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Sunday May 20, 2018 @04:21PM New Toronto Declaration Calls On Algorithms To Respect Human Rights
Saturday May 19, 2018 @07:53PM Did Google's Duplex Testing Break the Law?
Friday May 18, 2018 @11:43PM Should The Media Cover Tesla Accidents?
Friday May 18, 2018 @09:57PM Ask Slashdot: Could Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics Ensure Safe AI?
Friday May 18, 2018 @07:06PM Google's Duplex AI Robot Will Warn That Calls Are Recorded
Friday May 18, 2018 @05:17PM AI Can't Reason Why
Thursday May 17, 2018 @02:39PM NYC Announces Plans To Test Algorithms For Bias
Thursday May 17, 2018 @12:44PM Google Won't Confirm If Its Human-Like AI Actually Called a Salon To Make an Appointment As Demoed at I/O
Monday May 14, 2018 @11:44AM Google Employees Resign in Protest Against Pentagon Contract
Sunday May 13, 2018 @06:45AM The Future of Fishing Is Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Saturday May 12, 2018 @05:34PM AI Systems Should Debate Each Other To Prove Themselves, Says OpenAI
Saturday May 12, 2018 @04:32AM AI Trained To Navigate Develops Brain-Like Location Tracking
Friday May 11, 2018 @10:58PM Carnegie Mellon Launches Undergraduate Degree In AI
Friday May 11, 2018 @10:01PM Google's 'Duplex' System Will Identify Itself When Talking To People, Says Google
Friday May 11, 2018 @12:47AM Ask Slashdot: How Would a Self-Aware AI Behave?
Thursday May 10, 2018 @08:09PM Should Calls From Google's 'Duplex' System Include Initial Warning Announcements?
Thursday May 10, 2018 @03:22PM The White House Has Set Up a Task Force To Help Further the Country's AI Development
Thursday May 10, 2018 @01:57PM Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant Can Be Controlled By Inaudible Commands
Thursday May 10, 2018 @11:54AM Google Executive Addresses Horrifying Reaction To Uncanny AI Tech
Wednesday May 09, 2018 @04:35PM Google Announces 8x Faster TPU 3.0 For AI, Machine Learning
Tuesday May 08, 2018 @05:24PM In Banking, 70% of Front-Office Jobs Will Be Dislocated By AI
Tuesday May 08, 2018 @04:57PM Google Assistant Will Call Businesses For You Via 'Duplex'
Tuesday May 08, 2018 @10:17AM White House To Host Tech Giants For AI Meeting
Monday May 07, 2018 @04:56PM Microsoft Is Moving Kinect to the Cloud
Wednesday May 02, 2018 @10:56PM Westworld's Scientific Adviser Talks About Free Will, AI, and Vibrating Vests
Wednesday May 02, 2018 @06:24PM Facebook's Open-Source Go Bot Can Now Beat Professional Players
Wednesday May 02, 2018 @01:57PM Facebook is Using Instagram Photos and Hashtags To Improve Its Computer Vision
Tuesday May 01, 2018 @04:43PM Could Algorithms Be Better at Picking the Next Big Blockbuster Than Studio Execs?
