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Comment Re:How did this moronic submission make it here? (Score 1) 466

So what exactly was your point, really?

My point, my dear rustled jimmies, is in the very sentence you quote from my previous comment:

for a certain value of democracy

There is no point of a "democracy" if it's a farce; at least a military dictator is straight forward in admitting they don't give a shit.

We don't HAVE democracy, even if it looks like it; ballot stuffing and poll rigging does not make a govt democratic.

That does not mean *actual* democracy (where "elected" officials can face consequences for their actions, and a re actually answerable to their electorate) is bad, I have no idea where you took that from.

For five years, our govt has been busy:

- making sure their irregularly elected officials are not ousted (irregularities include fake degrees, dual nationalities, corruption case, other criminal acts etc)

- making sure their crooked president is NOT convicted by Switzerland (He isn't called Mr 10% for nothing)

- maintain the unconstitutional National Reconciliation Ordinance, which give Carte Blanche to all previous crimes

In addition to the usual corruption and bribery etc etc

What they *aren't* doing is sustaining and improving a fuel structure, which is what a democratic govt should care about. So we have massive fuel shortages, and factories are closing down and moving to such countries as Kenya and Bangladesh (not exactly top-of-the chart, but at least they give a shit).

Heck they promoted the man responsible for our electrical crises, and made him prime minister!

So my point, my dear friend, is that if infrastructure is better in Egypt than in Pakistan...and where our govt more concerned about saving crooks than factories...then what we have is NOT democracy.

Comment Re:Why don't we use the billions the US gives us? (Score 1) 466

Sigh, mr confirmation bias, let me spell it out for you:

Military aid: services rendered, keeping generals happy

Economic aid: bribes to keep bought politicians bought

Happy now? I thought it was clear.

And sorry, but I am not an ungrateful shit, coz I haven't got a cent of US aid to be grateful for ;p

You give aid to buy off politicians, and keep them bought.

Btw, found this in your link:

Furthermore a significant proportion of U.S. economic aid for Pakistan has ended up in back in the U.S., as funds are channelled through large U.S. contractors. A U.S. lawmaker also said majority of U.S. economic aid has not left the U.S. as it spent on consulting fees and overhead cost

Seriously though, I absolutely agree with you, cut off the damn aid. Let's not fund corrupt politicians. No one will accuse your govt being a murderer for not giving aid, you are not our nanny (well, there *is* the drone thing...guess why you were paying the heavy bribes ;p)

You hate the aid, I hate it, but what can one do when our governments love it?

Comment Re:Forgot to mention... (Score 1) 523

EVERY where you go, you will find tons of objectionable behaviour, norms and social mores. You will often be saying "we didn't do it like this back home" or "it wasn't like this back home". It's called cultural shock for a reason.

But's that's price you pay. No one is saying you must accept that...merely that if you can't accept it, it would be suitable for you to stay home.

The Person in the article could accept it, hence Malaysia.

Comment Re:How did this moronic submission make it here? (Score 1) 466

True that, it's just...well I won't lie to you, but you would naturally presume things would be worse in a country undergoing a revolution than one without....His comment just brought things into perspective for me just *how* bad things are here.

We need to have stable governments so we can build some infrastructure.

Comment Why don't we use the billions the US gives us? (Score 1) 466

From the VERY FIRST LINE of your own link:

Pakistan receives foreign aid from several different countries and the international community. Those fundings are meant for the civil projects within the country but unfortunately most of it never reaches the common public because of corrupt politicians.

Also, further on in the same first paragraph of your link:

-Why you pay us:

The bulk of international aid to Pakistan is from the Coalition Support Fund which is reimbursement "to Pakistan for expenses already incurred and compensation for facilities made available to the coalition forces such as the Shamsi Airfield and Dalbandin air bases by Pakistan as well as $4 billion has been billed to CSF for the training and services provided by American Military and contractors.

-Why you keep paying

The amount transferred to the Pakistani Treasury in cash over 10 years has been $8.647 billion.The misuse of funding by the authorities in Pakistani is often ignored from the US government as their main interest is to use the military base in Pakistan as a passage to Afghanistan in fight against Taliban.


- Your government pays our government mostly for services rendered, not gratis.

- Your government KNOWS the money is going to crooks, but you still keep giving; i.e. your government is complicit.

Thank you for sharing the link and making it easy for me, parent! ;p


I wasn't asking for sympathy anyway, I was just sharing the realisation that things in Egypt are *still* better than Pakistan, despite the revolutionary chaos there. I know things are shitty here, but his comment just brought into perspective just *how* shitty they are.

Comment Re:How did this moronic submission make it here? (Score 4, Interesting) 466

I experience low-shedding 1 hour every second day.

So you get electricity 47 hours out of 48? That too in a country that is chaotic and just underwent a revolution?

Then I in Pakistan can only envy you, we have load-shedding of 6 hrs minimum daily, often more for random reasons. And this is in spring, with no fans or other cooling equipment running... In summer it easily becomes ~14 hrs or more daily.

We just had our first democratically (for a certain value of democracy) elected govt to actually complete their term. So much for democracy...


Submission + - What is the NPV of your College Education? (

ryzvonusef writes: College is seen as a investment for a better future, but just just how good an investment is it?

One Redditor decided to use govt. databases (such as National Center for Education Statistics and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) to analyse it like any other investment, and calculate the NPV of various colleges and their individual degrees.

The Result: College education is a far more risky financial investment than presumed, and are no longer a guarantee to a stable middle class living.

Caveat: The reports are as good as the govt databases they are formed on, and currently do not factor in scholarships.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot

An anonymous reader writes: I've been on the hunt for a decent ADSL router that is also open and hackable. For some reason, it seems that such thing might not exist. Sure I've looked at all the OpenWRT and its variants but in the long list of hardware compatibility, I'm unable to find one platform that would work both WiFi and ADSL in a reliable way. I suspect that the reason is the ADSL chip manufacturers holding away the drivers. But still, why can't there be one manufacturer that would just sell an open platform for tweaking and customization by OEMs?
Note that large-scale vendors would indeed be open to adding a tweak or two if you order bulk but won't allow you to do your thing.
The Military

Submission + - Ukrainian Attack Dolphins Are on the Loose

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The Ukrainian Navy has a small problem on their hands as the Atlantic reports that after rebooting the Soviet Union's marine mammal program last year with the goal of teaching dolphins to find underwater mines and kill enemy divers, three of the Ukrainian military's new recruits have gone AWOL. Apparently they swam away from their trainers ostensibly in search of a "mate" out in open waters. It might not be such a big deal except that these dolphins have been trained to "attack enemy combat swimmers using special knives or pistols fixed to their heads." Dolphins were trained at Sevastopol for the Soviet Navy as far back as 1973 to find military equipment such as sea mines on the seabed as well as attacking divers and even carrying explosives on their heads to plant on enemy ships. The US has its own dolphin program in San Diego with 40 trained dolphins and sea lions and another 50 in training. US Navy dolphins were deployed in Bahrain in 1987 during a period when Iran was laying down mines in the Persian Gulf to disrupt oil shipments. No word yet on whether "sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached” have been added to the US arsenal."

Comment #Tagging (Score 1) 155

Admit it, we want to tag people (things too, but mostly people).

So we see someone whom we perceive to be a douchebag, we can tag him as #AbsoluteDouche and every body will know, when they view that person, that he has been tagged as such, and be prepared to deal him pre-emptively.

Relevant XKCD:

Also, relevant, if you have seen the anime Eden of the East, it revolves around a cellphone app with a similar tagging feature.

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