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Comment Re: yeah forget that (Score 2) 268

Yes they do. Many people choose not to do anything because it is easier.

This exactly, reinventing your self, forcibly changing roles/industry/etc. is hard. It requires hard work and self control, and a fuck load of will power to make your self do it.

Having been someone who has done it a couple of times starting early in life, and making it happen in unconventional ways, i know it can be done. And while i do feel sorrow for individuals who feel they are stuck i do not feel pity for them because i know if they had the self determination they could make change.

Comment Re:yeah forget that (Score 1) 268

Would you go to work if you didn't get paid? No way!

yes/no., if all my needs where taken care of (as if i was paid) then yes i would go to work unpaid because i enjoy what i do.

I know i will never quick working, rather retirement for me will be the ability to pick and choose between projects.

I do not get up in the morning and dread going into work, that is horrible. Last time that happened I found a different Job.

Comment Re:Different things triggers different reactions (Score 1) 677

I would venture to say there is a difference between "seeing" and "comprehending' the big picture.. I work with managers+ all the time, and they can all "see" the big picture, but if a piece of the puzzle is missing they are at a loss to draw it in. then you have some who "comprehend" will take the gap as an opportunity to make it their own, and tailor it. they are two very very different things.

Comment Re:Personally I don't care (Score 1) 283

Citation needed? really? and then you link to an unlicensed adapter being sold on a forum?

Also note they are clear on that one that it does NOT work with the charging stations, only the home charger, so it doesn't even fit into the conversation going on.

Also you are saying that Tesla insists that any other "company" that wants to use the network needs to support it (I'll use your comment as my Citation). Again if they wanted to increase adoption they could easily allow consumers to buy and adapter and to then pay for the power consumption, but they don't.

All of the manufacturers to a point are creating barriers rather than removing them. This is an area where regulation could actually help, by forcing a standard much the same way DOT regulates the distribution and dispersing of fuels.

Comment Re:Personally I don't care (Score 4, Informative) 283

Not exactly true, they have been trying to get others to "License" their charging standard. Tesla built a standard and the rest of the industry built a standard (and Tesla refused to participate).

Now to top that Tesla sells an adapter so that Their cars can use the Industry standard for quick charge, but refuse to sell the licence for their standard to be used in an adapter that allows others to use their chargers.

So in simple terms, their "trying" has been wanting to get a kick back for every car built, Not actually removing barriers for within the industry.

Again as a consumer and end user, i'd buy an adapter and pay to use their chargers if i could, but i can't because the option doesn't exist. Also i'd love to buy their car, but i can't because they do not have anything within my affordability range.

Comment Re:Personally I don't care (Score 1) 283

I will say, as an EV owner but someone who can not afford a Tesla (we have a used Leaf) it infuriates me that Tesla has spent so much effort building a network that they will not even let others pay to use. I know they are going for the vendor lock in vertical market, but it is slowing down overall EV adoption..

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