Monday April 30, 2018 @06:33PM AI Is Being Used To Predict Gambling Behavior
Monday April 30, 2018 @04:54PM New Audacious Research Project, In Codice Ratio, Bets on AI and OCR To Make Sense of Handwritten Texts in Vatican's Secret Archives
Monday April 30, 2018 @04:22PM AI Researchers Revolt Against a New Paywalled Nature Journal
Sunday April 29, 2018 @12:04PM Google Cofounder Sergey Brin Warns of AI's Dark Side
Friday April 27, 2018 @11:08PM Bill Gates: U.S. Education Harder to Improve Than Infant Mortality Rates
Friday April 27, 2018 @04:51PM Google Assistant Is Smarter Than Alexa, Study Finds
Thursday April 26, 2018 @06:46PM Tesla Autopilot Crisis Deepens With Loss of Third Autopilot Boss In 18 Months
Thursday April 26, 2018 @12:35PM Ubuntu 18.04 Focuses On Security and AI Improvements
Wednesday April 25, 2018 @02:26PM Researchers Hacked Amazon's Alexa To Spy On Users, Again
Tuesday April 24, 2018 @04:12PM CIA Plans To Replace Spies With AI
Tuesday April 24, 2018 @10:10AM Scientists Plan Huge European AI Hub To Compete With US
Monday April 23, 2018 @04:11PM AI Trained on Images from Cosmological Simulations Surprisingly Successful at Classifying Real Galaxies in Hubble Images
Sunday April 22, 2018 @12:58AM Your Next Job Interview Could Be With a Racist Bot
Friday April 20, 2018 @09:47PM Kurzweil Predicts Universal Basic Incomes Worldwide Within 20 Years
Friday April 20, 2018 @07:58PM AI Will Wipe Out Half the Banking Jobs In a Decade, Experts Say
Friday April 20, 2018 @12:04PM AI Can Scour Code To Find Accidentally Public Passwords
Friday April 20, 2018 @11:14AM AI Helps Grow 6 Billion Roaches at China's Largest Breeding Site
Friday April 20, 2018 @09:59AM AI Researchers Are Making More Than $1 Million, Even at a Nonprofit
Wednesday April 18, 2018 @08:01PM German ICO Savedroid Pulls Exit Scam After Raising $50 Million
Wednesday April 18, 2018 @04:58PM Facebook To Design Its Own Processors For Hardware Devices, AI Software, and Servers
Sunday April 15, 2018 @01:47PM The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Innovation
Saturday April 14, 2018 @02:53PM Can We Build Indoor 'Vertical Farms' Near The World's Major Cities?
Friday April 13, 2018 @07:34PM AI Can Generate a 3D Model of a Person After Watching a Few Seconds of Video
Friday April 13, 2018 @05:15PM Google Works Out a Fascinating, Slightly Scary Way For AI To Isolate Voices In a Crowd
Wednesday April 11, 2018 @07:59PM FDA Approves AI-Powered Software To Detect Diabetic Retinopathy
Wednesday April 11, 2018 @03:41PM How Will Automation Affect Different US Cities?
Wednesday April 11, 2018 @02:49PM The US Military Desperately Wants To Weaponize AI
Tuesday April 10, 2018 @05:56PM Zuckerberg Testimony: Facebook AI Will Curb Hate Speech In 5 To 10 Years
Saturday April 07, 2018 @06:29PM Elon Musk Is Paying For Free Streaming of a New Documentary about AI Dangers
Friday April 06, 2018 @10:56PM California Police Ticket A Self-Driving Car
Friday April 06, 2018 @02:05PM Researchers Develop Device That Can 'Hear' Your Internal Voice
Thursday April 05, 2018 @05:03PM EFF: Google Should Not Help the US Military Build Unaccountable AI Systems
Thursday April 05, 2018 @01:44PM Google Turns To Users To Improve Its AI Chops Outside the US
Thursday April 05, 2018 @09:36AM AI Experts Boycott South Korean University Over 'Killer Robots'
Thursday April 05, 2018 @09:20AM Computer Searches Telescope Data For Evidence of Distant Planets
Wednesday April 04, 2018 @06:49PM Microsoft Touts Breakthrough In Making Chatbots More Conversational
Wednesday April 04, 2018 @01:01PM Google Workers Urge CEO To Pull Out of Pentagon AI Project
Tuesday April 03, 2018 @06:39PM Apple Hires Google's AI Chief
Monday April 02, 2018 @06:43PM Military Documents Reveal How the US Army Plans To Deploy AI In Future Wars
Sunday April 01, 2018 @02:52PM To Protect AI From Attacks, Show It Fake Data
Sunday April 01, 2018 @02:00PM Non-Tech Businesses Are Beginning To Use AI at Scale
Sunday April 01, 2018 @07:27AM President of France Emmanuel Macron Talks About Nation's New AI Strategy
Sunday April 01, 2018 @07:09AM Apple Goes on Hiring Spree To Improve Siri's Smarts
Saturday March 31, 2018 @12:15PM Is It Illegal to Trick a Robot?
