't drive... (Score 4, Insightful) 137

The elderly & the blind (vision impaired) are all early candidates

Exactly. I don't understand why the authors of the article find it strange that the early adopters of self driving cars are people who have problems driving themselves. For them, there's a clear business case that justifies the expense. The fact that the Villages is a closed community filled with prospective clients makes it a perfect candidate for a pilot. Not strange at all...

Comment Re:Why is it better than scanner on back? (Score 2, Informative) 70

I often leave my phone on the desk. To unlock it, I just touch my finger to the home button (this is an older model iPhone). If the scanner is on the back, I'd have to pick up the phone first. Which is of course a huuuge inconvenience...

But seriously, the Home button is a good place for the scanner, since that's what you click to wake up the phone; that way you unlock it at the same time. It's fast and completely seamless, as if there's no lock on the phone at all. Of course the new iPhone has no home button anymore...

Comment Optical scanners (Score 1) 70

Aren't optical scanners rather easy to fool? Some earlier scanners were vulnerable to a "replay attack" that was simply breathing on the scanner after someone else had used it. The iPhone scanner uses capacitance: not unhackable though it is a quite bit harder. I can imagine it's hard to integrate such a scanner in the screen though; apparently Apple gave up on that.

Comment Re:Isn't it cute... (Score 3, Informative) 171

In my own experience with military and NATO people, "classified" in everyday parlance means "assigned a classification level other than Unclassified". And in some cases you may not want to disclose the actual classification level. "That is classified" is useful shorthand for "Sorry, you cannot have / share this, because reasons", and applies internally as well between departments or organisations, not just the press. It's not a term made up by Hollywood.

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