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The Courts

Submission + - No Right to Privacy When Your Computer Is Repaired (zdnet.com) 3

Billosaur writes: "ZDNet's Police Blotter bring us the interesting story of a Pennsylvania man who brought his computer into Circuit City to have a DVD burner installed on his computer and wound up being arrested for having child pornography on his hard drive. Circuit City employees discovered the child pornography while perusing Kenneth Sodomsky's hard drive for files to test the burner, then proceeded to call the police, who arrested Sodomsky and confiscated the computer. Sodomsky's lawyer argued in court that the Circuit City techs had no right to go rifling through the hard drive, and the trial court agreed, but prosecutors appealed and the appeals court overturned the lower court's decision, based on the fact that Sodomsky had consented to the installation of the DVD drive and the techs "weren't randomly perusing the drive for contraband, but instead were testing its functioning in a 'commercially accepted manner.'""
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No Right to Privacy When Your Computer Is Repaired

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  • First of all, I am not sad to see the guy locked away, so don't get me wrong. But I can't see how the guy having a burner installed, gives the techos the right to snoop around on the guy's hard drive. The job was to install a burner. No more, no less. The content of the disk is none of the techos business. If I get sent to a client, to install some software and decide to snoop around a bit, then I'm up shit creek if I get sprung, since I was only allowed to install software and nothing else. To me the logic

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