Friday March 30, 2018 @09:11PM AI Predicts Your Lifespan Using Activity Tracking Apps
Friday March 30, 2018 @03:27PM AI Tool, Which Has Digested Nearly Every Reaction Ever Performed, Can Invent New Ways To Create Complex Molecules
Wednesday March 28, 2018 @07:02PM New Deep-Learning Software Knows How To Make Desired Organic Molecules
Wednesday March 28, 2018 @03:49PM AI is Rapidly Changing the Types and Location of the Best-Paying Jobs
Tuesday March 27, 2018 @05:48PM Baidu Shows Off Its Instant Pocket Translator
Tuesday March 27, 2018 @03:59PM Google Launches More Realistic Text-To-Speech Service Powered By DeepMind's AI
Tuesday March 27, 2018 @03:35PM NVIDIA Unveils 2 Petaflop DGX-2 AI Supercomputer With 32GB Tesla V100, NVSwitch Tech
Tuesday March 27, 2018 @12:17AM Jaywalkers Under Surveillance In China Will Soon Be Punished Via Text Messages
Monday March 26, 2018 @05:26PM Few Countries Will Benefit From the AI Revolution
Sunday March 25, 2018 @02:50PM Ask Slashdot: Can FOSS Help In the Fight Against Climate Change?
Friday March 23, 2018 @10:56PM School Pays To Get an Algorithm To Scan Students' Social Media For Threats and Suicide Risks Posts
Friday March 23, 2018 @08:47PM Hilarious (and Terrifying?) Ways Algorithms Have Outsmarted Their Creators
Friday March 23, 2018 @05:10PM EA Created An AI That Taught Itself To Play Battlefield
Tuesday March 20, 2018 @04:48PM Machine Learning Spots Treasure Trove of Elusive Viruses
Monday March 19, 2018 @07:38PM AI Can Diagnose Prostate Cancer As Well As a Pathologist
Friday March 16, 2018 @11:11PM Google Open Sources Its Exoplanet-Hunting AI
Wednesday March 14, 2018 @01:23PM Microsoft Announces Breakthrough In Chinese-To-English Machine Translation
Tuesday March 13, 2018 @03:38PM A Chatbot Can Now Offer You Protection Against Volatile Airline Prices
Monday March 12, 2018 @01:30PM Siri Co-founder is Surprised By How Much Siri Still Can't Do
Monday March 12, 2018 @11:09AM Elon Musk: The Danger of AI is Much Greater Than Nuclear Warheads. We Need Regulatory Oversight Of AI Development.
Monday March 12, 2018 @10:39AM Amazon's Alexa Is Coming To an Office Near You
Saturday March 10, 2018 @08:28PM Chinese Police Begin Tracking Citizens With Face-Recognizing Smart Glasses
Friday March 09, 2018 @04:04PM China's Alibaba is Investing Huge Sums in AI Research and Resources -- and It Is Building Tools To Challenge Google and Amazon
Thursday March 08, 2018 @01:19PM Why Humans Learn Faster Than AI
Wednesday March 07, 2018 @07:55PM Most Americans Think AI Will Destroy Other People's Jobs, Not Theirs
Wednesday March 07, 2018 @03:57PM Next Big Windows Update Will Bring Hardware-Accelerated AI
Wednesday March 07, 2018 @03:22PM Amazon Admits Its AI Alexa is Creepily Laughing at People
Tuesday March 06, 2018 @11:37AM Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones
Monday March 05, 2018 @04:02PM Ubisoft is Using AI To Catch Bugs in Games Before Devs Make Them
Monday March 05, 2018 @01:20PM Do Neural Nets Dream of Electric Sheep?
