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Comment Here's what I know... (Score 4, Interesting) 134

I know that I have been sitting behind a computer screen for about 30 years of my life, and that now I suffer from chronic back pain. So, at home I switched to a standing desk, and at least on the weekends I have some relief.

I'll stop by in another 30 years and let you know how I've made out.

Comment Xprivacy (Score 2) 261

1) Root your phone. If you don't have full control over your device, you have no chance.

2) Install Xposed Framework (

3) Install Xprivacy (

Xprivacy doesn't block your programs from sending whatever they want to send - if you try to do that, most programs will crash. Instead, it feeds your programs completely false information. Boom, you win.

Comment Tip of the wedge in action! (Score 1) 57

Looks like the proliferation of Kickstarter games has started trickling down to related projects.

For example, somebody made meeple pillows (Meepillows) and put them on Kickstarter: The project exceeded its five-figure goal in under three days. And per Kikcktraq, its trending to over $80,000. (

So now we're talking almost six figures worth of demand for game-related pillows, which leads me to think there may be six-figure demand for other game-related projects as well. Would other pillow projects bring in six figures? Maybe at this point they would!

Comment I'm out. (Score 4, Insightful) 272

After I saw Windows 8 I was done with Windows.

I now use Manjaro Linux as my primary OS, and I keep Windows 7 on a second drive to dual-boot, because muh gaymes. But once they release The Witcher 3 for Linux I probably won't even need the Windows partition for the next several months.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 2) 53

Actual former insurance adjuster here - automobile property damage claims. I would think a drone would be sufficient for initial appraisals.

Here's how it works for auto claims - an appraiser makes a fairly cursory initial inspection of VISIBLE damage. They don't (usually) pop the hood, they don't (usually) lift the car up. They walk around the car wherever it is parked, note down what they see, and do an initial estimate.

Now, maybe four times out of five, when the actual repair work is done, additional damage is found. Like, the mechanic pops off the old bumper and finds some crushed pins, something like this. A supplemental appraisal is then generated - that's where you get the actual, and most likely final cost of the repair work. I've seen cases where a third supplement gets generated, but that was fairly uncommon in my experience.

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