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Comment Don't Enrich These Guys (Score 2) 202

Accenture makes it money off outsourcing. There's a lot of companies out there that do outsourcing and consulting business. No matter who the consulting company is the market rate is the market rate for a position. Let's say the market rate for an IT position is $100/hour. If I work for a big company like Accenture I'll see maybe $50/hour for that work. If I work for a smaller local company with less layers of management I'll see $80-90/hour.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 4, Interesting) 361

The Core Linux crap he leads doesn't innovate per se. It doesn't have to. It needs to be stable, consistent and performant. The work they do is important, but it's built on the shoulders of giants like Dennis Ritchie. What's innovative in Linux is the social and collaborative construct. But it's not like those are new ideas.

Comment Most Programing/Tech Jobs Aren't in Silicon Valley (Score 1) 161

There seems to be this idea that Silicon Valley is the center of all things tech. It really only accounts for a tiny fraction of the Tech labor force. What makes it "special" is the access to venture capital. If you had a big idea and wanted to be the next Facebook or Instagram sure, Silicon Valley might be for you. If you want to be a computer programer you could stay in any big Midwest City, make $150K (Full Time W2)/200+K (1099 Contract), and pay less than $1000/mo for home mortgage.

Comment Re:US Disinformation? (Score 1) 294

There's no reason to turn him over right away. Wait until the US has some Russian Spies then do a swap. Snowden was always going to get fucked by the Russians. And frankly he was an idiot for trying to go to Cuba via Russia. The state department was even dumber revoking his passport. You see flights to Cuba from Moscow run directly over the United States East Coast. They would have demanded the flight land and pulled him off the flight.

Comment Re:Hey cogent... (Score 1) 186

I'll admit upfront I don't torrent and I don't use the sites. But I was under the impression that they just provide a small amount of meta-data about the file and where to find it. They don't actually host it. I would think the traffic was fairly low.... but they sites operate in a legal grey area and make a lot of money off ad revenue. They attract a lot of extortion via DDOS.

Comment Re:Hey cogent... (Score 3, Interesting) 186

All these companies were born out of the fact that Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC) like Verizon couldn't cross LATA lines with their network. They had to pay third parties to do it. So, at one point most of these companies were Title II common carriers. Then Micheal Powell F'd everyone during the Bush Jr. era when he blew up Title II.

The question is does it still stand? I don't know if it's ever been tested. Most ISPs and Upstream Network providers operate as a common carrier because they want to be able to make the argument that they are a common carrier.

The only reason I could see them null routing the traffic is for DDOS mitigation. They can make an argument about overall traffic and network stability. But it's not clear if that's actually at play.

Comment Re:Asking People To Commit a Felony (Score 1) 652

Since you want it explained like a five year old. The account belongs to Facebook, not you. None of the data resides on a device in the CPB area.

Let's say I'm at JFK and I have a key to front door of the Union Hall in Brooklyn. Is it legal for the CPB to take that key and drive to Brooklyn and start looking through the files at the Union Hall? No.

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