Thursday March 01, 2018 @04:56AM AI Cheats at Old Atari Games By Finding Unknown Bugs in the Code
Wednesday February 28, 2018 @02:50PM AI Will Create New Jobs But Skills Must Shift, Say Tech Giants
Tuesday February 27, 2018 @08:45PM IBM's Watson Is Going To Space
Sunday February 25, 2018 @01:47AM 'Memtransistor' Brings World Closer To Brain-Like Computing
Thursday February 22, 2018 @05:21PM Elon Musk Steps Down From AI Safety Group To Avoid Conflict of Interest With Tesla
Wednesday February 21, 2018 @05:40PM 100-Page Report Warns of the Many Dangers of AI
Wednesday February 21, 2018 @04:52PM Instead of Slowing Down Innovation To Protect Few People, Policymakers Should Focus On Helping Displaced Workers Transition Into New Jobs, ITIF Suggests
Wednesday February 21, 2018 @11:52AM 'Tech Companies Should Stop Pretending AI Won't Destroy Jobs'
Wednesday February 21, 2018 @11:22AM AI Experts Say Some Advances Should Be Kept Secret
Tuesday February 20, 2018 @05:15PM Slashdot Asks: Which Smart Speaker Do You Prefer?
Tuesday February 20, 2018 @12:50AM Sony May Launch an AI-powered Taxi Hailing System
Monday February 19, 2018 @12:16PM Mitsubishi Electric Believes Its AI-enhanced Camera Systems Will Make Mirrors on Cars Obsolete
Sunday February 18, 2018 @07:43PM Google Trains AI To Write Wikipedia Articles
Sunday February 18, 2018 @01:35PM AI Can Be Our Friend, Says Bill Gates
Sunday February 18, 2018 @10:42AM New AI Model Fills in Blank Spots in Photos
Sunday February 18, 2018 @10:18AM To Fight Fatal Infections, Hospitals May Turn to Algorithms
Saturday February 17, 2018 @04:15PM Deep Neural Networks for Bot Detection
Saturday February 17, 2018 @03:29PM How Does Chinese Tech Stack Up Against American Tech?
Friday February 16, 2018 @04:06PM Scientists Are Failing To Replicate AI Studies
Friday February 16, 2018 @11:25AM AI is Being Used To Raise Better Pigs in China
Thursday February 15, 2018 @08:50PM Microsoft Launches LinkedIn-Powered Resume Assistant For Office 365 Subscribers
Thursday February 15, 2018 @02:10PM AI is Helping Seismologists Detect Earthquakes They'd Otherwise Miss
Tuesday February 13, 2018 @10:45AM Microsoft: We're Developing Blockchain ID System Starting With Our Authenticator App
Tuesday February 13, 2018 @10:05AM In the Wake of Fake News, Several Universities Including MIT and Harvard Introduce New Course On Ethics and Regulation of AI
Monday February 12, 2018 @07:26PM Amazon Is Designing Custom AI Chips For Alexa
Monday February 12, 2018 @02:42PM Google Autocomplete Still Makes Vile Suggestions
Sunday February 11, 2018 @06:55AM Facial Recognition Is Accurate, if You're a White Guy
Thursday February 08, 2018 @09:50PM AIs Have Replaced Aliens As Our Greatest World Destroying Fear
Thursday February 08, 2018 @09:49AM 'Modern AI is Good at a Few Things But Bad at Everything Else'
Wednesday February 07, 2018 @06:03PM Reddit Bans 'Deepfakes' AI Porn Communities
Wednesday February 07, 2018 @05:24PM Chinese Companies Hunt for AI Talent at American Conference
