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Submission + - What is the NPV of your College Education? (

ryzvonusef writes: College is seen as a investment for a better future, but just just how good an investment is it?

One Redditor decided to use govt. databases (such as National Center for Education Statistics and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) to analyse it like any other investment, and calculate the NPV of various colleges and their individual degrees.

The Result: College education is a far more risky financial investment than presumed, and are no longer a guarantee to a stable middle class living.

Caveat: The reports are as good as the govt databases they are formed on, and currently do not factor in scholarships.


Submission + - Mozilla reveals two developer phones for Firefox OS (

ryzvonusef writes: Mozilla has today revealed a partnership with Spanish startup Geeksphone for a pair of Firefox OS developer devices, "Keon" and "Peak".

"Keon" is a very basic device more akin to a featurephone, having a single-core 1GHz processor Snapdragon S1 (similar to a Nokia Lumia 610) and 512MB of RAM, expected to arrive next month. "Peak" bumps the processor to a beefier 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4.

There are no details on cost or release date for the device just yet, but Geeksphone says it'll arrive with a price tag "you could never have imagined," so we expect it to be priced very competitively.


But fear not, Mozilla has not abandoned the browser, since it revealed it is busy developing a version specifically for the OUYA.


Submission + - Got A Wi-Fi-Enabled Phone? Stores Are Tracking You (

jfruh writes: "Call it Google Analytics for physical storefronts: if you've got a phone with wi-fi, stores can detect your MAC address and track your comings and goings, determining which aisles you go to and whether you're a repeat customer. The creator of one of the most popular tracking software packages says that the addresses are hashed and not personally identifiable, but it might make you think twice about leaving your phone on when you head to the mall."

Submission + - Bomb Blasts Alter Brain Lipid Levels (

MTorrice writes: "About 320,000 soldiers returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have struggled with neurological problems associated with traumatic brain injury, according to the Rand Corporation. Some veterans experience symptoms, such as memory loss and anxiety, without noticeable physical signs of brain injury. Now researchers report a possible chemical signature: Levels of a certain lipid spike in the brains of mice exposed to mild explosions. This lipid could serve as a way to diagnose people who are at risk of developing neurological disorders after a blast, the scientists say."

Submission + - Russian Scientists make a dry, egg-boiling, carton (

ryzvonusef writes: Made by Evgeny Morgalev, one of a team of inventors called KIAN, the invention is called the Gogol-Mogol (after a Russian egg recipe), it has won an award by the European Packaging Design Association.

Although single use only, it has been made out of recyclable materials to reduce waste, and provide an easy way for people to enjoy some nutritious food on the go.

The egg is placed in the carton which is covered by layers of chemicals on the inside, and closed. Upon pulling a tab, the Calcium hydroxide reacts with a "smart" layer of water, to create a exothermic reaction, which can fully boil an egg in two-to-three minutes, though you can open it earlier, if you like your eggs runny.


Submission + - Big ad network that secretly sniffed users' online habits settles with FTC (

coondoggie writes: "The Federal Trade Commission today said it settled charges with a large online ad company the agency said secretly and illegally gathered data from millions of consumers who had looked up sensitive medical and financial issues ranging from fertility and incontinence to debt relief and personal bankruptcy. The FTC settlement is hardly harsh though as it only bars the company, Epic Marketplace Inc., from continuing to use history sniffing software..."

Submission + - A look back at Apple's most important Legal Battles (

An anonymous reader writes: With more than $100 billion in the bank, it's no surprise that Apple finds itself a target of lawsuits. Of course, Apple is no slouch itself when it comes to initiating litigation. Here’s a sampling of some of the most important, influential, notable, and even downright silly legal battles that Apple has been involved in since first forming in 1976.

Submission + - James Cameron spills the details from his deep dive (

gbrumfiel writes: "James Cameron has released the first batch of scientific results from his historic dive in March to bottom of the Mariana trench and an earlier series of test dives in the New Britain Trench. The Mariana Trench dive was the deepest by a human since 1960. Some of the most interesting results came from trips to the seafloor made by robotic vehicles built by Cameron’s team. At the bottom of the trench, one of those robots found bizarre carpets of microbes coating rocks, that scientists say may have implications for the origins of life on Earth and other planets."
Open Source

Submission + - Left to fail? How open source was driven out of Freiburg (

Qedward writes: We recently saw the news that the German city of Freiburg had decided to end its open source migration and instead switch to using Microsoft products again. The rationale provided seemed curious to me — after all, at the same time the German city of Munich announced total savings amounting to €10 million from its own successful and ongoing migration.

What seemed odd was there was no account of how they changed course to make the migration succeed. Munich learned lessons from early challenges and updated its strategy in order to succeed. But not Freiburg.

My (guided) reading shows three points of concern in the situation over the last four years. First, the only ongoing expenditure in support of the migration is running costs of less than €15 per seat per annum, all associated with licensing supposedly superceded proprietary software. Second, substantial one-off costs of around €231/seat associated with interoperability — a topic that is always an indicator that proprietary software is controlling people’s thinking. Third, no obvious investment in ongoing community engagement or equivalent commercial subscriptions for open source.

  It seems Freiburg has not invested in its open source solution in any way likely to make it succeed, but has rather left it to fail “to save money” and then when it has, blamed the open source software instead of the flawed strategy. The structure of the report makes this look a conscious frame.


Submission + - and 284 Other .PK Domains Hacked ( 1

ryzvonusef writes: Start page for majority of Pakistanis – when they first visited it this morning – was found hacked and defaced. Yes, Google.Com.PK along with 284 other .PK domains were hacked today (and are still defaced).

According to Irfan Ahmed, an expert on Pakistani websites and web-servers, this defacement is due to change in DNS entries for 284 .PK domains that are managed by MarkMoniter.

Defaced domains include Microsoft.PK, apple.PK, paypal.PK, ebay.PK, blogspot.PK, chrome.PK, Cisco.PK and others.

Apparently no one has claimed the responsibility for the incident, but a message appearing on defaced pages, including on is displaying a message in Turkish language, hinting that the hacker could be Turkish in origin.

Hacker hasn’t left any message for anyone, unlike the norm that hackers follow to convey their message through such defacements.

However, there is a phrase saying “Downed Pakistan”, a sign of victory for hackers when the deface a website.

Submission + - Jolla to unveil Sailfish OS on November 21st (

ryzvonusef writes: Jolla, as it has been discussed previously, is the phoenix that claims to be rising from the ashes of Nokia's MeeGo plans.

Their iteration of the MeeGo OS, known as "Sailfish OS" will be revealed, alongside an SDK, on a two-day SLUSH event in Helsinki.

This is to hoping that the umpteenth raising of this rocky platform will prove fruitful. Will you be interested in buying and developing for it?


Submission + - Meego Folds into Tizen, Samsung takes Nokia's plac (

ryzvonusef writes: Intel has folded the MeeGo project into a new Linux Foundation hosted software platform, Tizen, which will be jointly developed by Intel and Samsung. Focus will be shifted from Nokia held Qt to HTML5 apps.

The initial release of Tizen is targeted for Q1 2012, with first devices hitting the market mid year

Submission + - SPAM: No early evac for South Pole stroke victim

Alan R Light writes: South Pole winter site manager Renée-Nicole Douceur has had a stroke. The doctor on site says she needs to be evacuated to get better medical attention as soon as possible. NSF says "Meh."

It is difficult to fly in to Pole before late October, but not impossible to fly in two or three weeks earlier than scheduled, depending on weather. This is Douceur's second winter in Antarctica. In 2009 she was the facilities engineer at McMurdo Station. Even a couple weeks could be critical.

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