Wednesday February 07, 2018 @02:05PM 'Humans Not Invited' Is a CAPTCHA Test That Welcomes Bots, Filters Out Humans
Tuesday February 06, 2018 @09:12PM Pornhub Is Banning AI-Generated 'Deepfakes' Porn Videos
Tuesday February 06, 2018 @01:31PM AI Tailors Can Wait
Friday February 02, 2018 @03:57PM Why Alexa Won't Light Up During Amazon's Super Bowl Ad
Friday February 02, 2018 @12:33PM Nearly Three-Quarters of Adults in US Believe AI Will Eliminate More Jobs Than It Will Create -- and They Want Companies To Pay For the Retraining
Wednesday January 31, 2018 @05:17PM Ford Patents Driverless Police Car That Ambushes Lawbreakers Using AI
Wednesday January 31, 2018 @03:59PM Google Flights Will Now Predict Airline Delays -- Before the Airlines Do
Tuesday January 30, 2018 @12:36AM AI May Have Finally Decoded the Mysterious 'Voynich Manuscript'
Friday January 26, 2018 @03:30PM Bill Gates Thinks AI Taking Everyone's Jobs Could be a Good Thing
Thursday January 25, 2018 @01:36PM The World's First Graphical AI Interface
Thursday January 25, 2018 @11:06AM UK PM Seeks 'Safe and Ethical' Artificial Intelligence
Wednesday January 24, 2018 @02:44PM An AI-Powered App Has Resulted in an Explosion of Convincing Face-Swap Porn
Sunday January 21, 2018 @04:20PM Amazon Opens 'Surveillance-Powered, No-Checkout Convenience Store'
Saturday January 20, 2018 @10:34PM Can Machine Learning Guess True Emotions From Facial Microexpressions?
Thursday January 18, 2018 @12:39PM Microsoft Tries To Write the Book On AI
Wednesday January 17, 2018 @10:50PM Google Has Made It Simple For Anyone To Tap Into Its Image Recognition AI
Monday January 15, 2018 @10:55AM AI Beats Humans at Reading Comprehension
Friday January 12, 2018 @08:19PM French Songwriter Kiesza Composes First Mainstream Music Album Co-Written With AI
Thursday January 11, 2018 @03:09PM When It Comes to Gorillas, Google Photos Remains Blind
Monday January 08, 2018 @02:38PM Facebook is Shutting Down M, Its Personal Assistant Service That Combined Humans and AI
Monday January 08, 2018 @08:35AM What's On Center Stage at the CES Tech Show? Your Voice
Monday January 08, 2018 @08:13AM Alexa is Coming To Windows 10 PCs From HP, ASUS and Others
Sunday January 07, 2018 @01:01PM Google Sold 6.75 Million 'Google Home' Devices In the Last 80 Days
Sunday January 07, 2018 @02:19AM Researchers Create 'Psychedelic' Stickers That Confuse AI Image Recognition
Friday January 05, 2018 @04:40PM Ex-NSA Hacker Is Building an AI To Find Hate and Far-Right Symbols on Twitter and Facebook
Friday January 05, 2018 @11:53AM Amazon Alexa is Coming To Headphones, Smart Watches, Bathrooms and More
Wednesday January 03, 2018 @09:20PM AI System Sorts News Articles By Whether Or Not They Contain Actual Information
Monday January 01, 2018 @11:49AM How Do You Vote? 50 Million Google Images Give a Clue
Saturday December 30, 2017 @06:44PM Ask Slashdot: What Would an AI-Written Poem Look Like?
Friday December 29, 2017 @10:47PM Neuro, Cyber, Slaughter: Emerging Technological Threats In 2017
Wednesday December 27, 2017 @09:43PM Carlsberg Turns To AI To Help Develop Beers
Wednesday December 27, 2017 @05:34PM Human Go Champion Backtracks On Vow To Never Face An AI Opponent Again
Tuesday December 26, 2017 @09:24PM Google's Voice-Generating AI Is Now Indistinguishable From Humans
Tuesday December 26, 2017 @01:06AM Researchers Fooled a Google AI Into Thinking a Rifle Was a Helicopter
Sunday December 24, 2017 @07:15PM CMU Researchers Reveal How Their AI Beat The World's Top Poker Players
Saturday December 23, 2017 @10:22PM Project Maven Brings AI To the Fight Against ISIS
Saturday December 23, 2017 @12:44AM UK Police's Porn-Spotting AI Keeps Mistaking Desert Pics for Nudes
Wednesday December 20, 2017 @09:22AM Intel CEO Tells Employees: 'We Are Going To Take More Risks'
Sunday December 17, 2017 @12:19AM Artificial Intelligence Is Killing the Uncanny Valley and Our Grasp On Reality
Saturday December 16, 2017 @05:40PM Predictive Keyboard Tries To Write a New Harry Potter Chapter
Friday December 15, 2017 @05:21PM Google Is Shutting Down Project Tango
Friday December 15, 2017 @10:39AM Samsung Targets First Half of 2018 for Smart Speaker
Thursday December 14, 2017 @04:42PM NASA, Google Spot Eighth Planet in Solar System Rivaling Ours
Wednesday December 13, 2017 @05:21PM Google To Open AI Center In China Despite Search Ban
Tuesday December 12, 2017 @09:37PM What Does Artificial Intelligence Actually Mean?
Monday December 11, 2017 @06:04PM AI-Assisted Fake Porn Is Here and We're All Screwed
Monday December 11, 2017 @01:17AM Google's Machine Learning Is Analyzing Data From NASA's Kepler Space Telescope
Saturday December 09, 2017 @05:02PM Emotion Recognition Systems Could Be Used In Job Interviews
Friday December 08, 2017 @05:32PM Insurers Are Rewarding Tesla Owners For Using Autopilot
Friday December 08, 2017 @04:49PM Elon Musk Says Tesla Is Building Dedicated Chips For Autopilot
Wednesday December 06, 2017 @05:07PM AI Can Beat Humans Only One Game At a Time
Wednesday December 06, 2017 @05:06PM Google's DeepMind AI Becomes a Superhuman Chess Player In a Few Hours
Wednesday December 06, 2017 @05:01PM Inside Baidu's Bid To Lead the AI Revolution
Tuesday December 05, 2017 @05:28PM Tencent Says There Are Only 300,000 AI Engineers Worldwide, But Millions Are Needed
Sunday December 03, 2017 @07:23PM Google's AI Built an AI that Outperforms Any Made By Humans
Friday December 01, 2017 @05:34PM Two Technologists Create Black Metal Album Using An AI
Friday December 01, 2017 @01:04PM Stephen Hawking: 'I Fear AI May Replace Humans Altogether'
Tuesday November 28, 2017 @09:03PM AI Goes Bilingual -- Without a Dictionary
Tuesday November 28, 2017 @01:02PM Google Can Tell if Someone Is Looking at Your Phone Over Your Shoulder
Monday November 27, 2017 @06:56PM Scientists Have Built Robot Muscles That Can Lift 1,000 Times Their Own Weight
Monday November 27, 2017 @05:10PM Facebook Rolls Out AI To Detect Suicidal Posts Before They're Reported
Saturday November 25, 2017 @01:16AM Google Flagged Its Own Chromebook Ad As Spam On YouTube
Monday November 20, 2017 @01:59PM Deep Learning Is Eating Software
Saturday November 18, 2017 @08:20PM Musk-Backed 'Slaughterbots' Video Will Warn the UN About Killer Microdrones
Friday November 17, 2017 @07:37PM 'Robots Are Not Taking Over,' Says Head of UN Body of Autonomous Weapons
Thursday November 16, 2017 @09:05PM Stanford Trains AI To Diagnose Pneumonia Better Than a Radiologist In Just Two Months
Wednesday November 15, 2017 @01:25PM An Inside Look At the First Church of Artificial Intelligence